Friday, October 30, 2009

more fun and games with the religion of piece(s)

taken from numerous detroit free press articles.

shown above is the late, not so great, christopher thomas, otherwise know as, iman luqman ameen abdullah. he was shot to death by FBI agents in detroit on october 28, at the culmination of a 2 year investigation into his, and his followers activities at the masjid al-haqq mosque.

in a 43 page indictment chris t., an african-america convert to islam, and follower of jamil abdullah al-amin, formerly known as h. rap brown, of black panther infamy, and 11 others were acussed of: the illegal possession and sale of firearms, mail fraud to obtain the proceeds of arson, tampering with vehicle identification numbers and theft of interstate shipments.

chris t. said he wouldn't be taken alive, and he was right. when federal agents attempted to arrest him, four of his co-conspirators surrendered, but chris pulled out a gun, killing freddy the canine, an fbi working dog, and died of lead poisoning himself.

his leader, h. rap al- amin brown, is in prison in georgia for killing 2 cops. the indictment says chris wanted to attack the super bowl while it was in detroit, and regulary spoke of attacking non-muslims, cops, fbi agents and the federal government, and wanted to set up a separate islamic state in the united states, to establish sharia law.

for whatever reason, these guys were not charged with treason or terrorism, despite being, "members of a group that is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years and known to be armed," a joint statement from the detroit fbi and u.s. attorney's office said.

that shit is coming back to bite the fbi now however, as, defense attorneys scoffed at a 43-page detailed affidavit that highlights abdullah's alleged hatred of government and police agencies and call for a jihad.

the suspects are not charged with any form of terrorism.

"I don't see any terrorism charges," said defense attorney Robert F. Kinney, who represents suspect Abdul Saboor, 37, of Detroit. "Terrorism is a very serious charge." saboor, er, dwayne davis, is another defendant in the case, and has been charged with conspiracy to commit federal crimes. sounds like a certain government agency's political correctness is being turned into a weapon against them.

muslims locally and nationally are of course weighing in on the incident. an iman abdullah el-amin, (don't know if that is the name on his birth certificate), said that the case was driven by liars that pushed our tragic hero chris t. into the theft of fur coats and laptop computers, and wondered, "Why didn’t they (the fbi) stop it earlier before it got to this point?” The informants “came to a place where people are not getting social security, unemployment. They had nothing.” if that aint a reason for jihad what the fuck is?

dawud walid, head of the michigan branch of C.A.I.R. said he knew chris t. for about 10 years and that he was a respected iman in the muslim community who fed the hungry and let the homeless sleep in the mosque. sally howell, assistant professor of history at the U of M-dearborn, remembered chris t. as a," thoughtful person, he looked you in the eye." and went on to state he was engaging in one on one conversations with a dry sense of humor. howell said she was," shocked", to hear of chris's death as, "He was trying to look out for the people in the neighborhood." david nu'man remembered chris as a," good humanitarian."

forget about chris's '81 arrest for felony assault and possession of a concealed weapon. oh ,yeah, part of that sharia law he wanted to establish in the area was reported to be to address drugs and gun violence, but check out what his own kid, omar regan, said.“My father is a great guy, but I want to be honest – he was from the '60s.” “He did carry a gun."

muslims are also bitching about the fact that the fbi used undercover informants in the case to penetrate the activities of the mosque-and uncovered this shit. look, they told us they were the religion of peace, and we should just blindly accept that as fact, otherwise we are racist bigots.
from here on out i will refer to it as the religion of piece(s), cause that's all that is left when some jihadi gets on a bus, or walks into a hotel or restaurant with a suicide bomb. ever notice how the only religious practitioners who blow themselves and others up all face east to pray?
wonder if the southern poverty law center will consider this a terrorist event?


  1. His loss is a profound tragedy for the whole of mankind.

    In the UK, J, there have been many reported instances of suspects running into mosques, then escaping out the back while the police either hesitate to enter, or are deliberately delayed by the imam therein.


  2. yeah, track, now they are bitching cause he was reportedly shot 18 times, (would 17 have been acceptable?) and are calling for an independent investigation. perhaps just to be far and see their side, we should let hezbollah look into it? got to stop bending and stooping for these fuckers.

  3. They love to play the victim card, don't they?

    I'm sure he was such a good citizen, and it must be our culture's fault he turned to the dark side...

    The scariest thing in my opinion? This guy probably looked as peaceful as anyone else in everyday life, judging by the picture he looked 'innocent' enough. And because you want to give the benefit of the doubt you try not to stereotype... you might never know otherwise, yet here we have it.

  4. that's the thing solly, they are very good at blending in. he fed the hungry-let the homeless sleep in the mosque, whole time, he is trying to figure out a way to kill the infidel.

  5. that is also why they don't want us sending informants into their house of worship, cuase we may find out that it's a terror training facility.


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