Saturday, January 30, 2010

the star pupil

so the wife went to her CCW class today. she had a good time, relearned some things i had already told her, and.........passed. all she has to do is submit her application to the county and state, have me pay the fees, pass the background check (good luck with that), and she's legal.

just what the lib gun grabbers hate, an armed woman, unwilling to be a victim

i take no responsibility for the 3 misses. go read her side of the story over at me, un-AMERICAN?

Friday, January 29, 2010

another soldier reporting, sir

the wife brought home the sad news today, of the passing of another AMERICAN hero, LT.COL.LEE ARCHER. ARCHER was probably the most famous of the tuskegee airmen of world war II fame. ARCHER was among AMERICA'S first black pilots that began training at tuskegee university in 1941. graduating first in his class in 1943, ARCHER was commissioned as a 2nd lieutnant, and was assigned to the 302nd fighter squadron, 322nd fighter group, which fought in the mediterranean theater of operations.

on 12 october 1944, ARCHER became AMERICA'S first and only black ace, when he shot down 5 planes in combat, including 3 of nazi germany's very good fighters, the ME 109. ARCHER was awarded the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS, flew combat missions during the korean war, and retired after 29 years of service to THE REPUBLIC.


after he retired from the military in 1970, ARCHER joined general foods corp., becoming one of the era’s few black corporate vice presidents of a major AMERICAN company. among his other lifetime achievements, LT.COL. ARCHER received the CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL with other tuskegee airmen, for their service during the war from president George W. Bush. due to the tuskegee airmen's outstanding service during WWII, president harry truman desegregated the military in 1948 by executive order.

LEE ARCHER died in new york on 27 january 2010, at the age of 90.

Godspeed, sir.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the weekend

this was the first weekend i have had off since before thanksgiving. i'm not bitching, i earned a nice amount of change during that time frame and i used a good amount of it to buy something i've wanted for awhile.

a little cz side by side 20 gauge, with double triggers and an english stock. i like it due to the classic styling and the double triggers. more traditional, i think it hearkens back to a simpler time, and i can't wait to hunt it next fall.

in the mean time, i'll be shooting trap, and sporting clays with it. the wife and i went and broke it in this weekend, shooting trap, and for awhile i was scared she would out shoot me with my own gun. fear not loyal patrons, i prevailed. she is a good shot however, and gets better the more i critique her stance, follow through, etc.

i don't want to read any"you're a puss, shooting a 20, blah, blah, blah" comments. i've hunted a 12 for years, (mossberg 500-ugly, functional, heavy sumbitch) it will be sold soon, but i still have a remington 11-87 12 gauge. i'll keep it forever as the wife gave it to me years ago for Christmas, but i'll probably never hunt it as it is too pretty. i got the twenty 'cause she shoots a 20, and with the way ammo prices keep climbing, it just makes sense. additionally, cz's other(12's) side by sides don't come with dual triggers or the english stock.

last night we went to the local hockey teams first boxing match in their new barn.

only hockey fight pic i liked, not our actual boxing team

it is a real nice building, but 3 fights, 2 near fights (double minors for roughing) and the near drunken DV behind us, reminded me why i don't like minor league hockey. i'll probably go back, but it's hard to support a team that appears not to understand the basics like, head up, stick on the ice, go to the net. or, support the man with the puck. pass to the open man, don't shoot into the crowd. worst offense i saw-starting a fight while your team has the puck-and is in scoring position.

some of that extra money i earned went to buy momma the gun that she'll be carrying after the ccw class next week.

today was the last chance she would get to practice prior to qualifying and i think she was a little nervous. again she is a good shooter, not good enough for me to put an apple on my head, but good enough i sure don't wanna piss her of if she's close to a pistole, either. so today found us at the indoor range. she had a few problems early, which i corrected with a couple of," what the fuck was that's." she says i'm very nurturing when it comes to firearms instruction, and i should consider doing it full time when i retire. or not.

anyway it was the best session yet and i'm sure she'll be fine next weekend. seeing how we were there i decided to shoot also. i brought along one of my all time favorites.

can you say timeless classic? j summ grew up on this old war horse. i think i might have even cried when uncle sugar took mine away and replaced it with that italian piece of shit the boys are suffering with currently. if you remember, i wrote about how years ago i nearly bought for myself what i recently bought for the wife. i chose Mr. Browning's 1911 instead. it's a springfield and the only thing i've ever changed was the grip screws. guys will spend ridiculous money to get a gun to shoot "right". most guns are more accurate then we are. i spent $350 on this dude new. you can drop $1000 or more on a kimber and more still on the nighthawk. oh, they're nice alright, but i'll put the springfield up against them anytime as far as accuracy goes. i found out some time ago that when it was made, somebody came back to work drunk or high or maybe just pissed at the boss, and dropped match parts into my basic gun. couple of guys have tried to buy her, but she stays with me.

so i'm shooting today and i start taking incoming. i saw shit flying back at me. not cool when we are talking 230 grains of lead and copper. i turn away, and get hit in the side by most of my flattened out bullet.

here are some other examples of what i had to dodge. bottom left is the culprit. no blood no foul, but i'm damn glad i got it in the side and not the face. i told the guys at the range but they didn't seem too concerned. for those of you out there who are shooters, it was blazer brass 230 grain FMJ. anyone else had problems like mine?

lot's of shooting, a good amount of fighting and a bit of hockey. not very romantic, but old girl seems happy. i know i am.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

let's go get english?

show of hands. how many of you like french cuisine? have a favorite italian restaurant or 2? go out for mexican or bring home chinese?

ever wonder why there are ZERO english restaurants? it's cause they eat shit like blood pudding-made with real blood, boil, not broil- boil steak, mutton(old sheep), and eels. that's right, eels. you know the snake- like fish.

if you sit down and this cat is the waiter, and he suggest the jellied eel, run.

and now scientists and average limey alike are up in arms over the dwindling numbers of the slimey bastards in the river thames.

seems there has been a 98% decrease in eels trapped last year in the thames compared to a 2005 count. the usual suspects are to blame; climate change, man made structures, GEORGE W.BUSH and some other parasites. i suspect the other parasites are zebra mussels, a little clam like bastard, which is probably fucking up a body of fresh water somewhere near you.

the eels are also disappearing from other european rivers and ecologists point out that the eels rapid decline could threaten the entire ecosystem. where is the worry over the great lakes and the threat posed by ocean going vessels which, over the decades have brought gobies, the afore mentioned zebra mussels, lampreys and alewives? but i digress.

i get to talk shit on my british cousins 'cause my great grandmother (on my mothers side) immigrated to canada from britain. i didn't really know her, but i do remember her daughter taking ground beef, forming it into a ball, dropping it into a pot of boiling water, then telling me the grey lump that resulted was a hamburger.

dad has a great story about taking some real nice beef (del monicos?), over for dinner before mom and him got married. he said grandma took the steaks into the kitchen and returned with some shriveled grey shit that resembled the dog steak he swears he was served in the navy while in port in lisbon, portugal. he said he nearly cried and never let grandma near beef he was eating again.

here is a tip, tommy. there are plenty of other fish in the sea, lay off the eel and try the grouper, salmon or snapper.

a story of service, inspiration and life long courage

my copy of the AMERICAN RIFLEMAN arrived yesterday and brought the news of the passing of an AMERICAN warrior icon.

i first became aware of LEWIS MILLETT while stationed in the former west germany in the late 80's. the army liked to hang pictures of historical figures, to i guess inspire troops and foster an esprit de corps. above is a copy of that picture.

it depicts then CAPTAIN MILLETT leading what is considered to be the last bayonet charge by AMERICAN forces, in a company size formation, up hill 180, later changed to BAYONET HILL, near soam-ni, korea, on february 7, 1951.

for leading this action MILLETT was awarded the MEDAL OF HONOR, and the citation reads in part, that; CAPT. MILLETT distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action. while personally leading his company in an attack on a strongly held position, he noted that his 1st platoon was pinned down. MILLETT placed himself at the head of his two (remaining) platoons and with fixed bayonets led the assault. MILLETT bayoneted, clubbed ,and grenaded the enemy while urging his men forward. during the fierce onslaught, MILLETT was wounded but refused evacuation until the hill was secured. due to his dauntless leadership and personal courage, his men were so inspired, that they stormed the enemy position, and used their bayonets so effectively that the enemy fled in wild disorder.

a few years ago i purchased and read BEYOND GLORY *MEDAL OF HONOR HEROES IN THEIR OWN WORDS* by larry smith. smith went out and interviewed 24 MOH recipients .
MILLETT'S story was amazing. he volunteered in 1938 then deserted and went to canada, where he volunteered for their army,when he thought the U.S. would sit out the war. while station in average britian, MILLETT was able to get back in the U.S. army and was assigned to the 1st armored division who he served with in north africa. at kasserine, MILLETT shot down an attacking fighter plane.

MILLETT received a SILVER STAR and went on to see action at SALERNO and ANZIO. he also received a BRONZE STAR after calling down artillery fire, on his own position, near the cinquale canal in italy.

at the wars end, after having enlisted, deserted, joined the canadian army, reenlisted in the AMERICAN army, receiving the SILVER STAR, been court martialed for desertion, promoted to lieutenant,receiving the BRONZE STAR, participating in 7 campaigns and 3 amphibious landings, MILLETT was discharged and returned to civilian life. while in college in maine, he was recalled to active duty.

the summer of 1950 found MILLETT at the pusan perimeter in south korea where he again called in artillery on his own position. later still he was wounded in the leg and became an aerial observer. during this time MILLETT found a shot down fighter pilot, ordered his pilot to land and evacuate the fighter pilot while he stayed behind fighting off enemy infantry until his own plane returned.

MILLETT volunteered for a transfer to the infantry and became the company commander of E company 27th infantry regiment, THE WOLFHOUNDS. it was with them that MILLETT led the attack on hill 180, which he received the MOH for and 2 previous bayonet charges. MILLETT did this, as he was pissed over some enemy intel that was recovered saying AMERICANS were afraid of the bayonet.

MILLETT was awarded a DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS for the 2nd charge. MILLETT went on to start the RECONDO schools for the 101st AND 82nd AIRBORNE divisions. in 1960 MILLETT went to vietnam where he trained ARVN rangers and ended his combat career as PHOENIX team adviser, retiring as a colonel.

during his 35 year career, LEWIS MILLETT was awarded the MOH, DSC, SILVER STAR, 3 BRONZE STARS, 3 PURPLE HEARTS, and 2 LEGIONS OF MERIT as well as numerous other foreign and U.S. awards and citations. he refused all U.S. decorations for his service in southeast asia.

because of his protest of gerald ford's pardoning draft dodgers, who went to canada during the vietnam war, he was also pardoned by ford from his desertion conviction.

asked why he fought, MILLETT said; i believe in freedom, i believe as a free man it is my duty to help others under the attack of tyranny. if free men don't help others to retain or regain our freedom, then we'll lose it in the final analysis.

LEWIS MILLETT died at the age of 88 on november 14, 2009.

the 27th infantry regiment crest


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

conservative rising!!

wow, who da thunk it? the peoples seat, filled by ted kennedy's fat, drunk ass, is won by a republican candidate. scott brown just leaped onto the national stage, and ran a shock and awe campaign against dems, in arguably the most liberal state in the union.

and the things he said, the things we have all been waiting to hear from a republican hopefully conservative national leader. * no rights/lawyers for terrorist* no trillion dollars for health care reform* no more deficit spending, and no more present votes when congress is in session.

is it too early to say PALIN/BROWN 2012?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

hugo chavez, help us please

for the love of GOD, help us hugo. cindy sheehan led a rally at the CIA headquarters in langly, virginia today, to protest the "cowardly" and "immoral" act of killing terrorists, through the use of missiles fired by unmanned drones in afghanistan. after that the protest moved to dick cheney's residence a short distance away.

cindy is the mother of CASEY SHEEHAN, an army specialist who was killed in iraq on 4 april 2004, after he volunteered to be part of a QRF, that went out to rescue members of a shot up and surrounded patrol in sadr city. CASEY was awarded the PURPLE HEART and BRONZE STAR with V devise for valor as a result of his actions and sacrifice.

cindy, lost in grief, quickly became the face of the anti-war left, becoming a darling of the MSM and code pink. anywhere there was a camera and a republican, there was cindy, bitching about the war mongers and evil military/industrial complex.

she spent a couple of months in a ditch outside of GWB's property in crawford, texas where she joked about burying her uterus. this is the same woman who bitched about buying a headstone for her hero son's grave.

cindy, newsflash, neither bush or cheney are running the country any longer. go bend ABE II's ear. pick up a rifle and set the example, show us all the brave way to kill terrorist. or go to venezuala and cozy up to hugo, you at least seemed happy there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

follow up to bush caused haiti earthquake

good buddy ski, over at GLOBAL DOMINATION THROUGH APPLIED INACTIVITY, ran a post yesterday titled BUSH CAUSED HAITI EARTHQUAKE. he did it to bait some of you mouth breathers, and you didn't take long to respond.

3 of the first 4 comment were negative, with blame AMERICA firsters like JIM, DJQUEST1MIA and possibly CHARLESTONDAILYPHOTO, leaving negative or, relatively negative comments, in the case of CHARLESTON.

ski needs no defending, he is perfectly capable himself, but we spoke and he agreed to let me write a sister or companion post.

some have pointed out that other nations are also sending aid to haiti. that is true, to wit; china iceland, france,average britian, canada, mexico, dominican republic, venezuala are sending search and rescue teams with rescue dogs and gear to help locate survivors. sadly many will die by the time these assets arrive, due to foul weather and congestion at the 1 serviceable airport.
several of these countries are also sending medical teams, which will prove very beneficial to
survivors. still others are pledging funds.

all of this is great but the UN, the lefts beacon of hope and goodness, has pledged.........wait for it......$10 million dollars. the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will contribute, initially.......$100 million dollars. the above listed countries total contributions look to equal less than half of AMERICA'S initial layout. obie had that laying around after the $789 billion dollar spending binge. i have no idea if this figure will include the MASSIVE military effort, but suspect it does not.

that's right libs, the AMERICAN military is the only military in the world that is sophisticated enough to undertake a mission of this size, and pull it off. AMERICA has 11 aircraft carriers, which can be deployed to events such as those occurring in haiti. aircraft carriers mean many things, including; helicopters for the delivery of humanitarian aid and search and rescue, fully equipped hospitals aboard ships with world class doctors. and because they are powered by evil NUCLEAR generators, they can pull into a port, run an "extension cord" and power up an average size city.

remember that the next time you disparage our military. test question. how many carriers does the UN own? how about the name of the country (ies) with the next largest contingent of carriers in service, that will be supporting the relief effort?

below, the USS CARL VINSON, headed to haiti to provide humanitarian aid

also involved in the relief effort will be the USNS COMFORT.

the COMFORT has 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms and is in fact a floating hospital, complete with radiological department, physical therapy, pharmacy and burn ward. its flight deck can accommodate the largest helicopters and its distilling plants can make 300,000 gallons of drinking water a day from salt water. how many ships like this, staffed, paid and trained by the
the U.S. taxpayer does the UN have? think about that the next time you whine about the "man's army" or the military/industrial complex assholes.

in short, when shit goes bad somewhere in the world, the world looks to AMERICA for aid, comfort, relief, sustenance, shelter, and lots of times, a new home. if you can't or just outright refuse to see this, leave.

oh, canada

dear readers from the true north, thanks for stopping by. my GOD BLESS DON CHERRY post is getting lots of traffic from you guys this week. someone leave me a note why. it is 2 months old, and literally took off this week. i'm guessing grapes did something, but i can't dig it up. clue me in and thanks again.


charlatan- noun-one who is not what he claims to be. this week the other half of the bash brothers "came clean". mark mcguire admitted to what reasonable people have known all along, he used steroids. seems the only person taken by surprise by "big macs" admission is his former and current manager tony la russa. la russa told ESPN's baseball tonight that he didn't know mcguire used performance enhancing drugs until he received a phone call from the homer king on monday.

really? tony, you did manage mark and other noted juicer jose canseco in oakland, where balco is located, and you never noted a change in his appearance?

how about now?

why do the young mcguire and old mcguire look alike, but the long ball hitter looks like a pro wrestler tony? i think tony is practicing a little CYA, as he claims he knew nothing about this and claimed on ESPN's mike and mike in the morning, and that teams he managed were run clean. of course he left himself a loophole, by saying he would only speak to his knowledge and not his suspicions. who said athletes were stupid? i wonder what type of trouble la russa would be in if he came clean?

mcguire, for his part, has said that he only took the steroids to rehab his body from the strain of 162 game seasons. it has to be tough to stand in the sun on 1st base, scratch your nuts, spit tobacco juice and sunflower seeds, maybe get up to bat and run the bases, then sit in the dugout until it was time to stand at first again. and no, i'm not saying i could do that at the MLB level, with or without steroids.

mcguire further states he wished he never played during the steroid era and that he was trying to stay healthy to justify his huge salary. again i tend to doubt his sincerity, i think it was about keeping the bucks rolling in and the accolades.

mac the honest with suspected juicer sosa

i say this remembering how during the "race" mcguire cried after a fan tried to catch a ball he hit, and it was ruled a ground rule double instead of a homer. part of steroid use is strange emotional swings. former wrestler chris benoit, another steroid user, had emotional swings and ended up killing his wife,kid and self.

anyone remember lyle alzado? good football player/bad actor. he died from brain cancer after long term steroid use.

i think the SI cover says it all. la russa will rush right in to say that mcguire only took the substances intermittently, and not to get stronger, only to heal, as per his interview on mike and mike.

this is why i continue to hate baseball. the lies, the ass covering, it never stops. mcguire has been passed over 4 times in hall of fame balloting, and is looking to revamp his image. say you did it, take a job on your former team, in a city that loves you, and get in next go around.

mark, you are a charlatan, you said you were and are a natural, yet took the roids. like it or not, you were a sports icon to kids, who wanted to be like you, but could not, unless they used a needle. i will allow you this, the juice did not enhance your hand/eye coordination.

most telling of all, i have yet to see or hear where, in your contrition, you have told baseball to strip you of the home run crown you stole from roger maris.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the genius of ski

awhile back i asked good buddy ski to create a little something for my blog, to represent who i am. well, there it is on the side bar now. the james bond thing is a little much, but the text is accurate.
thanks brother!
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