Sunday, January 4, 2015

instead of stop snitching, try STOP LYING

this article is the work of  RICH  LOWRY over  National Review, and cuts directly to the heart of the matter.

now i personally don't want to call the perceived liar dorian johnson a liar, but the grand jury sure as fuck didn't believe the bullshit he was peddling.  the other 2 we know to be liars.  the last one is just an asshole in the company of a liar.


We have heard a lot lately about tensions between the police and the communities that they serve, and the urgent need to reduce them. Here’s an easy first step: Stop lying about the cops.
The “national conversation” about race and policing we’ve been having ever since Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo., last summer has been based on lies. The lie that Officer Wilson shot Brown while he had his hands up and was pleading “Don’t shoot.” The lie that New York City policemen targeted Eric Garner for a violent arrest because he was black. The lie, peddled especially by the progressive prince of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio, that the police are racist.

These are the lies that fuel hatred for the police, because if the police routinely execute black men in cold blood and serve a thoroughly racist system, they deserve to be hated. They should be the subject of nightly protests. They should be showered with obloquy. They should be harried by Attorney General Eric Holder. They should be considered a stain on the national conscience to be extricated at all costs.
This is the line of reasoning that leads to protesters chanting: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.”
His rote praise of the police notwithstanding, especially now that he is under so much political pressure after the murders of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, Mayor de Blasio is deeply invested in this smear. It is why he has made career anti-police agitator Al Sharpton practically deputy police commissioner. It is why he considers the police a clear and present danger to his biracial son, Dante. It is why he said the tragic death of Eric Garner in police custody was the product of “centuries of racism.”
The logic of the de Blasio view tends toward the conclusion that the police are unbelievably insidious: They recruit people of all races to go into dangerous neighborhoods on the pretense of protecting innocent people there, when in reality the mission is to harass black kids and, should the opportunity arise, kill them. If this were true, it would make the police as a class not just racists, but sociopaths.
It fails the basic standard of common sense, and defies the numbers. As Heather Mac Donald of City Journal writes: “Criminologists have spent decades trying to prove that the overrepresentation of blacks and Hispanics in prison demonstrates that the criminal justice system is racist. And each time they fail. Even the most left-wing academics have been forced to admit that crime, not race, determines criminal justice outcomes.”
Police go where the crime is, and at considerable risk to themselves. Surely, if their own comfort and safety were all that mattered to them, they would spend all their time patrolling the poshest neighborhoods in America.
Police critics have taken Ferguson and Garner and have woven them into a narrative of reckless disregard for the lives of blacks. After the grand jury declined to indict in the Garner case, de Blasio referred to a “profound” crisis. The numbers suggest the opposite: As crime has declined — thanks, in part, to rigorous policing — police interactions with the public have declined and have involved fewer instances of the use of force.
Our national conversation has been a national fever. Now, perhaps it will break. As Jaden Ramos, the 13-year-old son of Rafael Ramos, wrote in a heartbreaking Facebook post about his dad, “Everyone says they hate cops but they are the people that they call for help.” There is more wisdom in that simple statement than in most of the cable chatter, protest chants, and op-eds written in the wake of Ferguson and the Garner case.
If we really want to reduce tensions between the community and men like Officer Rafael Ramos, it is imperative, first, to stop lying about the police.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

where are sarah's critics now?

Drill Baby Drill !!!

remember in 07 and 08 when everyone was calling Sarah Palin nuts for that sentiment?  well due to evil oil companies fracking,  fuel prices here are below $1.80 a gallon here.

oh yeah, she's crazy i forgot.  crazy like a fox.

go ahead and thank her now AMERICA, it's her and not the vacationer in chief you have to credit for cheap gas.

you are welcome ungrateful liberals.

...with your shield, or upon it.

congratulations to Mark Dantonio and the 2014 Michigan State Spartans.  down by 20 points to Baylor in this years Cotton Bowl, entering the 4th quarter, junior Connor Cook shook of earlier mistakes and led a 21 point comeback to win 42-41.  this is cook's 2nd big bowl win, having beat Stadford last year in the Rose Bowl.  the win also caps the Spartan careers of Jeremy Langford,  the probable Cotton Bowl defensive MVP Marcus Rush and coach Pat Narduzzi, under who's tutelage the Spartans beat hated in state rival Michigan 6 out of 7 tries.

it was a thrilling game and should serve as a reminder to all who watched or participated to never, ever, quit.  


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

another win for the gun control crowd

gee, for about 15 minutes the MSM was all jazzed over another 50 or so kenyans getting iced at the hands of somali  ISLAMIC terrorists.  poor dudes had been sitting around swatting flies, watching world cup soccer, when al shabab terrorists rolled into the kenyan town of mpeketoni, went door to door questioning residents as to their religious beliefs, and killed men who were not muslim,  in front of their families and other town folk.

i've seen pictures like this before.

now these guys had real assault rifles, which they didn't mind using.  so i got to thinking, how come no one fought back?

so i looked up kenyan gun laws at gun whose declared mission seems to be acting as a clearing house for researchers looking into verified stats on gun violence  prevention.  i assume that kenya gets very high marks because in kenya;  1)you have to prove a reason why you need to own a firearm, such as self defense,  (too late for the guy above).  2) the right to own a gun is not guaranteed by law. 3) private possession of semi automatic "assault weapons" is prohibited and  possession of pistols and revolvers is restricted to licenses holders.  4) you can only own the "weapons" on that government issued license and the amount of ammunition specified on your licenses.  5)  and finally, you can not carry a firearm in public, either  concealed or unconcealed.

GOD DAMN, no wonder these guys are all dead, chuck schumer and michael bloomberg apparently wrote their laws.

remember this the next time some asshole democrat gets in front of a camera and starts talking about "common sense gun control measures".


i know, you are not supposed to use a word to define itself, so save the comments about asshole democrats, i'm already there.  additionally, i'm totally comfortable posting the last picture, from the westland mall atrocity,  as the al shabab terroists responsible for both attacks told news outlets that they used "a meticulous vetting process ... to separate the Muslims from the Kuffar".

i know, it's our fault, again. we really must try harder to

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the militarization of police

from what i can tell, it's been this way for a while.

i've seen much recently about how our local cops (nationwide), are too heavily armed, and a threat to all of our safety. how they are getting ready to kick in everyone's  front door, and seize our soup and nuts, guns and water, and throw us into fema concentration camps.

time to settle the fuck down AMERICA, and realize the cops are you, or your neighbor, your kids little league coach, whatever, and feels the same anger at the feds that you do.

many seem to think this is how the cops are doing their job day in and day out, for EVERYTHING. car accidents? SWAT call out. burglary report? send TAC and the armored car. dog menacing the neighbors kids? get a sniper, STAT.

looks like dave threw the snow from the sidewalk back into the street, he's truly fucked now.

pay attention to history, and you will find that AMERICAN police have generally been out gunned by the CRIMINAL element in this country.  bootleggers in the 20's had thompson sub machine guns and sem-auto pistols, while the cop on the beat carried a revolver, and maybe had access to a shotgun.  recent history shows what happens when cops show up to take over style bank robberies, armed only with a hand gun and shotgun.

remember these assholes? they robbed a bank of America in hollywood in 1997, shooting 11 cops and 7 civilians. they were armed with a fully auto, illegally modified ak, an ar15 variant, and an hk91. cops started out with their sidearms and shotguns, until they requisitioned some ar's from local gun stores. a SWAT team also made the scene and killed 1 of the suspects, the other chose the cowards way out.
how 'bout these two boy scouts? they killed 11 and wounded 21 others, armed with cheap, but effective, shotguns and a carbine and 99 bombs. initial cop on scene had a handgun.  responding officers had the same type of arms and had to wait for swat to arrive and assemble, giving these 2, overcome with teenage angst, time to do much of their killing.
how about these two misunderstood youths, looking for a brighter future here in the states, they spark any memories? they just used their cooking utensils, in an unapproved manner, killing 3 and wounding 264, then killed a cop and wounded 16 more officers who were trying to end their reign of terror.  the outcry from this incident REALLY chaps my ass. guys are out looking for dedicated terrorists and in serious jeopardy, and all many still have to do is complain, about a "police state" because citizens were asked to stay in, out of the line of fire.

many of the complaints center around uniforms, modes of transportation and armament. the above photo doesn't seem to illicit much of a response, nor do these, unless you hate cops.

but man, these sure get folks hot under the collar;
riot breaks out, well send the police, but lets not give them ANY tools to keep them from getting their heads split by thrown rocks or bottles. a man gets fired then returns to his former place of employment, kills a supervisor and then takes hostages at rifle point. let's just send in 2 traffic officers and a burglray
detective armed with their 9mm pistols to ferret him out of the 7,500 square foot warehouse.  that seems to be the attitude of many of law enforcements critics.

now i'm going to guess that if some serious shit breaks out near you, you will pray the cops roll in heavy.

i'm not talking about this, but rather what happens next.

oh, i know, this would never happen to you, MR. FUCK THE POLICE, cuz your street smart and tough, plus you carry.  sometimes.  just not at work.  cuz you'll get fired.  i don't agree with that, but i'm not your boss.  and i also know the cops abandoned south central at the beginning of the riots, so don't waste my time bringing it up.

all this bring us up to speed on current events, which i will discuss in part 2 of this post.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Craig Campbell - Fish

check it, got to see him the other night perrty damn good and not very suggestive at all. nothing wrong with a good fihin' partner.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

a Christmas carol written by a Jesuit missionary among the Huron and Wendat Indians at sainte marie in the 1640's.  it embraces our Christian, hunting and for me, Canadian heritage.

                                      HURON CAROL
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