Friday, June 29, 2012

mr. roberts and the democrats

 john roberts explains just how wide taxpayers assholes will become under OBAMACARE.

everyone knows by now the news of the supreme courts decision on health care yesterday.  i think many AMERICANS are probably happy with the decision.  those would be the non productive members of our society.  the rest of us are going to pay a steep price for another one of obama's dreams, and johnnie boy sure looks to have cemented his place in AMERICAN jurisprudence history.

it's all speculation for now, but it certainly seems to me someone was more worried about his and his august predecessors and contemporaries legacy, rather than the people he presides over, to wit; "Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” 

maybe so, but if the guy the legislation is named for says it is not a tax, and the guy he sends to you to argue his point for him says it's not a tax, i think you side with them and say it's not a tax and throw it out.  what is too bad here, mr. roberts, is that we can't throw your ass out of office.

on the same day and week mr. roberts shit in our collective mess kits, (health care, arizona immigration law), his friends, the democrats in the house of representatives, continued to show their disdain for AMERICANS by walking out on the contempt of congress vote against eric holder.

 you know, eric holder who dropped the charges against the black panther party,  sued arizona over immigration enforcement and in the end is responsible for the fast and furious operation. 

you, YES YOU! you look like you were born here, give me your guns and let me see your papers.

while for the families it will always be about JAIME ZAPATA and BRIAN TERRY,  trust me when i say this is about all of us.  this is/was a concerted effort by democrats to disarm AMERICA.  and now that the shit is really hitting the fan they are closing ranks.  no other reason to invoke executive privilege, unless you got something to hide.

 i, eric holder, do solemnly swear, to cover barrack's ass in word and deed,
no matter whose blood is shed, to the best of my ability, so help me..!?!  who we swearing to?

i hope everyone remembers congress and the president for the contempt they have shown toward the  AMERICAN people come november.

range time

 so last week SIG 94 from IT DON'T MAKE SENSE posted a short story about his recent range experience and this created a bit of discussion about the targets we each use.  he wanted me to send him a link about our targets.  for me this raised two problems, both of which i have addressed and i think solved here, to wit:

1.  i can barely type, hence the all lower case or CAPS, so i sure can't link.

2.  i have no clue who makes the target.

so the solution is to take pictures and upload, then try to explain.  with some extras thrown in.

this first pic is the target we use. anything in the blue bottle is a hit, outside is a miss. that is for the state course. we tighten it up for our quals by drawing a line at the "shoulders", this is now the head, and you got to put 6 in the head. next we put a 10 inch circle just below the "shoulders" in the chest area. keep all your shots in these two areas and you are a master shooter. got to get at least 39 out of 48 in these 2 areas to get a shooting badge. you can have 35 total in the blue bottle but not in the 2 lethal zones and still qualify.

our ninjas use a 1/3 size trauma plate cut out in the head and full size, 5x8 inch trauma plate, in the chest area of this target to qualify.  they have to keep them all in those 2 areas.  for patrol carbine quals, a half circle is drawn about where the bottom of my models hands are.  above the line is 5 points below is 4.  40 round course, less than 180 you fail.

this is a target i really like. the indoor range i go to has these.  same trace as ours, but they add organs and the CNS, which takes the guess work out of it.  you can find this i believe at LETARGETS.COM.

this is what goes to work.  glock 17 with streamlight TRL 1 flashlight,  colt semi auto M4 with same light, spyderco and benchmade knives.

this is my personal time stuff.  i only carry 1 gun and knife at a time, calm down.  the semi is a SIG P239 40 cal.  the revolver is a 5 shot  taurus 650 CIA .357.   the leather is by don hume,  sure fire 6P light, and enough skill and ammo to make ne'er-do-wells wish they had picked someone else.

which brings up a final point.  the 2nd amendment is still currently in effect.  i encourage all who can, to exercise that right, and to join the NRA.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

never ever forget your music

i try to hit the gym daily before work.  helps me get my mind right before before going on shift.  while i'm  not a great physical specimen, i am not the guy to fuck with either.

so today after taking the brood to the sitters, i'm bumping around the casa trying to figure just where the hell my mp3 is.  not in the beach bag, not in the car, not by the computer or by the door. call the wife, who claims not to have misplaced it.

what ever,  i'll do without.  this is going to suck big time.  the Y embraces a policy of zero controversy.  this means no political or suggestive t shirts and nothing "obscene" on the radio.  it is okay to come in with gang tats and shirts ripped off however.  as for the "obscene" lyrics, 9 of the local radio stations are country or religious and 2 are oldies.  2 others are mix stations.  rarely is the rap station on for very long, and the rock station NEVER gets played.  forget your music and you are fucked.

so when i arrive one of the mix stations is on playing an hour of hits from 1977.  so i'm stuck listening to paul simon, hall and oates,  and some other assholes whine about love, or lost love, or some other bullshit.  this stuff just about makes justin bieber tolerable.  i'm doing pretty good until they play this platinum turd from yesteryear. 

who really feels like crushing it or banging out another heavy set on the bench, with crickets and frogs chirping and burping in the back ground while this "guy" is imploring to be held?  the wife says she has always like this romantic song, even as a little girl.  strange how it is not on her mp3. i mean it probably has its place at the retirement home or on the elevator or something, but come on, the free weight room of a gym?

AND I'M AINT LOOKING FOR ROMANCE WITH NO SWEATY BUNCH OF GUYS IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!!!!  where do women come up with this shit?  the first guy caught tapping his foot to this is getting smooth KNOCKED OUT.

so i organize a search party when i get home, (pester the wife into looking for my stuff) which she makes a half assed attempt at.  then i remember it's in the garage.  thank christ, no more leo sayer or marilyn mccoo for me tomorrow.
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