Monday, November 5, 2012

vote for change november 6th

i've been quiet for some time now.  wishing for something better and preparing for something worse.  i have a bit of time, so now that i've gathered my thoughts, i'll share them.

4 years ago barrack obama made history as the first black man to become the president of the UNITED STATES.  at the time i posted on a blog i previously wrote, that i wished him luck, as a rising tide floats all boats.

as i sit and write this tonight, i look around the harbor and see many vessels that have had their hulls holed, and are sitting in the muck of a low tide.  i see a president who has asked AMERICANS to do without and to dig a little deeper, as he golfs and vacations like a trust fund millionaire.  rising food and fuel prices have not kept him from flying a chef from st. louis to the white house to make him pizza.  how many of you have had to decide over pizza OR gas these last 4 years?

the wife and i consider ourselves lucky that we got to see Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert in concert in CANADA of all places, while on vacation this summer.  over the last 4 years mr. obama has enjoyed performances by; paul mccartney, smokey robinson, joan baez, the marsalis family, (wynton came to town last year, and i'd have liked to gone, but not for $140 a ticket), bob dylan, earth, wind and fire, shelia e., stevie wonder, b.b king, the list is endless, and they all came to him.  how many concerts have you had to pass up since january 2009?

the man that came into office as a uniter and healer wasted no time in accenting the divide between blacks and whites in the country, by telling us how his white grandma, who loved and raised him, was afraid of black men on elevators.  who played up blacks distrust of police with  his 'the cambridge police acted stupidly' blast.  by inserting himself into the george zimmerman case asserting, 'if i had a son he'd look like treyvon.'

a man that swore to'....the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.'  that would be all of the articles of the Constitution, not just the ones he likes.  allowing ATF to smuggle guns into mexico and then attempt to prosecute the gun shop owners who sold those firearms at the ATF's request,  is not preserving, protecting or defending the 2nd amendment. .invoking executive privilege after some of those same guns killed Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry, is not upholding the 5th and 14th amendments.  it is unconstitutional to require citizens to participate in commerce, and to tax or penalize them if they fail to do so. 

is he the commander in chief, campaigner in chief or chief apologist?  taking the bow for green lighting bin ladens death, an order my 6 year old would have given, is simply craven.  and this is  perhaps his strongest  character trait.  this man has blamed a shrinking workforce on everything from ATM machines to the japanese tsunami.  the massacre in libya?  that was caused by a crap movie tied to a coptic christian.  and after those 4 AMERICANS were killed, he went on letterman, again.  and he still does not apparently know the national debt.  if reelected, who's left for him to curtsy to?  we can surmise that he intends to further gut or military based on his conversation with medvedev, and the message he asked medvedev to relay to putin.

nothing matters more to this man than power.  not the death of the grandmother who raised him.  not a supposed financial meltdown as bad as the great depression.  those things barely got him off the campaign trail in 08.  not bengazi and not sandy these last couple of months.  and sure as shit not you, or the difficulties you and your families have had to stare down since january 08.

mr. obama is right about 2 things however.  that we should drive FORWARD to the polls and AVENGE the insults and injuries of the last 4 years.  


  1. Excellently said, brother. And now we have to continue the struggle to save the country we both defended as soldiers...

  2. glad you liked it. good to know i'm not just writing this for, or to, myself.

    sad that romney got 3 million less votes than the luke warm, non assertive mccain.

    i'm trying to decide who i am more pissed at. the zombie class that thought the last 4 years went well, and gave dumbo another opportunity to get it right, or the asshole "conservatives" who felt romney was to moderate, and an evil mormon to boot.

    do you think you can make me a pic for the blog with obie and the little hat and mouse in it like dumbo?

  3. took me a few days to come visit... i agree with steve; well said, my friend. i'm sorely disappointed in this nation.

    i'm grateful for your visits to my blog lately; as you stated, it's nice to not just be writing to hear myself think.

    thought you'd be interested to know my brother and i had a talk today... spent seven hours debating things. he said he wanted so badly for anyone to rise up and present themselves as worthy, so he wouldn't have to vote for obama... said he really didn't want to... but when it came down he just didn't feel romney had the true principles he needed to see, so he begrudgingly decided to "stay the course."

    and the sad thing is, i get it. romney didn't articulate the conservative ideals we know he likely holds. he was so flip-floppy and mushy, and he wussed out at the end and didn't ratchet it up like he really wanted it. he didn't own it, the way a man owns it when he really has his heart and soul in something like he can't live without it. i appreciated his "love of country" finish, and i love my country, as you well know... but he didn't project the leadership we all expect he could have provided, and in the end that may have been his downfall.

    when you can't speak directly to the people you are asking to trust you, about the values you believe they should trust you to hold true, why should they?

    so i'm now articulating those values, so our next conservative candidate can just check with me when they need to be reminded what is to be expected of them, because i sure as hell won't have hillary pantssuit or laughing gas joe biden as my next president.

    be well..

  4. sollie i'm looking at it from the other end of the burning candle. we have the guy who has put it on auto pilot the last three years. his primary mission has appeared to be golfing and enjoying himself while we struggled and he campaigned.

    then you have a business man. yeah, he didn't go for obie's throat, and he did to a degree soft sell his product to us, but he i probably a genuine (too) nice guy.

    that being said, when he got pissed you could see that was genuine as well. my question is this-do you vote for a guy you only agree with 5 to 10% of the time, and could not lead wolves to fresh meat, or a guy you agree with 65 to 75% of the time, who has the PROVEN ability to right a sinking ship.


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