Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the man who could have been president

from one clueless dumbfuck to another, i really respect your work

last night while looking at the net and the o'reilly factor, i saw that the guest host had former failed u.s. general (relieved as supreme commander of NATO), and failed presidential candidate wesley clark aka. ashley wilkes on the show. (ashley wilkes is how rush refers to clark.)

wesley/ashley was being asked to opine on the detroit airline bomber, and what went right or wrong and how he would handle it. i immediately became interested as wes ain't exactly known for making good decisions, like bombing the chinese embassy in hungary, which helped to get him removed as head of NATO. later in june of 2008, wes said this about john mccain, in his support of ABE II, " He hasn't been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn't seen what it's like when diplomats come in and say, I don't know whether we're going to be able to get this point through or not," that mccain was,"untested and untried." bob schieffer,who was conducting the interview for face the nation, rightly went on to note, that Obama did not have any of those experiences, nor had he "ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down."

"Well, I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president," clark said. nice try wes, remind me what the community organizer had done up until that point.

anyhow, wes blathered on not really saying anything earth shaking, until the end of the interview when the saudi's failed terrorist to artist program was brought up, due to the asshole airline bomber being trained in yemen. this is a program i brought up on a separate blog on february 22, 2009, to wit, seems the saudi's got a little terrorist to citizen re-education program they have been running, taking guys we captured and released from gitmo, and have them coloring and painting, meditating and listening to music and shit, in the kingdom. this is supposed to make them forget about murdering us infidels. at the end of the program they have to sign a promise to play nice and not to blow anything up and the government then cuts em loose w/o prosecution. most of these dudes have hit the haul ass and are back with the jihad. 1 guy is the head of al quadia in yemen. just setting up house keeping for when the rest of the brothers get out next year thanks to the lincoln of our times. wes pointed out he didn't think it was working. good job wes, 10 months too late.

here is the point, wesley/ashley has no idea what he is talking about. evidenced by the fact that with the current charges, the Christmas airline asshole bomber is only looking at 20 years. wes told o'reilly's guest host he had no idea where he got those numbers. you are a rhodes scholar wes, try the detroit news and freepress for starters. seems like everything that happens takes the folks on his side of the aisle by surprise, no?

i'm trying to decided who would have been worse for the country, this guy or a constantly on vacation president, who tells us the airline asshole bomber was a lone wolf, and in the next breath, vows to hunt down all persons involved.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry christmas infidels

greetings fellow sufferers of global warming/climate change! hope everyone had a great Christmas, at least those who didn't get stuck in snow drifts or ditches, as we warm the planet by driving to grandma's house to celebrate that pesky christian holiday.

big news this Christmas weekend. seems an african muslim, acting on orders from the very peaceful and generally misunderstood muslim glee club known as al quada, umar farouk abdulmutallab, formerly of nigeria, currently residing in a michigan correctional institute, attempted to blow up a flight which was in bound to detroit from nigeria by way of amsterdam. his chosen method of trying to deliver a bit of Christmas cheer? by injecting a chemical into a package of an explosive identified by the fbi as PETN. the resulting binary reaction caused a fire on board the aircraft, which burned part of the wall and both of farouk's legs. don't fear, islamic appeasers, farouk's injuries have been treated at the world renowned university of michigan's burn center, and he told a judge during his arraignment he is doing much better.

picture showing attempted plane bomber being removed from aircraft

at this point i would just like to take the opportunity to thank judge paul borman for inquiring into the would be homicide bombers health and well being after his arrest on Christmas day for attempting to kill 277 innocent passangers and 11 crew members on northwest/delta airlines flight 253. just wondering your honor, did you inquire as to how any of the intended victims, some of whom are probably children, are doing? oh yeah, farouk needs a lawyer to defend himself in our courts against these charges. maybe we can divert some of the stimulus money to help with his defense?

next, it appears that an air strike in yemen killed 29 or so al quada operatives including ft. hood shooter nidal hasans iman, anwar al-alwaki and another turd connected to the COLE bombing,fahd al qusu. now that's how we should be dealing these practitioners of the religion of pieces. somewhere, some bleeding heart liberal is wringing their hands over these assholes deaths. this incident occurred on Christmas eve, and sure does bring the phrase, PEACE ON EARTH TO MEN OF GOOD WILL, ALL OTHERS STAND BY to mind. this guy is also supposedly connected to our airplane bomber!!

brother, does that sound like fighter-bombers to you?

here i see that an unknown editorial writer over at the detroit free press is lamenting the fact that the dearborn, michigan police are asking for a delay in the release of an autopsy report on the death of luqman abdullah, aka christopher thomas, who was killed in a shootout with the fbi on october 28. the ironically self named luqman, was under investigation for i believe interfering with interstate commerce and his ties to terrorism. while the free press correctly points out that the dearborn police had nothing to do with either the case built against chris, or his death, they quickly jump to the conclusion that the police don't trust the public and are trying to hide something.
sears portrait studio has nice backgrounds, don't you think?

the title of the editorial is, DON'T DELAY RELEASE OF AUTOPSY TRUTHS. what truths? this editorial is full of speculation and conjecture. will the release of the autopsy results make those among the muslim community who you say feel chris is a martyr think something different? the editorial writer goes on to state that public confidence and perception of the police has eroded since chris went to his reward. how? and in who?

al quada has all rights reserved on death squads, everyone knows that

seems the only one less confident is the writer, based on the tone of his diatribe.
check it out for yourselves. you are running a newspaper, if they are hiding something, go do some investigative journalism and tell us all the sordid details.


shit, even the dumbasses over at homeland security and the obama administration are starting to wake up. from hawaii this pesky christian holiday, ABE II opined through his press office, that the attempted plane bombing, was a terrorist event. guess the teleprompter was at the beach catching some rays, and unavailable to remind him it was a "man made disaster".

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! May you all have a blessed and peaceful New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

andy williams

beautiful song.

Christmas in hollis

this is dedicated to my good buddy Ski. you and Crystal have a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cheech n chong

this is classic. i know some guys like these two dudes. we all need a laugh right about now. enjoy.

bing's back

this is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs, along with have yourself a merry little Christmas.

they don't make Christmas specials like this anymore, do they?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Judy Garland

judy could really turn on the waterworks, huh?

Monday, December 21, 2009

more stellar thinking, from the folks who brought you global warming

which drunk is asleep at the switch at the EPA? 20 years ago they were freaking the fuck out over acid rain. it poisoned lakes, turned sandstone buildings black, melted bronze statues, caused frogs to have multiple legs and fish multiple eyes.

because of this, environmental standards were tightened. coal fired electric plants had to install scrubbers, some types of coal could no longer be used. people even went so far as to throw lime (not the fruit) into lakes to sweeten the water.

i'm no tree hugger, but i'm not a scorched earth guy either. if we can clean things up, like the air and water, super! do it. but ask yourselves a question. does acid rain still exist? we never hear about it any more. did we win? is it in remission? did it ever exist at all, or was it the global warming scare of the last part of the last century?

fast forward to this week, when AP reports that the EPA in conjunction with the USDA, and the guardians of all things green, the obama administration, want farmers to increase the use of flue gas or synthetic gypsum on their crops.

this is a chalk like residue which accumulates on the scrubbers of...wait for it....coal fired electric plants!! it contains the heavy metals; mercury,lead, arsenic and some other shit. oh yeah, it is also is used in the manufacture of dry wall. this is the shit we were trying to remove from the atmosphere in the first fucking place!!

don't fear, americans!! your government is looking out for you. the EPA says, that the the heavy metals in the material are far less than the amount considered a threat to human health. Field studies have shown that mercury, the main heavy metal of concern because it can damage development of the human nervous system, doesn't accumulate in crops or run off fields in surface water at "significant" levels.

this business started under one of the bush administrations, but climate change barry is looking to increase its use. don't forget about the mercury in the CFC light bulbs he loves, or the mercury derivative thimerosal, the preservative in your defective H1N1 shot. i wonder if, taken together, these things are "significant", or should be considered a threat?

this, as the EPA is considering regulating this particular kind of waste, for the first time ever, and experts are saying that 1 out of every 100 to 110 children have some form of autism. i'm no scientist, but there has to be some negatives to this. i think my confidence in the government to fuck things up royally is well founded, based on bullshit like this.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas dinner on standby at white house?

seems malasian authorities arrested 2 persons in a cemetery in regards to the attempted smuggling of 130 pangolins valued at about $11,500 dollars. they are supposed to be prized for their meat, but at about $88 dollars apiece, and looking like a cross between a opossum and armadillo, i find that hard to believe. these guys are supposed to be protected by a UN charter as an endangered species. i think these dudes were headed to 1600 pennsylvania to be part of the dinner menu, on that pesky christian holiday.

the reason i think they may have been headed to wherever barry and the queen are headed on our dime? because abe the second lived for 4 years in indonesia, where pangolins are native, likes expensive chow (wagyu beef), and it's the holidays, everybody thinks about the happy times around the table, when they were little. snap! i forgot they're reportedly going to vacay in hawaii during the worst economy since the great depression. keep the party rollin' , playa. plus, we all know the disdain obie has for written agreements, such as.... THE CONSTITUTION. in addition, the community organizers, ah, poachers, were arrested in the cemetery, which sounds a lot to me like they were getting ready to register some voters acorn style.

maybe courage's, (the turkey obie pardoned at Thanksgiving), time is running out. he probably lied to you too, brother, just like he has been lying to the rest of us. if i were you, courage, i'd throw out that dinner invitation.


perry como

number 3 in my 7 song tribute to Christmas.

sing it bing

more Christmas music, this one from one of the greatest singers ever.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas music

i'll be posting one Christmas song/video each day until Christmas.


i heard garth brook's version years ago and really liked it. i could not find it, but i like aselin's rendition, also.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

he has never been hotter-time to trade him?

so i wrote on november 29 how suprised i was that todd bertuzzi scored the shoot out game winner at the game we saw in st. louis. well, since my critique, he has scored 5 more goals, including 2 game winners, (nashville/anaheim).

first i just want to say, todd you are welcome. i know you took my words to heart, and have buckled down and manned up. keep up the good work and, seeing how it is Christmas, feel free to drop a little check in the mail in gratitude for my inspiration, which has helped to resurrect your career.

if you think i'm full of shit, that's fine, i'll just get a hold of babcock and holland, have them start shopping you around. you've never been hotter, a trade could be arranged.

Friday, December 11, 2009

the wifes' Christmas gift, or, mama's got a brand new bang

star ultrastar 9mm blaster.

so it's a little early to be doling out the presents, but i just couldn't resist. i've been thinking for some time now about getting der frau her concealed carry (coming in january), and she needs her own smoke wagon. seems all of mine are the wrong size or color, don't match her shoes, etc.

based on that dilemma, i began to cruise the gun shows and shops, (god how i hated that), in search of something that would work. revolvers are nice and easy to use. pull the trigger. if it doesn't go POW!!, do it again. she is not so convinced. she really likes the glock 40 cal., and shoots it pretty well. problem is, when it hits 110 here in july, that sum-bitch will be cooling it in das auto.

so i was pretty much relegated to finding a mid- size semi. my criteria was it had to be at least 9mil, and give her the ability to pull the trigger again, without doing immediate action, in the event of a light primer strike. i looked around and took her to see what fit her hand. she really liked the taurus slim 709, but it appeared to have something similar to a glock safe action. i showed her the kel tec P9 and P11, true double actions, however they didn't match her shoes or nail polish.

frustrated(but enlightened), i struck out on my own. at a recent show i saw a little piece that hasn't been available in years. the star ultrastar. this was stars only polymer pistol and was imported from spain for only a short time. i damn near bought one for myself several years ago. it met all my requirements for ol' girl; DA/SA, 9mil, mid size and based on the others i showed her, it would fit her hand.

a couple of weeks went by and i called the guy from the show. he is local, and still had the gun and took about $50 off the show price. thursday i went and snatched it up, and then took it out for a test drive. shoots great. i think her first lesson in firearm ownership will be firearm maintenance (clean it)!!

ok, so it ain't overly romantic, but how many pots and pans, vacuums, or clothes irons does a woman really need? it is practical. damn few burglars, rapists or car jackers are frightened by tennis bracelets. i encourage anyone who can legally carry to get their permit and exercise their 2nd amendment right. fight crime, shoot back.

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