Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the man who could have been president

from one clueless dumbfuck to another, i really respect your work

last night while looking at the net and the o'reilly factor, i saw that the guest host had former failed u.s. general (relieved as supreme commander of NATO), and failed presidential candidate wesley clark aka. ashley wilkes on the show. (ashley wilkes is how rush refers to clark.)

wesley/ashley was being asked to opine on the detroit airline bomber, and what went right or wrong and how he would handle it. i immediately became interested as wes ain't exactly known for making good decisions, like bombing the chinese embassy in hungary, which helped to get him removed as head of NATO. later in june of 2008, wes said this about john mccain, in his support of ABE II, " He hasn't been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn't seen what it's like when diplomats come in and say, I don't know whether we're going to be able to get this point through or not," that mccain was,"untested and untried." bob schieffer,who was conducting the interview for face the nation, rightly went on to note, that Obama did not have any of those experiences, nor had he "ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down."

"Well, I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president," clark said. nice try wes, remind me what the community organizer had done up until that point.

anyhow, wes blathered on not really saying anything earth shaking, until the end of the interview when the saudi's failed terrorist to artist program was brought up, due to the asshole airline bomber being trained in yemen. this is a program i brought up on a separate blog on february 22, 2009, to wit, seems the saudi's got a little terrorist to citizen re-education program they have been running, taking guys we captured and released from gitmo, and have them coloring and painting, meditating and listening to music and shit, in the kingdom. this is supposed to make them forget about murdering us infidels. at the end of the program they have to sign a promise to play nice and not to blow anything up and the government then cuts em loose w/o prosecution. most of these dudes have hit the haul ass and are back with the jihad. 1 guy is the head of al quadia in yemen. just setting up house keeping for when the rest of the brothers get out next year thanks to the lincoln of our times. wes pointed out he didn't think it was working. good job wes, 10 months too late.

here is the point, wesley/ashley has no idea what he is talking about. evidenced by the fact that with the current charges, the Christmas airline asshole bomber is only looking at 20 years. wes told o'reilly's guest host he had no idea where he got those numbers. you are a rhodes scholar wes, try the detroit news and freepress for starters. seems like everything that happens takes the folks on his side of the aisle by surprise, no?

i'm trying to decided who would have been worse for the country, this guy or a constantly on vacation president, who tells us the airline asshole bomber was a lone wolf, and in the next breath, vows to hunt down all persons involved.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry christmas infidels

greetings fellow sufferers of global warming/climate change! hope everyone had a great Christmas, at least those who didn't get stuck in snow drifts or ditches, as we warm the planet by driving to grandma's house to celebrate that pesky christian holiday.

big news this Christmas weekend. seems an african muslim, acting on orders from the very peaceful and generally misunderstood muslim glee club known as al quada, umar farouk abdulmutallab, formerly of nigeria, currently residing in a michigan correctional institute, attempted to blow up a flight which was in bound to detroit from nigeria by way of amsterdam. his chosen method of trying to deliver a bit of Christmas cheer? by injecting a chemical into a package of an explosive identified by the fbi as PETN. the resulting binary reaction caused a fire on board the aircraft, which burned part of the wall and both of farouk's legs. don't fear, islamic appeasers, farouk's injuries have been treated at the world renowned university of michigan's burn center, and he told a judge during his arraignment he is doing much better.

picture showing attempted plane bomber being removed from aircraft

at this point i would just like to take the opportunity to thank judge paul borman for inquiring into the would be homicide bombers health and well being after his arrest on Christmas day for attempting to kill 277 innocent passangers and 11 crew members on northwest/delta airlines flight 253. just wondering your honor, did you inquire as to how any of the intended victims, some of whom are probably children, are doing? oh yeah, farouk needs a lawyer to defend himself in our courts against these charges. maybe we can divert some of the stimulus money to help with his defense?

next, it appears that an air strike in yemen killed 29 or so al quada operatives including ft. hood shooter nidal hasans iman, anwar al-alwaki and another turd connected to the COLE bombing,fahd al qusu. now that's how we should be dealing these practitioners of the religion of pieces. somewhere, some bleeding heart liberal is wringing their hands over these assholes deaths. this incident occurred on Christmas eve, and sure does bring the phrase, PEACE ON EARTH TO MEN OF GOOD WILL, ALL OTHERS STAND BY to mind. this guy is also supposedly connected to our airplane bomber!!

brother, does that sound like fighter-bombers to you?

here i see that an unknown editorial writer over at the detroit free press is lamenting the fact that the dearborn, michigan police are asking for a delay in the release of an autopsy report on the death of luqman abdullah, aka christopher thomas, who was killed in a shootout with the fbi on october 28. the ironically self named luqman, was under investigation for i believe interfering with interstate commerce and his ties to terrorism. while the free press correctly points out that the dearborn police had nothing to do with either the case built against chris, or his death, they quickly jump to the conclusion that the police don't trust the public and are trying to hide something.
sears portrait studio has nice backgrounds, don't you think?

the title of the editorial is, DON'T DELAY RELEASE OF AUTOPSY TRUTHS. what truths? this editorial is full of speculation and conjecture. will the release of the autopsy results make those among the muslim community who you say feel chris is a martyr think something different? the editorial writer goes on to state that public confidence and perception of the police has eroded since chris went to his reward. how? and in who?

al quada has all rights reserved on death squads, everyone knows that

seems the only one less confident is the writer, based on the tone of his diatribe.
check it out for yourselves. you are running a newspaper, if they are hiding something, go do some investigative journalism and tell us all the sordid details.


shit, even the dumbasses over at homeland security and the obama administration are starting to wake up. from hawaii this pesky christian holiday, ABE II opined through his press office, that the attempted plane bombing, was a terrorist event. guess the teleprompter was at the beach catching some rays, and unavailable to remind him it was a "man made disaster".

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! May you all have a blessed and peaceful New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

andy williams

beautiful song.

Christmas in hollis

this is dedicated to my good buddy Ski. you and Crystal have a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cheech n chong

this is classic. i know some guys like these two dudes. we all need a laugh right about now. enjoy.

bing's back

this is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs, along with have yourself a merry little Christmas.

they don't make Christmas specials like this anymore, do they?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Judy Garland

judy could really turn on the waterworks, huh?

Monday, December 21, 2009

more stellar thinking, from the folks who brought you global warming

which drunk is asleep at the switch at the EPA? 20 years ago they were freaking the fuck out over acid rain. it poisoned lakes, turned sandstone buildings black, melted bronze statues, caused frogs to have multiple legs and fish multiple eyes.

because of this, environmental standards were tightened. coal fired electric plants had to install scrubbers, some types of coal could no longer be used. people even went so far as to throw lime (not the fruit) into lakes to sweeten the water.

i'm no tree hugger, but i'm not a scorched earth guy either. if we can clean things up, like the air and water, super! do it. but ask yourselves a question. does acid rain still exist? we never hear about it any more. did we win? is it in remission? did it ever exist at all, or was it the global warming scare of the last part of the last century?

fast forward to this week, when AP reports that the EPA in conjunction with the USDA, and the guardians of all things green, the obama administration, want farmers to increase the use of flue gas or synthetic gypsum on their crops.

this is a chalk like residue which accumulates on the scrubbers of...wait for it....coal fired electric plants!! it contains the heavy metals; mercury,lead, arsenic and some other shit. oh yeah, it is also is used in the manufacture of dry wall. this is the shit we were trying to remove from the atmosphere in the first fucking place!!

don't fear, americans!! your government is looking out for you. the EPA says, that the the heavy metals in the material are far less than the amount considered a threat to human health. Field studies have shown that mercury, the main heavy metal of concern because it can damage development of the human nervous system, doesn't accumulate in crops or run off fields in surface water at "significant" levels.

this business started under one of the bush administrations, but climate change barry is looking to increase its use. don't forget about the mercury in the CFC light bulbs he loves, or the mercury derivative thimerosal, the preservative in your defective H1N1 shot. i wonder if, taken together, these things are "significant", or should be considered a threat?

this, as the EPA is considering regulating this particular kind of waste, for the first time ever, and experts are saying that 1 out of every 100 to 110 children have some form of autism. i'm no scientist, but there has to be some negatives to this. i think my confidence in the government to fuck things up royally is well founded, based on bullshit like this.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas dinner on standby at white house?

seems malasian authorities arrested 2 persons in a cemetery in regards to the attempted smuggling of 130 pangolins valued at about $11,500 dollars. they are supposed to be prized for their meat, but at about $88 dollars apiece, and looking like a cross between a opossum and armadillo, i find that hard to believe. these guys are supposed to be protected by a UN charter as an endangered species. i think these dudes were headed to 1600 pennsylvania to be part of the dinner menu, on that pesky christian holiday.

the reason i think they may have been headed to wherever barry and the queen are headed on our dime? because abe the second lived for 4 years in indonesia, where pangolins are native, likes expensive chow (wagyu beef), and it's the holidays, everybody thinks about the happy times around the table, when they were little. snap! i forgot they're reportedly going to vacay in hawaii during the worst economy since the great depression. keep the party rollin' , playa. plus, we all know the disdain obie has for written agreements, such as.... THE CONSTITUTION. in addition, the community organizers, ah, poachers, were arrested in the cemetery, which sounds a lot to me like they were getting ready to register some voters acorn style.

maybe courage's, (the turkey obie pardoned at Thanksgiving), time is running out. he probably lied to you too, brother, just like he has been lying to the rest of us. if i were you, courage, i'd throw out that dinner invitation.


perry como

number 3 in my 7 song tribute to Christmas.

sing it bing

more Christmas music, this one from one of the greatest singers ever.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas music

i'll be posting one Christmas song/video each day until Christmas.


i heard garth brook's version years ago and really liked it. i could not find it, but i like aselin's rendition, also.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

he has never been hotter-time to trade him?

so i wrote on november 29 how suprised i was that todd bertuzzi scored the shoot out game winner at the game we saw in st. louis. well, since my critique, he has scored 5 more goals, including 2 game winners, (nashville/anaheim).

first i just want to say, todd you are welcome. i know you took my words to heart, and have buckled down and manned up. keep up the good work and, seeing how it is Christmas, feel free to drop a little check in the mail in gratitude for my inspiration, which has helped to resurrect your career.

if you think i'm full of shit, that's fine, i'll just get a hold of babcock and holland, have them start shopping you around. you've never been hotter, a trade could be arranged.

Friday, December 11, 2009

the wifes' Christmas gift, or, mama's got a brand new bang

star ultrastar 9mm blaster.

so it's a little early to be doling out the presents, but i just couldn't resist. i've been thinking for some time now about getting der frau her concealed carry (coming in january), and she needs her own smoke wagon. seems all of mine are the wrong size or color, don't match her shoes, etc.

based on that dilemma, i began to cruise the gun shows and shops, (god how i hated that), in search of something that would work. revolvers are nice and easy to use. pull the trigger. if it doesn't go POW!!, do it again. she is not so convinced. she really likes the glock 40 cal., and shoots it pretty well. problem is, when it hits 110 here in july, that sum-bitch will be cooling it in das auto.

so i was pretty much relegated to finding a mid- size semi. my criteria was it had to be at least 9mil, and give her the ability to pull the trigger again, without doing immediate action, in the event of a light primer strike. i looked around and took her to see what fit her hand. she really liked the taurus slim 709, but it appeared to have something similar to a glock safe action. i showed her the kel tec P9 and P11, true double actions, however they didn't match her shoes or nail polish.

frustrated(but enlightened), i struck out on my own. at a recent show i saw a little piece that hasn't been available in years. the star ultrastar. this was stars only polymer pistol and was imported from spain for only a short time. i damn near bought one for myself several years ago. it met all my requirements for ol' girl; DA/SA, 9mil, mid size and based on the others i showed her, it would fit her hand.

a couple of weeks went by and i called the guy from the show. he is local, and still had the gun and took about $50 off the show price. thursday i went and snatched it up, and then took it out for a test drive. shoots great. i think her first lesson in firearm ownership will be firearm maintenance (clean it)!!

ok, so it ain't overly romantic, but how many pots and pans, vacuums, or clothes irons does a woman really need? it is practical. damn few burglars, rapists or car jackers are frightened by tennis bracelets. i encourage anyone who can legally carry to get their permit and exercise their 2nd amendment right. fight crime, shoot back.

Monday, November 30, 2009

hero of the month: november

without a doubt, these two are the heroes of the month.

Sergeants MARK TODD and KIMBERLY MUNLEY of the ft. hood civilian police responded to the call of a mass murder in progress on NOV. 5 and went right into action against nidal hasan, an ARMY major who was shooting NON MUSLIMS as they prepared for deployment to southwest asia. some controversy has arisen in the wake of the shooting, which left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded including MUNLEY. initial reports were that MUNLEY was hit by friendly fire after taking hasan out, and later still that it was TODD that actually shot hasan. makes no difference to me, you are both hereos, and richly deserve the accolades.

honorable mention:

Cpl. CHRIS STURGEON and Off. TRENTON GINN of the topeka, kansas police. on NOV.17, Cpl. STURGEON arrived ahead of fire at a residence that was heavily involved smoke and flames and was told a person was trapped inside and could hear screaming. without hesitation, STURGEON kicked in a rear door and crawled into the inferno to search. STURGEON located a victim but had to keep retreating outside for fresh air. upon GINNS arrival, the two officers were able to work together to pull the victim to safety. both officers were taken to a local hospital due to smoke inhalation. keep in mind they did this without SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) or bunker gear (coats, helmets) like the firemen are issued. great job guys!!

a note about the hero of the month. these are people that i have read about. certainly there are others who deserve recognition. if you see a story, let me know so i can consider it, during the month the incident occurs. they can involve fire, ems, law enforcement and ordinary citizens, and of course our military.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

rule detroit, the red wings rule the ice

so i took a little liberty with rule britaania. we just got back from st. louis and another RED WING thumping of the lowly blues. we have been going a couple of times a year for the last 10 years and the Wings have only lost once.

i wasn't so confident down 2 nothing at the end of the first, and 2-1 at the end of the second, i figured we came a long way to see a loss. but when draper tied it in the third i thought we were in pretty good shape, right up until there was about 6 minutes left in the game. st. louis went up 3-2 and with a minute left zetterberg scored from behind the net on a centering pass!!!, to send it into OT.

that is not one of the wings strong points so i was pretty apprehensive especially at the end of the 5 minutes as we went to the shootout. pavel scored for us and andy mcdonald scored for them 1-1 at the end of 3 shooters. the blues shoot first and their 4th guy missed so we trot out, todd bertuzzi?!

i liked todd about 12 or 13 years ago when he was young and still played hard. this is his second stint with the Wings, which i am less than happy about. i give the wife the what the fuck look(he only scored about 10 goals last season), and stand dejected as bertuzzi skates wide left, cuts back to the goal, roofs a backhander and ........scores!!!!!!! the only person more surprised than me in the arena was blues goaltender chris mason.

whatever, it counts, and we saw another great game. to all the blues fans with the dee-troit sucks chants--scoreboard.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the lions and thanksgiving

real old school logo

it is an nfl tradition. the lions will show up for their once yearly national tv broadcast and.......probably lose, on thanksgiving day. we have gone to a couple of the games, but it is hard as we live out of state. we have seen a loss to kansas city and a win over the pack. both were very good games. this time of year i'm thankful for many things, my health, my wife and the 3 beautiful children she gave me, my job and family, and also the lions.

what's wrong with this guy? nothing. if it wasn't for the lions and a running back from oklahoma state by way of wichita, kansas, dad and i might never have found common ground after moms death. i was off playing soldier in europe when mom passed. dad and i were so alike, according to mom, we couldn't get along, which was one of the reasons i signed up. after her death, i figured i wouldn't be hearing from home much. then the lions drafted the heisman trophy winner barry sanders. i remember watching (on AFN tape delayed) as barry returned a kick for a TD. i grabbed up some marks and called dad. the run had electrified the crowd, and helped us connect in a way we could not have before.

the lion king takes off on another long run.

we shared the teams ups and downs, and were dazzled by barry's astounding array of moves, got to go to several games, and learned to accept our shared similarities and vast differences.

never a great team, the lions really took a nose dive in the shitter when barry unexpectedly retired after 10 frustrating seasons. they set an all time record by losing all 16 games last year.
my heart sank when we took matt stafford number 1 in the draft. i watched as he beat a mediocre michigan state (favorite college team) in the capital one bowl. his performance, i felt was also mediocre. i would have rather the lions taken an offensive lineman, and gone after tebow this year.

fast forward to november 22, 2009. stafford, after getting smashed at the end of regulation against cleveland, comes back into the game moaning and wincing and throws a TD to give the lions a tie and win on jason hanson's PAT. in this gutty performance, stafford proved he has the heart of a lion. we're 2 and 8!!!!!!

stafford walks off the field with a probable dislocated shoulder.

dad and i laughed about our win/loss record for awhile, and are already plotting the next draft.

so while it may seem silly to some, i can say with PRIDE i'm thankful for the lions on thanksgiving. i think mom would be thankful for them too.

call you at halftime dad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

check with your doctor?

that little saying is everywhere. any over the counter medicine-it's on the label. going to start exercising-check with your doctor first. going to see about taking some pharmaceuticals so it'll get stiff again? check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity. nobody worries about you more than mom, except your doctor.

that's until this week. seems the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (the government) has broken with the American Cancer Society and its long years of suggestion that women conduct monthly self breast exams, and beginning at 40, have yearly mammograms.

the study by U.S.P.S.T.F. claims that self exams are worthless and the value of doctor administered exams is unknown. based on that, and i hope some medical studies, the government determined that women should start getting mammograms at 50 then every two years until age 75. why not 74 or 76, round numbers, to match the round thingies?

here is where it gets personal for me. mom developed breast cancer in her mid 40's and was dead by 52. had she been following the governments new guidelines, i doubt she would have made it to the age of their first recommended mammogram. i know she suffered, but i'm glad for those extra years we had.

from what i can see,this is to more equally align us with the rest of the world as the WHO recommends every 2 years and average britian says every third year is ok for mammograms. ladies, looks like you will be the crash test dummies for the Lincoln of Our Times socialized medicine program. i hope for your own benefit and those you love, you continue with the monthly self checks and yearly mammograms. i still think early detection saves lives.

check with your doctor first. what the fuck for?

this guy has nothing but your best interest at heart. bend over and say ahhh.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

obamas ramblings at arlington

alright commodore, get the fucks out the way, it's my turn to talk.

didn't get to see the lincoln of our times speech yesterday as i was at work. so'kay, i wouldn't have watched anyway.

heard a sound byte which prompted me to checkout the transcript, as a couple of things stuck in my mind.

the nobel prize winner stated, 'America will not let you down. We will take care of our own.

And to those who are still serving in far flung places today, when your tour ends, when you see our flag, when you touch our soil, you will be home in an America that is forever here for you, just as you have been there for us. That is my promise--our nations promise--to you.'

ideas anyone? does that, 'forever here for you', include the department of homeland security sending out advisories on returning vets having possible anti-government leanings, which could cause them to become right wing terrorist? does 'forever here for you', mean as you, mr. president, procrastinate and dither about sending more troops to help win the fight you described as the right war?

i'll say this for the guy, he is learning. in delivering the teleprompters 17 or 18 paragraph speech, it took barry until the 12th, 13th, and 14th paragraphs to really mention himself in a self aggrandizing way. who said he was untrainable?

you want me to say what? ah, fuck no!

barry still has some rough edges, and has not let go of his liberal elitist views as he concluded with, 'There will be a day when these servicemen and women step out of uniform. They will build families and lives of their own. God willing, they will grow old. And someday, their children and their children's children, will gather here to honor them.'

this may come as a shock to you dear leader, but those service members lives already belong to themselves. most have families currently, and those kids you might have seen crying at funerals (when you are not too busy playing golf, accepting a peace prize, or sucking up trying to get the olympics) are that service members children, not some DNC plant whose mom worked in/on your campaign.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

an open letter to our veterans

on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, in a train car parked at a siding in versailles, france, a peace treaty was signed, putting an end to 'the war to end all wars.' what was hoped to ring in a bright future has been relegated to history. today we remember armistice or veterans day.

today, take the time to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of veterans of past and present wars, and remember, it is through their devotion to duty, love of country, and gift of life, that freedoms light has continued to shine, down those long 91 years.

today i want to say thank you. thank you for enduring the cold of bastogne, the po river valley, roberts ridge and the frozen hell of the chosin . the sweltering heat of guadalcanal, the a shau valley and the sunni triangle.

for the malaria, dysentery, pneumonia, trench foot, frost bite, gulf war syndrome and agent orange sickness you have suffered, thank you.

for all of the christmases, 4th of july barbecues, birthdays, anniversaries, first proms, football games missed, due to deployments or just field training exercises, thank you.

for putting up with the household goods lost in transit, during moves from one duty station to the next, the screwed up pay, the inadequate or unavailable family housing, thank you.

for friends made and lost during times many would say are better forgotten, thank you.

on veterans day remember this; every time you get in your car and take the kids to school, go to the store, work, the gym, a restaurant, it is because some young man or woman literally gave up everything they had for a certain period of time, and in some cases forever. all so that you can enjoy freedom and a standard of living that are the envy of the world.

~ But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument to-day, and for aye. ~ Thomas Dunn English

Saturday, November 7, 2009

god bless don cherry

grandma and grandpa immigrated from canada. i was raised in a northern climate, where a trip to a foreign country cost 50 cents and took 5 minutes. the wait is much longer now and i need a passport.

i grew up watching hockey night in canada, complete with peter puck between periods, and so many lanny macdonald references you thought he never left the ice. for the last several years i have purchased nhl center ice, to entertain myself and the brood. i also get the nhl network, which includes hockey night in canada with all the pre-game and intermission stuff.

that means hockey broadcasting legend don cherry. grapes spent most of his career in the minors, (ahl) and made his name on tv, with his outrageous suits and unapologetic commentary. love him or hate him, his controversial style keeps people watching to see what's next.

This is a toned down Don Cherry look.

something i personally admire him for is his support for the troops. since the war, don has consistently recognized fallen canadian soldiers killed in the war on terrorism. tonight as the wings took on the leafs, it was no different.

in addition to the hockey hall of fame game, canada as well as the u.s. is remembering veterans day. 3 former wings; hull, robitaille and captian cup, stevie y were recognized in a special pregame introduction of this year's inductees. at the first intermission, during coaches corner, cherry reminded the viewers who the true hall of famers were, as the CBC and cherry took an estimated 2 full minutes to show the names and faces of canada's recent war dead.

this is a national broadcast, and watching is as much a cultural norm as placing ones hand over their heart during the nation anthem, fireworks on the 4th, and the evening news with walter kronkite used to be here in the states. think of the last time an american "co-anchor" on a major weekly broadcast did this. take your time, i'll give you all you want. can't come up with an example can you?

neither could i. don isn't one dimensional either. he regularly recognizes cops and firefighters killed in the line of duty, and kids who succumb to disease. and there is true emotion on display when he does this.

in a country that takes special measures to remember and celebrate her war veterans, cherry stands apart in my mind.

as an american of canadian lineage, i could not be prouder of the example you set. god bless you grapes.

p.s. 1/14/10 this is getting lots of traffic from north of the border. someone please leave me a note why. i figure grapes did something recently, but can't figure it out. thanks for stopping by.

never a soldier

nidal hasan was never a soldier. not in our army. not in my army. he wore the uniform and lived in the housing, worked in the facilities, drew his pay and accepted the salutes of those he was appointed over. but he was never a soldier.

he was a doctor, never went to the field, or even deployed from the states. what is a soldier? it's the kid down the street, who can't get along with his dad, cause they are too much alike. he is a patriot who wants to give back, serve. or who can't currently find a job in the civilian sector, due to high unemployment, like the 10.2% we currently have with obama. it's the guy bored with the confines of his small to medium sized town or the ridiculous crime rates in his big city, longing for something else, an adventure. or who needs a way to save for college.

once in, he discovers he is just like the rest of the shaved heads in camo. he becomes a boot size, pants size, blouse size, weapons number. he becomes 7 out of the next 6 in the chow hall. he is fire guard from 0100 to 0300 or CQ from 2300 to 0100. after the basic stuff he begins to learn a skill. he becomes an 11B, 13C, 19K, 21E, 31B, 42A or 68W.

as he builds skill and learns and demonstrates leadership qualities, he advances. and makes friends that last a lifetime. and due to being taken out of the comfort zone that is his neighborhood or hometown, he learns responsibility and trust. and respect. that is something nidal hasan never learned, in my opinion.

i doubt nidal hasan ever saw the soldiers creed, or read it or understood its meaning and significance. some will see it as just words, but it is a pact. an agreement between me and the guy to my left and right. i am here with you, rely on me, together we can do this, you are not alone.

nidal hasan put self before others and a radical ideology above his duty to what were supposed to be his brothers in arms. a true soldier shares his food, water, shelter, socks, whatever with another troop. and have given up their lives on so many occasions, for men they don't even know, just because 'those guys are pinned down', or 'that guy in the open has been shot by a sniper and needs help.'

he never understood this, others over self, sacrifice, only blind following of his faith, and slaughtered his brothers. strip him of the uniform and any decorations, he was never a soldier.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

breaking news

12 dead and 31 wounded, BY THEIR OWN, today at ft. hood, texas. i'm not going to play politics with this like some shit bag lib talking head or elected" official". the who and why will come out later. right now, pray for those troops, and their families.

limerick attempt

disclaimer: i never claimed to be the second coming of THE BARD.
GIA over at A GIA'S LIFE, wrote a haiku which i expressed appreciation for, but told her i was a limerick guy. that meant i get them, not write them. she suggested i try, so here is the first and probably last stab at it. feel free to criticize, i'm sure i deserve it. also, give it a try yourself, it was kinda fun.

there once was a president from kenya,

who said bend over as i stick socialism in ya,

but to his surprise,

conservative tea parties arise,

and his hood winking ended in virginia.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rainy days and mondays always get me down

it wasn't raining, but i'm still sad. monday the 2nd, crown vickie, my second true love, left me rather suddenly. while driving south bound, i noticed a blue pickup tearing ass out of a private lot. i immediately thought, "what did this fucker do?" my next thought was, "there's going to be an accident", based on this blue trucks proximity to a south bound white truck.

as it turned north at a high rate of speed, the blue truck fish tailed, crossed the double yellow, side swiped the white pickup, bounced off and-------headed towards me. i slowed as soon as i perceived the potential of the ass wrinkle, and steered right to try to avoid impending doom, but ended up sentencing crown vickie to her demise.

we got hit head on. not too hard, but enough to shove us sideways. as i was thinking, "hey, can't be that bad, the air bag didn't BANG, deploy, (the air bag deploys)". fuck, now i'm mad. vickie was new and fresh. 7,000 miles, and straight down the shitter.

i jump out as, mr. i can drive, is roasting off the tires trying to get the fuck out of my area of operations. politely i tell him i require his presence outside the truck, on the ground. turns out he doesn't have a drivers license, but does have an outstanding warrant and some weed. my monday is bad, but his is worse. based on his shitty understanding of the rules of the road, genius goes to the house of many doors for reckless driving ,and also for taking out the nice old guys white truck and vickie.

she was a good, faithful ride that always came to life at the caress of my hand and i'll miss her. rumor is a new girl (dodge charger) is looking for a man. i'll still remember you fondly, but it's time to move on with my life. we'll always have the summer of '09, darling.

p.s. no policemen or citizens were injured in this incident.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

hero of the month: october

these guys tie as they both saved lives.

ANTHONY JOHNSON of detroit. who pulled 2 fishermen from lake st. clair on october 20, 1 of whom is partially paralyzed. JOHNSON noticed clothing floating in the water and stopped to investigate. apparently tom nierzwick fell from a moving boat and his friend, scott rozansky jumped in to assist. in doing so, their boat floated off and they had to tread water for about 45 minutes until JOHNSON came by and pulled them to safety. JOHNSON was also able to recover their boat as well, which contained one of the men's dog. both were hospitalized after their time in the water (for hypothermia).

PAUL M. LANGONE of boston. LANGONE shot and killed a man previously diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, who was attacking his psychiatrist with a knife, and had reportedly stabbed the woman a dozen times, for unknown reasons, on october 27. the doctor remains in very serious condition at this time. LANGONE is a legally armed citizen and says he just did what anyone else would have done and does not consider himself a hero.. PAUL, the doctor's husband and kids will definitely argue that point with you.

honorable mention: BEN ROETHLISBERGER, for his charitable donations to police and fire departments throughout the nation of working dogs. these dogs keep the communities where they are located safe by investigating numerous crimes and assisting in rescues.

oh, by the way, JOHNSON is a detroit cop and LANGONE is on the hiring list for boston p.d.

Friday, October 30, 2009

more fun and games with the religion of piece(s)

taken from numerous detroit free press articles.

shown above is the late, not so great, christopher thomas, otherwise know as, iman luqman ameen abdullah. he was shot to death by FBI agents in detroit on october 28, at the culmination of a 2 year investigation into his, and his followers activities at the masjid al-haqq mosque.

in a 43 page indictment chris t., an african-america convert to islam, and follower of jamil abdullah al-amin, formerly known as h. rap brown, of black panther infamy, and 11 others were acussed of: the illegal possession and sale of firearms, mail fraud to obtain the proceeds of arson, tampering with vehicle identification numbers and theft of interstate shipments.

chris t. said he wouldn't be taken alive, and he was right. when federal agents attempted to arrest him, four of his co-conspirators surrendered, but chris pulled out a gun, killing freddy the canine, an fbi working dog, and died of lead poisoning himself.

his leader, h. rap al- amin brown, is in prison in georgia for killing 2 cops. the indictment says chris wanted to attack the super bowl while it was in detroit, and regulary spoke of attacking non-muslims, cops, fbi agents and the federal government, and wanted to set up a separate islamic state in the united states, to establish sharia law.

for whatever reason, these guys were not charged with treason or terrorism, despite being, "members of a group that is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years and known to be armed," a joint statement from the detroit fbi and u.s. attorney's office said.

that shit is coming back to bite the fbi now however, as, defense attorneys scoffed at a 43-page detailed affidavit that highlights abdullah's alleged hatred of government and police agencies and call for a jihad.

the suspects are not charged with any form of terrorism.

"I don't see any terrorism charges," said defense attorney Robert F. Kinney, who represents suspect Abdul Saboor, 37, of Detroit. "Terrorism is a very serious charge." saboor, er, dwayne davis, is another defendant in the case, and has been charged with conspiracy to commit federal crimes. sounds like a certain government agency's political correctness is being turned into a weapon against them.

muslims locally and nationally are of course weighing in on the incident. an iman abdullah el-amin, (don't know if that is the name on his birth certificate), said that the case was driven by liars that pushed our tragic hero chris t. into the theft of fur coats and laptop computers, and wondered, "Why didn’t they (the fbi) stop it earlier before it got to this point?” The informants “came to a place where people are not getting social security, unemployment. They had nothing.” if that aint a reason for jihad what the fuck is?

dawud walid, head of the michigan branch of C.A.I.R. said he knew chris t. for about 10 years and that he was a respected iman in the muslim community who fed the hungry and let the homeless sleep in the mosque. sally howell, assistant professor of history at the U of M-dearborn, remembered chris t. as a," thoughtful person, he looked you in the eye." and went on to state he was engaging in one on one conversations with a dry sense of humor. howell said she was," shocked", to hear of chris's death as, "He was trying to look out for the people in the neighborhood." david nu'man remembered chris as a," good humanitarian."

forget about chris's '81 arrest for felony assault and possession of a concealed weapon. oh ,yeah, part of that sharia law he wanted to establish in the area was reported to be to address drugs and gun violence, but check out what his own kid, omar regan, said.“My father is a great guy, but I want to be honest – he was from the '60s.” “He did carry a gun."

muslims are also bitching about the fact that the fbi used undercover informants in the case to penetrate the activities of the mosque-and uncovered this shit. look, they told us they were the religion of peace, and we should just blindly accept that as fact, otherwise we are racist bigots.
from here on out i will refer to it as the religion of piece(s), cause that's all that is left when some jihadi gets on a bus, or walks into a hotel or restaurant with a suicide bomb. ever notice how the only religious practitioners who blow themselves and others up all face east to pray?
wonder if the southern poverty law center will consider this a terrorist event?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

U turns only

from the london times online.

seems the lincoln of our times is going to continue to delay acting on general mccrystal's request for more troops in afghanistan. according to times reporter jenny booth, and white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel, THE ONE does not yet want to make a decision, as the result of afghanistans election is unclear, and they don't feel the country has a "credible government''.

emmanuel appeared on CNN's state of the union and said, it's not “how many troops you send, but [whether] you have a credible Afghan partner for this process that can provide the security and the type of services that the Afghan people need”. rahm further said ,"the end result must be a legitimate and credible government to the Afghan people. That’s what’s important. It’s the Afghans making a decision about what type of government they’re going to have and what road they’re going to take to that point.”

appearing to echo emmanuel was a true genius in all matters military, john "reporting for duty" kerry, (he's a viet nam vet). lurch said, "It would be entirely irresponsible for the president of the United States to commit more troops to this country when we don’t even have an election finished and know who the president is and what kind of government we’re working with," said mr. kerry in an interview from kabul. “When our own commanding general tells us that a critical component of achieving our mission here is, in fact, good governance, and we’re living with a government that we know has to change and provide it, how could the president responsibly say, ‘Oh, they asked for more. Sure, here they are?’.

i only have two, really three questions here; 1.) why is it critical for afghanistan to have a , "credible, legitimate government", when it can be argued we don't have one here at home? 2.) is it just me or does anyone else see an" illegal war" being fought by us in pakistan? isn't this something botox john bitched about after his tour in viet nam/cambodia/laos. DO NOT get me wrong, if al quada can be found hiding across the border, and we send a couple hellfires up their ass, i see no harm. i'm just saying where is the MSM on all the civilian casualties they cried soooo loudly about during W's administration?
3.) how disingenuous is it for us to tell afghanistan how to run their elections, and how to interpret the results, but sit on the side lines as iran and venezuela fucked their people through electoral fraud?

i thought the president agreed to send 13,000 troops earlier in the month, but i guess he backtracked on another promise, again. i have figured out a new strategy for dealing with b. huessein, however. get him to tell you no to something you want, then when he reverses himself, you get what you were looking for in the first place.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

liberals hate your guns part 2 take 2

i wrote this in march and i'm re-posting this as solomon, over at wisdom of solomon, just had a post on a related subject. great minds think alike, which means everyone should pray for solomon. the similarities are toward the end of my portion of the story.

Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity: Liberals Hate Your Guns, Part Two (with Guest Blogger Jim)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

careful what you wish for

from fox news and the atlanta journal-constitution on 10/7/09.

seems a man recently sued the Boston Men's Health Center and won $9 million in punitive and compensatory damages, after he sought them out for treatment of his erectile dysfunction.

JOHN HENRY howard,( how great is that!), went to the health center in 2006 for treatment, received 1 injection in the love muscle, then promptly bought a 6 month supply. he also received instruction in how to properly administer the substance, and what to do if complications (ahem), arose.

according to the story and i assume testimony, JOHN HENRY shot himself up once and got a 2 day stiffy in return. no returning that shit to wal-mart cause it don't work. after the swelling went down, i assume, our tragic hero went ambulance chaser shopping and filed suit, claiming the marathon bone left him with scar tissue. his mouth piece said his client felt misled by the health center about the treatments and possible side effects.

oh, what i would not have given to represent that defendant. ladies and gentlemen, what percentage of men, in your experience, read or follow directions? follow the advice given to them by doctors? use or consume too much medicine, alcohol or fatty foods?
mr. howard, you did come to the health center because you could not get it up, right? and now you don't have that problem any longer, so to speak, do you? so you would have to agree the results exceeded your wildest expectations.

i'm pretty sure i couldn't do this shit. i won't even poke my own finger to check my blood sugar on dads glucose meter. you want me to stick a needle where?! which way to the exit mengele?

the wife says the JOHN HENRY reference will go over readers heads, pardon the pun. it's an old slang term for-you got it, your member. how ironic this guys name is JOHN HENRY. fact is often stranger than fiction. anybody want to bet he "blows" the money on crack and whores?

class act

this just in from the detroit freepress. ben roethlisberger has donated 2 police dogs to the detroit police department through his ben roethlisberger foundation, which makes charitable donations to police and fire departments nation wide. i know many players have charitable foundations set up but this is the first time i have ever heard of one who openly supported cops and fire men.

while i like the steelers (lions are still my team), i've never felt ben was a superstar like favre, elway or manning. the defense in pittsburgh gets the job done, in my opinion, and i really like the hard nosed play of hines ward and running attack of parker, mendenhall and moore.

ben just raised his stock in my books.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hero of the month: september

on 9/28/09 sedgwick county, kansas sheriff deputy BRIAN ETHERIDGE responded to a larceny report through 9-1-1 to a rural county address. the call was fake and contrived to lure a law enforcement officer to the scene. the suspect, who's name is not worth repeating, hid and shot the deputy in the back as he attempted to make contact to take the citizen's report. down, the suspect took the deputy's sidearm and attempted to execute him striking ETHERIDGE in the foot and torso. BRIAN ETHERIDGE was rushed to a nearby wichita hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but succumbed to his wounds. six hours after shooting deputy ETHERIDGE, the suspect was located, and during a running gunfight was killed by state and federal agents who were assisting in the manhunt. a motive for the shooting of the deputy remains unclear. deputy BRIAN ETHERIDGE was 26, had been on the job a little over a year and leaves behind a wife and small child. it was not how BRIAN ETHERIDGE died that made him a hero, it was how he lived.

honorable mention; TOM LANGER, st. clair shores, michigan, used a garden hose and twice fought off smoke and flames on 9/17, to pull his 83 year old neighbor to safety after a natural gas leak resulted in an explosion that destroyed her home, leaving her with critical burns which caused her death on 9/18.

ROGER KNIGHT, who helped to arrest phillip paul, a 2 time escaped killer, from a washington state mental hospital on 9/19-9/20. knight had arrested paul in 1991 after his first escape, from the same facility, and was assaulted by paul at that time, suffering a dislocated shoulder, and was knocked out during that attack. paul has been described by his doctors as very violent. it takes a lot of guts to go after a nut job who seriously injured you 18 years previous.

please remember your local law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics in your prayers. every time they step out the door to go to work could be their last, and they do it willingly, so that we may all live in peace and safety.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WARNING! pavement ends ahead

Mr. HOPE & CHANGE is hoping for someone to change the subject(s) right about now, i expect.

this week colonel for life moammar gadhafi came to NYC to talk to the idiots at the UN and called barry his son and said he hopes barry could be the american president forever. nancy pelosi reportedly threatened to scratch out gadhafi's eyes if he ever looked at her man again.

jimmy" the great islamic appeaser" carter, said all who oppose barry and his policies are racist, then had osama bin ladin praise his book, peace not apartheid . i'm sure somewhere book sales will jump because of this, but not in the new york- new jersey area.

keeping on the carter theme, his former national security adviser, zbigniew brzezinski, who worked for the lincoln of our times, recently said that if ISRAEL tried to attack iranian nuclear facilities, the U.S. should confront them and implied shoot down israeli fighter/bombers. brezezinski, likened it to an incident during the six day war, in which ISRAEL mistakenly attacked the USS Liberty. what should be more troubling to american peaceniks is the fact that brezezinski referred to the airspace over IRAQ as belonging to the U.S. who's the imperialist now?

obie also cut the legs out from under allies POLAND and the CZECH REPUBLIC by stating we are not going ahead with permanent land based anti ballistic missiles which would guard central eurpoe and the U.S. from missiles launched from either the mid east or former (trying to be current) SOVIET UNION. later still he snubbed british p.m. gordon brown 5 times, for a private meeting, reportedly cause he's pissed about LIBYA getting a dying terrorist back from SCOTLAND. little secret, clinton let SCOTLAND have the aforementioned terrorist. bet you still meet with him. what about all the terrorist we are releasing from gitmo?

not to let anyone feel left out, barry also told NY governor david patterson not to run for reelection. patterson is 1 of 2 sitting black, sorry, african-american governors in the U.S. he wants buddy mario cuomo to run. nice, democrat prez tells democrat gov to sit his ass down.

also this week it was" leaked" that barry's handpicked guy running shit in AFGHANISTAN, GEN. STANLEY McCRYSTAL was going to ask for an additional 40,000 troops to fight in AFGHANISTAN. remember everyone, this is the war THE ONE referred to as the right war. bet the screams were loud enough to peel paint when that shit got out. they were so mad they even let hillary speak. why is it a story is "leaked" during a lib administration, but it is a "whistleblower" during a republican administration?

nothing like (re) building the respect of the world, and our (and your) allies B. keep hanging out with failed presidents and the losers who helped 'em fuck things up in the 70's, racist ministers, former green job czars, and terrorists (both foreign and domestic), you're doing a fine job.
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