Friday, November 20, 2015

will we be the turtle or the frog?

many of you are probably familiar with this fable.  it's origins appear to be from the middle ages and Persia of all places.  there seems to be 2 main variations, both involve a  antagonist, the scorpion, and a protagonist, the frog (victim), and the turtle (would be victim).

both stories start out the same, the deadly scorpion wants a free ride across the water (ocean).  both the frog and the turtle are concerned that if, as solicited, they carry the known dangerous scorpion across the blue feature, they will be stung and drown.  the scorpion reminds both that it would be stupid for him to do this, as he too would drown.

allowing  the scorpion to talk them into the risky business of helping him,  both give him a ride and are predictably stung. as he drowns, the frog asks why did you do this, we both die now, to which the scorpion replies, because it is my nature.

the turtle, with his hard shell, delivers the scorpion to the far shore after being stung and tells the scorpion,  "Are you not the most wicked and ungrateful of reptiles? But for me you must either have given up your journey, or have been drowned in that stream, and what is my reward? If it had not been for the armour which God has given me, I should have been stung to death." "Blame me not," said the scorpion, in a supplicatory tone, "it is not my fault; it is that of my nature; it is a constitutional habit I have of stinging. the turtle then drowns the scorpion.

the moral of the story is that fundamental evil can not change.

France and other parts of the EU got to see that this past friday.  AGAIN. STILL.

we got to see it in Beirut, Ft. Hood, New York, the Pentagon, Shanksville, Benghazi, Aden, Nairobi, New York again, Beirut again, Lockerbie, Port Said, Dar es Salaam, Little Rock, Chattanooga, Moore, Boston, Khobar,  Riyadh .  this list is just of the attacks i can think of, off the top of my head, (so to speak), which have occurred in my lifetime, and is probably incomplete.

as we found out, not every german was a nazi, we should believe that not every muslim is a jihadi.
please remember we discovered this after defeating the nazi's.  we also found tons of nazi sympathizers.

ask yourself if we allow the government to continue to let "refugees" into the country, under a highly suspect vetting process, if we will be able to defeat the jihadist's, and find their sympathizers.  or  will we be the frog in the fable.

i'm voting for the turtle.

 this post is dedicated to the memory of those that the politicians, media talking heads, and activists have long forgotten, and hope that you will as well.

Leon Klinghoffer
Richard Stethem
1st Battalion 8th Marines
The crew of  USS Cole
All those killed and injured on 9-11-01
Pan AM Flight 103
The 4404 Provisional Wing, USAF
Soldiers of  the U S  Army,  Ft. Hood, Texas
U S Embassy Staff Nairobi, Kenya
 U S Embassy Staff  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The World Trade Center, 2-26-93
Boston Marathon, 4-15-13
William Long
Quentin Ezeagwula
Carson Holmquist
Randall Smith
Thomas Sullivan
Skip Wells
David Wyatt
Collen Hufford
Traci Johnson
U S Embassy Annex  Staff, Benghazi, Libya



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  1. Spot on, brother. I've also heard that story as the asp who was cold and asked to nestle in the man's shirt and promises not to bite, and as the man lay dying and asked why, the asp said "You knew what I was when you picked me up...". Why should we reach into a bowl of M&M's knowing one is poisoned? Let the Saudis take them in...


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