Sunday, December 30, 2012

in defense of the 2nd amendment

this has taken sometime to write, so while it may seem i'm behind the curve, it is an ongoing and still highly relevant story.

the news media is awash with the story of sandy hook elementary school tragedy, and with good cause.  anyone who can not see the horror in the homicides of 20 young children and 7 adults, at the hands of a depraved individual, needs to have their head examined, and probably be removed from society.

notice how i did not refer to that connecticut piece of shit as either a young man, troubled young man or alleged shooting suspect?  did you also catch how i did not refer to the weapon he used to commit these killings?  in doing those two things i squarely fixed the blame to the offender for those outrageous acts he perpetrated on innocent children, school staff, their families and the community as a whole.  i also did not attack the manufacturer of the device the guilty used  to carry out his attack.

i can clearly see who was responsible for the massacre in newtown, but many among us can not.   the brass had not even finished hitting the floor, and the usual democrats were sprinting to the nearest camera and microphone, to renew the call for a reinstated and stricter assault weapons ban. to wit, dianne feinstein's plan for gun restriction and registration which she would have banned include;

120 specifically-named firearms, certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic, semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.

feinstein's proposed legislation does include a "grandfather clause", but there is a catch, in that weapons must be legally possessed on the date of enactment, (GOOD IDEA), a background check be conducted on the current lawful owner and any transferee, that the type and serial number of the weapon be recorded, that the current lawful owner have positive identification, including photographs and fingerprints, and that a certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate state or local law. feinstein also wants any of these legally owned and currently privately held firearms treated, as NFA regulated firearms.

here are some questions to ask yourself, and anyone you meet, who wants to regulate/steal your freedom.

*why is it that gun owners have to have current identification, while persons who would vote do not?

*what purpose is served by photographing and fingerprinting lawful gun owners?  do liberals really believe that if ATF had Nancy Lanza's pic and prints on file, that none of this would have occurred?

how about this OP-ED piece written by current sitting federal judge larry burns, for the l.a. times, in which he states, in part, "There is just no reason civilians need to own assault weapons and high-capacity magazines", and called for a renewal of the assault weapons ban, "with some teeth this time", by the,  "Ban (upon) the manufacture, importation, sale, transfer and possession of both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.... I don't care whether it's called gun control or a gun ban. I'm for it."

now i did not go to law school like old larry here, but i'm going to guess that what he is advocating   is a violation of our civil rights, namely the IV amendment.  i also know that larry is seated for life to rule from that bench, but if his vision was to come to fruition, i hope he has the guts to go and confiscate these "assault weapons" and their evil magazines, in stead of just sending common cops to what will probably be a blood bath.

time for a bit of honesty here.  is there anyone out there who truly thinks that if that asshole had broke out the window at sandy hook, and walked in with a hatchet and machete, that he could not have completed this atrocity?   the answer is yes, there really are folks who think it might not have been so bad.  but i'm here to tell you those folks are wrong.

i say this because i know there was NO ONE in position to stop the killer.  i say this while having a great deal of respect for a true hero, DAWN HOCHSPRUNG, who attacked the killer upon his entry to her school, with her bare hands.  now think about the courage and resolve that act took, knowing she probably had ZERO chance of success, but trying anyway.  now think about what she could have done if she had been armed and reasonably trained.

oh, the scorn and derision heaped upon wayne lapierre of the NRA, for just suggesting that idea.  but he is right.  when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.  no disrespect intended toward those on the thin blue line, but it is the truth.

it is time to arm our teachers, not all of them, but certainly those who are willing.  as  LTC. Dave Grossman  points out repeatedly, we have spent lots of money to insure no children die in school fires in the UNITED (divided) STATES, but refuse to harden our schools to these type of attacks.  this is all that lapierre was telling us to do.  have you ever wondered why nuts rarely attack police stations or gun stores, but enjoy shooting  up schools, churches, movie theaters, malls, office complexes and the like?  it's because politicians have not (yet) made it illegal for those who frequent cop and gun shops to carry guns.  that and the fact that those with guns in those places are highly likely to shoot back.

bob costas opined on this while talking out his ass about the aurora theater shooting.  in addition to falsely claiming that that nut job took military grade artillery into the theater, he stated that he felt that the presence of an armed citizen in the theater, would have only added to the carnage.  here i strongly disagree with the little  sports caster from commack, new york.  as any good combat veteran could tell mr. costas, had he bothered to ask, no OPLAN survives initial contact.  that means that when the "joker" entered the century theater and started shooting unarmed people, if a CCW holder had been present, and could have put rounds on target, things would changed for that piece of shit.  now instead of  being the hunter, the "joker" would have become the hunted.  he would have had to deal with whoever was trying to kill him or have had to unass the area of operations. and that means others may have lived.

so what does all this equal.  well the obvious, that the liberals want to control every part of your life, including your potential death.  they proclaim, outsource your personal safety to the government, and the government will, well they will probably fuck it up.  look no further than operation FAST & FURIOUS, and the 2 known U.S. deaths associated with that debacle.  how about the botched F.B.I. "investigation" into ft. hood shooter nidal hussein, before he started killing people?  the Christmas day airliner bombing attempt?  that guy was stopped by a dutch film maker, and not the U.S. counter terrorism center, who had received a tip from british intelligence prior to that attack.

here is an often repeated refrain familiar to regular readers of this blog.   prepare yourself and do not rely on anyone else for your safety.  madison and mason knew this when they included the 2nd amendment to the Constitution in 1789.  we should endeavor to remember that, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, in order to form a well regulated militia, which is necessary for the security of a free state, shall not be infringed.  while i have changed the syntax of the statement, i did not change its meaning, just re-worded it for modern speech patterns.  nowhere in either of those statements can you find any prohibition on the type of arms that citizens may possess.  do your duty as prescribed by the founding fathers or at least support the citizens and organizations who defend that right for you. 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

the greatest story ever told,  Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

this veterans day

at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month of  the year 1918, the "war to end all wars" was concluded with an armistice, in a rail car near Compiegne, France.  this agreement ended hostilities between the allies and germany, but it was the treaty of Versailles that actually ended WWI.

the first armistice day was commemorated on  November 11, 1919, by presidential proclamation of  commander and chief  woodrow wilson who stated, "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations."  this was a way to memorialize those who died during the great war.  a similar resolution was passed at congresses request by calvin coolidge on 4 june 1926.  armistice day became a legal holiday by act of congress on 13 may 1938.

the name of this holiday remained in effect until 1 june 1954, when congress official changed the name from armistice day to veterans day.  this was due to 9 years of work by WWII veteran raymond weeks, and honors all veterans, memorial day being the day we honor our fallen service members.

yesterday our town dedicated it's new veterans memorial, it took only 11 months to be constructed,  from ideas first being floated to the dedication ceremony.  on the black granite panels are the names of over 400 local residents who have died in military service to our country.

there has been a lot of talk this week about how "i'm fed up" and "i'm finished, my vote doesn't count for shit anyway."  really?  we lose an election and you are ready to curl up in a ball in some corner and die?

                            HARDEN THE FUCK UP AMERICA

there are men in the ground and wheel chairs and mental hospitals who willingly gave their best efforts and in many cases their lives, so that you could have a say in how you are governed.  read the stories from the revolution about the continental army, marching over frozen ground with rags on their feet, to fight the best army in the world at that point, so that they could establish our republic. go find a veteran and listen to him tell stories of friends made and lost in far off places.  then come tell me about lines at polling places being too long or your vote being worthless.

the freedoms we enjoy are not due to the "hard" work of journalists, politicians, lobbyists, lawyers or protesters, but rather the lowly grunt, who has been putting his feet in the mud and ass on the line for people he  largely does not even know, since 1775.

if you can read this thank a teacher, if you are reading it in english, thank a vet.

Monday, November 5, 2012

vote for change november 6th

i've been quiet for some time now.  wishing for something better and preparing for something worse.  i have a bit of time, so now that i've gathered my thoughts, i'll share them.

4 years ago barrack obama made history as the first black man to become the president of the UNITED STATES.  at the time i posted on a blog i previously wrote, that i wished him luck, as a rising tide floats all boats.

as i sit and write this tonight, i look around the harbor and see many vessels that have had their hulls holed, and are sitting in the muck of a low tide.  i see a president who has asked AMERICANS to do without and to dig a little deeper, as he golfs and vacations like a trust fund millionaire.  rising food and fuel prices have not kept him from flying a chef from st. louis to the white house to make him pizza.  how many of you have had to decide over pizza OR gas these last 4 years?

the wife and i consider ourselves lucky that we got to see Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert in concert in CANADA of all places, while on vacation this summer.  over the last 4 years mr. obama has enjoyed performances by; paul mccartney, smokey robinson, joan baez, the marsalis family, (wynton came to town last year, and i'd have liked to gone, but not for $140 a ticket), bob dylan, earth, wind and fire, shelia e., stevie wonder, b.b king, the list is endless, and they all came to him.  how many concerts have you had to pass up since january 2009?

the man that came into office as a uniter and healer wasted no time in accenting the divide between blacks and whites in the country, by telling us how his white grandma, who loved and raised him, was afraid of black men on elevators.  who played up blacks distrust of police with  his 'the cambridge police acted stupidly' blast.  by inserting himself into the george zimmerman case asserting, 'if i had a son he'd look like treyvon.'

a man that swore to'....the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.'  that would be all of the articles of the Constitution, not just the ones he likes.  allowing ATF to smuggle guns into mexico and then attempt to prosecute the gun shop owners who sold those firearms at the ATF's request,  is not preserving, protecting or defending the 2nd amendment. .invoking executive privilege after some of those same guns killed Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry, is not upholding the 5th and 14th amendments.  it is unconstitutional to require citizens to participate in commerce, and to tax or penalize them if they fail to do so. 

is he the commander in chief, campaigner in chief or chief apologist?  taking the bow for green lighting bin ladens death, an order my 6 year old would have given, is simply craven.  and this is  perhaps his strongest  character trait.  this man has blamed a shrinking workforce on everything from ATM machines to the japanese tsunami.  the massacre in libya?  that was caused by a crap movie tied to a coptic christian.  and after those 4 AMERICANS were killed, he went on letterman, again.  and he still does not apparently know the national debt.  if reelected, who's left for him to curtsy to?  we can surmise that he intends to further gut or military based on his conversation with medvedev, and the message he asked medvedev to relay to putin.

nothing matters more to this man than power.  not the death of the grandmother who raised him.  not a supposed financial meltdown as bad as the great depression.  those things barely got him off the campaign trail in 08.  not bengazi and not sandy these last couple of months.  and sure as shit not you, or the difficulties you and your families have had to stare down since january 08.

mr. obama is right about 2 things however.  that we should drive FORWARD to the polls and AVENGE the insults and injuries of the last 4 years.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pay attention

so i see in the news yesterday that the government wants to purchase a HUGE quantity of  Meals Ready to Eat.  the numbers i have seen fluctuate on the low side at 14 million, to the high end of 420 million. the question begging for an answer is why?  why does the government need so much shitty vittles on hand, and why are they purchasing SO much ammunition?

last week MARK LEVIN reported that the Social Security Administration was trying to buy 175,000 rounds of handgun ammo.  this is on top of  Homeland Security ordering 450 million rounds of 40 cal earlier in the year.

practical guy that  i am,  i know there are NO SMG's chambered for .357 SIG, the Social Security round. KRISS and Heckler and Koch both make sub guns in 40 cal..  that said, 450 million is a shit load of bullets, and DHS already have M4's chambered for 5.56, so i doubt they are buying lots of sub guns.

so why all the beans and bullets?  mr. obama and the liberals are drawing down the military, just like every democrat administration before them.  no really pressing need to feed the troops, when there are no troops. everyone who knows, knows, that pistol caliber ammo is a poor man stopper compared to rifle rounds.

is the government really planning mass subjugation of AMERICAN citizens?  or is it something else, leading to that end?

remember that the libs want to take guns out of the peoples hands.  to that end they have passed; assault weapons bans, magazine capacity bans, monthly firearm purchase limitation, mandatory identification checks upon purchase of ammunition, and want to tax every gun you own, tax the living dog shit (500%) on ammunition sales, and have manufacturers micro stamp all ammunition. 

i think currently that the government is trying to play both ends of the field.  stock up for future problems, and take commodities off  the market so you can't prepare.  previously i have tried to raise situational awareness in my 4 part are you ready series.

whatever is troubling the feds should worry you as well.  go buy your beans, bullets, water, band aids, and shit paper.  use cash for these purchases, and stay vigilant.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

a real lion of detroit

the lion has for centuries been used to symbolize strength, courage, and as protector of culture.  this story is about a REAL lion of detroit.

on wednesday  august 8, several males converged on a detroit home, in the 6800 block of rutland, beating a 16 year old male there with a ball bat and gun, as they stole an xbox and wii games from the home.   the boys 12 year old sister was present and began to take pictures of the suspects, who then chased her next door, pointing the gun at her, with the intent of killing her.

her grandfather, a marine corps vietnam vet and 2 time recipient of the Purple Heart, JOHN VILLNEFF, lived next door.  seeing the danger which had confronted his granddaughter, VILLNEFF stood in the gap for the last time, as he was fatally shot in the chest and back.  VILLNEFF was able to call his son michael on the phone telling him that he had been shot and was dying.  michael was so correct in saying that his father died a hero.

warriors have long used the lion as a symbol of their bravery and nobility, on their standards and coat of arms.  on shields, i have seen this expressed as "protector of those around me".  JOHN VILLNEFF was a proven protector of those around him in southeast asia, 40 some years ago, and last week in detroit.  and now he has been borne home on his shield, in true spartan fashion, a real lion of detroit.

it's been awhile since i have done my hero of the month posts.  i'm going to start again.  because of guys like JOHN VILLNEFF.  and i'm going to bestow an award called the ORDER OF THE LION, for those in our communities who protect those around them.

Friday, June 29, 2012

mr. roberts and the democrats

 john roberts explains just how wide taxpayers assholes will become under OBAMACARE.

everyone knows by now the news of the supreme courts decision on health care yesterday.  i think many AMERICANS are probably happy with the decision.  those would be the non productive members of our society.  the rest of us are going to pay a steep price for another one of obama's dreams, and johnnie boy sure looks to have cemented his place in AMERICAN jurisprudence history.

it's all speculation for now, but it certainly seems to me someone was more worried about his and his august predecessors and contemporaries legacy, rather than the people he presides over, to wit; "Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” 

maybe so, but if the guy the legislation is named for says it is not a tax, and the guy he sends to you to argue his point for him says it's not a tax, i think you side with them and say it's not a tax and throw it out.  what is too bad here, mr. roberts, is that we can't throw your ass out of office.

on the same day and week mr. roberts shit in our collective mess kits, (health care, arizona immigration law), his friends, the democrats in the house of representatives, continued to show their disdain for AMERICANS by walking out on the contempt of congress vote against eric holder.

 you know, eric holder who dropped the charges against the black panther party,  sued arizona over immigration enforcement and in the end is responsible for the fast and furious operation. 

you, YES YOU! you look like you were born here, give me your guns and let me see your papers.

while for the families it will always be about JAIME ZAPATA and BRIAN TERRY,  trust me when i say this is about all of us.  this is/was a concerted effort by democrats to disarm AMERICA.  and now that the shit is really hitting the fan they are closing ranks.  no other reason to invoke executive privilege, unless you got something to hide.

 i, eric holder, do solemnly swear, to cover barrack's ass in word and deed,
no matter whose blood is shed, to the best of my ability, so help me..!?!  who we swearing to?

i hope everyone remembers congress and the president for the contempt they have shown toward the  AMERICAN people come november.

range time

 so last week SIG 94 from IT DON'T MAKE SENSE posted a short story about his recent range experience and this created a bit of discussion about the targets we each use.  he wanted me to send him a link about our targets.  for me this raised two problems, both of which i have addressed and i think solved here, to wit:

1.  i can barely type, hence the all lower case or CAPS, so i sure can't link.

2.  i have no clue who makes the target.

so the solution is to take pictures and upload, then try to explain.  with some extras thrown in.

this first pic is the target we use. anything in the blue bottle is a hit, outside is a miss. that is for the state course. we tighten it up for our quals by drawing a line at the "shoulders", this is now the head, and you got to put 6 in the head. next we put a 10 inch circle just below the "shoulders" in the chest area. keep all your shots in these two areas and you are a master shooter. got to get at least 39 out of 48 in these 2 areas to get a shooting badge. you can have 35 total in the blue bottle but not in the 2 lethal zones and still qualify.

our ninjas use a 1/3 size trauma plate cut out in the head and full size, 5x8 inch trauma plate, in the chest area of this target to qualify.  they have to keep them all in those 2 areas.  for patrol carbine quals, a half circle is drawn about where the bottom of my models hands are.  above the line is 5 points below is 4.  40 round course, less than 180 you fail.

this is a target i really like. the indoor range i go to has these.  same trace as ours, but they add organs and the CNS, which takes the guess work out of it.  you can find this i believe at LETARGETS.COM.

this is what goes to work.  glock 17 with streamlight TRL 1 flashlight,  colt semi auto M4 with same light, spyderco and benchmade knives.

this is my personal time stuff.  i only carry 1 gun and knife at a time, calm down.  the semi is a SIG P239 40 cal.  the revolver is a 5 shot  taurus 650 CIA .357.   the leather is by don hume,  sure fire 6P light, and enough skill and ammo to make ne'er-do-wells wish they had picked someone else.

which brings up a final point.  the 2nd amendment is still currently in effect.  i encourage all who can, to exercise that right, and to join the NRA.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

never ever forget your music

i try to hit the gym daily before work.  helps me get my mind right before before going on shift.  while i'm  not a great physical specimen, i am not the guy to fuck with either.

so today after taking the brood to the sitters, i'm bumping around the casa trying to figure just where the hell my mp3 is.  not in the beach bag, not in the car, not by the computer or by the door. call the wife, who claims not to have misplaced it.

what ever,  i'll do without.  this is going to suck big time.  the Y embraces a policy of zero controversy.  this means no political or suggestive t shirts and nothing "obscene" on the radio.  it is okay to come in with gang tats and shirts ripped off however.  as for the "obscene" lyrics, 9 of the local radio stations are country or religious and 2 are oldies.  2 others are mix stations.  rarely is the rap station on for very long, and the rock station NEVER gets played.  forget your music and you are fucked.

so when i arrive one of the mix stations is on playing an hour of hits from 1977.  so i'm stuck listening to paul simon, hall and oates,  and some other assholes whine about love, or lost love, or some other bullshit.  this stuff just about makes justin bieber tolerable.  i'm doing pretty good until they play this platinum turd from yesteryear. 

who really feels like crushing it or banging out another heavy set on the bench, with crickets and frogs chirping and burping in the back ground while this "guy" is imploring to be held?  the wife says she has always like this romantic song, even as a little girl.  strange how it is not on her mp3. i mean it probably has its place at the retirement home or on the elevator or something, but come on, the free weight room of a gym?

AND I'M AINT LOOKING FOR ROMANCE WITH NO SWEATY BUNCH OF GUYS IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!!!!  where do women come up with this shit?  the first guy caught tapping his foot to this is getting smooth KNOCKED OUT.

so i organize a search party when i get home, (pester the wife into looking for my stuff) which she makes a half assed attempt at.  then i remember it's in the garage.  thank christ, no more leo sayer or marilyn mccoo for me tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2012

if the condom fits, you must convict


a bit of editorial paraphrasing of the late johnnie cochran..

so the left has made the topic of distraction, or the minute, just how much a law school students gets nailed, during their time supposedly spent learning a trade.

sandra fluke got up, so to speak, in front of a bunch liberal democrats and moaned about making $3000 dollars at a summer job, most of which goes toward birth control, to wit;

“Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. 40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.
“One told us about how embarrassed and just powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter and learned for the first time that contraception was not covered on her insurance and she had to turn and walk away because she couldn’t afford that prescription. Women like her have no choice but to go without contraception."

note that fluke repeatedly uses the word contraception, which as you know broken down means against conception. the left would have us believe that this is a "medical catastrophe", in fluke's own words. it's no medical problem at all. this lady is, i believe, talking specifically about a preferred form of birth control, the pill.

as we all know, the pill is really good at preventing pregnancy, and apparently pretty good at treating other female reproductive disorders. but the pill is simply abysmal at preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

according to the CDC there are about 19 million new std infections per year in the UNITED STATES. they also claim that about 24,000 women a year become infertile in the U.S. due to STDs. this would constitute a personal medical catastrophe, but not one the taxpayer should be asked to cover. which is what fluke, the liberals, and our dear leader are demanding.

according to a 2008 CDC study, girls (15-19yoa) and young women (19-24yoa) have the highest rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea infection, and the same study noted a 36% increase in the incidence of syphilis in women compared to 2007. the CDC says the best way to prevent these infections, aside from abstinence is...

Consistent and correct use of the male latex condom...

i checked with the wife and some other women, who informed me that the pill typically cost between $35 and $40 dollars per month, which is $480 a year, on the high side, and $1440 for the 3 years fluke is claiming. if this is true, on a national as compared to regional level, that is a $1560 dollar savings, which I was able to figure out without a georgetown law degree.

further "research" also determined that 1,008 *beyond seven* condoms from CONDOMDEPOT would only set aspiring attorneys back $125 dollars. be advised that when buying in quantities this large, you DO NOT get free shipping. this "package" would however allow law school students to practice procreation 3.5 times a day for 1 year, assuming a normal 7 day menstrual cycle twelve times a year, which most guys will run away from. taking up an additional hobbies would allow the frugal solicitor to stretch their spending dollar, and rubber stockpile further.

so at the end of the day was RUSH wrong to call fluke a slut? unless he knows something more about her personal character or behavior patterns, I would have to say yes. could the law students at georgetown be using 2 forms of contraception in tandem, such as the pill with a condom fail safe? maybe, but that only adds up to around $1900 dollars over 3 years time. i really doubt this is the case, as fluke stated that, a female student left a pharmacy counter embarrassed, without a prescription (for the pill?), because her insurance would not cover it. and that she had no other choice but to go WITHOUT contraception. all this leaves one believing that indigent men around law schools score repeatedly, and at will.

would RUSH have been more correct to call fluke a disingenuous liar with an agenda? in my opinion, yes.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ron paul is a fuckin' kook

is it just me, or are these all the same guy?

i like ron paul's domestic agenda, i really do. but that being said he is a fuckin' kook. take him to the beach, let him gaze out across the ocean, and he just gets weird. don't worry about IRAN or the nukes they want to not only possess, but probably use against ISRAEL. islam is NO threat to us. it just goes on and fucking on.

like today in des moines, where he told his assembled minions, in part; is not our business to solve all the problems of the world, and get involved in all these conflicts of the world. We need to make our nation a great nation once again. If we want to influence the rest of the world, we should do that by setting a great standard. A great standard of individual liberty. A standard of prosperity and sound money, and a foreign policy where we mind our own business. When we have that greatness, we won't have to try to force it down the throats of others, by bombing and raiding those countries. They will want to be like us, because we are a great nation and have that prosperity...

really? i thought we are so hated in the world due to our prosperity. we consume about 25% of the worlds oil while only accounting for 5% of the world population. without that consumption, . we would not be the world leader in economic output.

and that dear friends means we would not be able to support our military, which we use to stick our nose into the worlds business. which also means, bleeding hearts, we would not be able to provide aid to earthquake stricken "countries " like haiti, or tsunami ravaged indonesia, which directly benefited from 23 U.S. Navy ships and 43 helicopters, that provided humanitarian aid at the U.S. taxpayers expense.

the last time i checked Ron, people were literally dying to get into this country, while damn few are constructing homemade rafts, and sailing off, looking for a better life in cuba. nor are they paying ridiculous sums to be secreted behind a dashboard and smuggled into mexico.

i know you paulites think we should all just....

but that is not how life fuckin' works. to prove it to you, here's a little test. take all your signs of prosperity (money, jewelry, personal electronic devices) and head to any inner city in the US. the trick is not having any means of defending yourself. let me know how long you are able to hold on to your shit. the world works the same way. just ask the people of the 2011 london riots.

it's still a great country Ron, we just need to pull some weeds and paint the trim. you could see that if you pulled your head out of your ass.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

book review: WARRIOR POLICE

i stole the idea of doing book reviews from good friend SKI, who apparently neither reads or writes any longer. i'm sending the book in the mail to you brother.

i just finished reading WARRIOR POLICE by LTC. (RET) Gordon Cucullu and Chris Fontana, to my knowledge the first book about the ARMY's MILITARY POLICE CORPS. the authors were able to write the book based in large part because they embedded with MP units in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN and conducted 1000 or more interviews.

the story of the MILITARY POLICE CORPS involvement begins at bagram in afghanistan shortly after 9/11, working with the first EPW's of the WAR ON TERROR. the book details how MP units were excluded during the opening moves of IRAQI FREEDOM, which allowed weapons caches to be looted, the contents most probably used against coalition forces during the long insurgency. the authors also cover the REGIMENTS efforts to rebuild the IRAQI police and train the AFGHAN NATIONAL POLICE, as well as the use of LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS (retired civilian police) to help ferret out corruption.

for my taste and expectations the book was light on actual first hand accounts as told by the troops on the ground. that being said there are some very compelling stories of bravery and sacrifice between the covers. like the story of LEIGH ANN HESTER, the first woman since WWII to be awarded the SILVER STAR and the first woman in history to receive that award for actions in combat, helping to break the back of an insurgent ambush.

MARISSA STROCK who lived despite massive injuries and the loss of both legs to an IED blast. STROCK embodies the warrior, or SOLDIER'S CREED, wishing to return to IRAQ to avenge her fallen comrades deaths. right beside hers, is the story of TODD WILLARD PARTRIDGE, who lost both his legs and his life to an IED while racing to help others who had been struck by a previous IED. horribly wounded, PARTRIDGE steered his stricken vehicle away from dismounted troops to avoid causing injury to them.

the book also contains the names of 163 MILITARY POLICE CORPS soldiers killed during the WAR ON TERROR which was current as of march 16, 2011. my first platoon leaders name is on this list.

as i read the first hand accounts, i was so proud, but completely unsurprised by the valor shown by the those who wear the crossed pistols. their dedication to duty and resolve under adverse conditions is the hall mark of all our men and women under arms.

an important side note here, is that the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the VALHALLA PROJECT, which was established by the authors.

new years rocking eve?

normally i would not waste my time on any new years eve show. if not working, i would be sleeping, or if the moon and stars aligned, nailing the frau. however the kids are getting older and begged to stay up late, so the wife let them watch the dick clark show.

for the record i have always felt this show was lame. additionally, what type of loser must you be to stay home and watch this? but last night was particularly god awful. dick looked pretty good, while fighting through the aftermath of a stroke. sounded like shit, which did nothing to raise my spirits or motivate me to persevere in the new year.

the musical guests really sucked. PITBULL, i'm coming to take your fortune. if jumping around in a tux with your bow tie undone shouting 'let's go', equals talent while someone else sings, you belong to me.

speaking of shit, LADY GAGA appeared to dress initially as a turd

pretty sure that's cucumber seeds and celery strings, not sequins. Later, she dressed as a sand dollar.

when asked to describe what she was wearing, (the sand dollar get up), she replied she didn't know, but it was VERSACE. what the fuck ever. just goes to show that the age old adage still applies, a fool and their money are soon parted, in my untrained fashion critic opinion.

lastly, to the young officer who was sucking face with JENNY MCCARTHY. hopefully all that foundation she was wearing can be removed from your uniform.

based on the way shit started last night, it's hard to believe the MAYAN's were wrong. well, we toasted the new year with sparkling pomegranate juice and sent everyone to bed. here is to hoping all the best to all of you in the coming year.
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