Saturday, October 31, 2009

hero of the month: october

these guys tie as they both saved lives.

ANTHONY JOHNSON of detroit. who pulled 2 fishermen from lake st. clair on october 20, 1 of whom is partially paralyzed. JOHNSON noticed clothing floating in the water and stopped to investigate. apparently tom nierzwick fell from a moving boat and his friend, scott rozansky jumped in to assist. in doing so, their boat floated off and they had to tread water for about 45 minutes until JOHNSON came by and pulled them to safety. JOHNSON was also able to recover their boat as well, which contained one of the men's dog. both were hospitalized after their time in the water (for hypothermia).

PAUL M. LANGONE of boston. LANGONE shot and killed a man previously diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, who was attacking his psychiatrist with a knife, and had reportedly stabbed the woman a dozen times, for unknown reasons, on october 27. the doctor remains in very serious condition at this time. LANGONE is a legally armed citizen and says he just did what anyone else would have done and does not consider himself a hero.. PAUL, the doctor's husband and kids will definitely argue that point with you.

honorable mention: BEN ROETHLISBERGER, for his charitable donations to police and fire departments throughout the nation of working dogs. these dogs keep the communities where they are located safe by investigating numerous crimes and assisting in rescues.

oh, by the way, JOHNSON is a detroit cop and LANGONE is on the hiring list for boston p.d.


  1. Love hereo's, especially when they are just "regular" Joes!! We have a few unsung ones in our department! Nice post!

  2. Some people sit idly by, and some people just "do". Most people would have stood on the bank crying for help instead of going into that cold-ass water. Dude brought both men to safety, AND got the boat and the dog...that rocks.

    And hell, pretty soon there won't be any legally armed citizens left in the ObamaNation to save people....

    And the mainstream media wouldn't dare mention Ben Roethlisberger helping departments out like that when it's better ratings to speculate as to whether he banged some chick against her wishes. Sex sells; scandal sells. A dude helping departments get working dogs? Page 36 under the fucking car ads.

  3. ski; right on all fronts.

    gia; funny how people jump a guys ass if he goofs up, but expect them to do the "heroic" stuff.

  4. Gotta appreciate you doing this hero post monthly. Great to learn about some real life people acting in extraordinary ways.

  5. solomon, i believe there is more to the news than the stock market ups and downs, the president sucks, etc. there are regular folks out there doing great things, who should be recognized.

  6. J summ - you are right on with that!! Hey.. write a limerick for next post! :0 there once was a man from ,,,,,,,, ;)


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