Sunday, January 24, 2016

feelin' old

so tonight the X-Files is back for a 6 episode event. man we watched that thing RELIGIOUSLY when it was on. really felt betrayed when it ended too. went to see the movie and was disappointed. hopefully what we see tonight will  spark a fire in older and younger viewers, and give us something fun to watch again.

a few years ago some new hires came through while they were still in training, to shadow us for a day.  me, being who i am,  had them stand to introduce themselves.  a tall young man stood to tell us his name , and answered when asked why he was here, because he wanted to be an FBI agent.  short female stands, gives us her name, then says the EXACT SAME THING.

Christ people, you haven't even done a shift and you're ready to bounce?

I asked who wanted to be Mulder and who wanted to be Scully, and they at least got that right. 
ersatz agent mulder is still with us and I have no idea what has become of our aspiring agent scully.

as junior mulder is still present, I refer to him by that name.  another new guy was present recently, and asked why I call demi-mulder mulder.  the story was explained to him by our nicknamed subject employee to the under informed employee this way; "so before we could stay up late and watch tv, there was this show on about a couple of FBI agents who hunted aliens..."
"like illegals?"
me smiling.
"no, like space aliens", and he continues to explain the rest of the show, what happened on his first ride along, and why I refer to him as mulder.

newer guy turns to inform me he never saw the shows.  told him to check it out on hulu or netflix and walked away feeling my age and wondering about this new generation.  if it wasn't for office phones they would probably wonder what scully was holding in the picture at the top.

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