Tuesday, September 7, 2010

unities in the communities,

with car theft opportunities.

i had the sincere displeasure years ago of attending a multi-day event featuring the reverand JESSE JACKSON. for several days of my life, which i will never get back, i had to listen as JESS told the kids about FIGHT THE KLAN! and other bullshit. i say that because year in and year out, black on black crime kills more blacks than the klan did. ever. that is not a statement in support of the klan, just a fact. look it up.

he had other messages too, like apply and believe in yourself, to wit; if my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it , i know i can achieve it. another was, band together to form business partnerships; unity in the community with economic opportunity. that one really stuck in my head.

seemed a little radical. he seemed to be saying, start your business in black neighborhoods, employ blacks, and have black customers. not a big problem, unless one stops to think about affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws. whatever, we all know JESS is a lightning rod, and who can disagree with the dream it, do it message. nothing wrong with finding inspiration and working toward your goals.

so today as i looked through the DETROIT FREE PRESS, i saw a little story about JESS'S ride getting swiped in MOTOWN, while he was on a 2 week bus tour of the state, shilling for green energy. nothing against green energy either, i would love to invest in WIND FARMS. but i find it ironic how the LIBS want this shit, just not in their backyards, i.e., the KENNEDY"S opposition to wind farms around CAPE COD.

in addition to being bemused about the theft of his escalade, and the attention said pilfering received, JACKSON was pissed about mayor DAVE BING'S idea to raze vacant structures and turn city lots into urban farms. JJ said that this would displace residents and also stated that,“There needs to be security, stability and reconstruction. Everything that has been done in Baghdad could be done here."

several things stand out. 1) who is or was the saddam hussein of detroit? 2)vacant homes hold no residents. 3) which democrat has been governor of the state, during the MASS exodus since 2006 of both jobs and persons? 4) even out of work people need to eat, so what's wrong with letting them grow some of their own food? maybe they will be very good at it, have extra, and be able to sell it at the EASTERN MARKET. unity in the community with economic opportunity, right? 5)who are the insurgents, and what are their political and religious goals JESS? 6)does farming no longer count as a "green" job? 7) as a former presidential candidate, and political grand stander deluxe, you are aware that there is a prohibition on the use of the military for law enforcement activity inside our own borders right? posse comitatus, for those of you in GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA.

RUSH got in some hot water a few years back for calling DEARBORN, a suburb of detroit, DEARBORNISTAN, because it is the city with the highest arabic population in the U.S. i wonder if the MSM will hold the REV. accountable for his offensive remarks?

'course not, only you teabagging, bitter clingers who oppose the HAmosque deserve the special attention of the MSM. JESS will get a pass.

yeah, i know the pic doesn't have much to do with the story, but he really said it, and the story is about him.

as a side note, i'm not totally against jackson. remember in 1984 he got a couple of NAVY fliers back form syria, and in 1999 3 AMERICAN soldiers were released due to his and others efforts, from their yugoslavian captors.

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