Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas dinner on standby at white house?

seems malasian authorities arrested 2 persons in a cemetery in regards to the attempted smuggling of 130 pangolins valued at about $11,500 dollars. they are supposed to be prized for their meat, but at about $88 dollars apiece, and looking like a cross between a opossum and armadillo, i find that hard to believe. these guys are supposed to be protected by a UN charter as an endangered species. i think these dudes were headed to 1600 pennsylvania to be part of the dinner menu, on that pesky christian holiday.

the reason i think they may have been headed to wherever barry and the queen are headed on our dime? because abe the second lived for 4 years in indonesia, where pangolins are native, likes expensive chow (wagyu beef), and it's the holidays, everybody thinks about the happy times around the table, when they were little. snap! i forgot they're reportedly going to vacay in hawaii during the worst economy since the great depression. keep the party rollin' , playa. plus, we all know the disdain obie has for written agreements, such as.... THE CONSTITUTION. in addition, the community organizers, ah, poachers, were arrested in the cemetery, which sounds a lot to me like they were getting ready to register some voters acorn style.

maybe courage's, (the turkey obie pardoned at Thanksgiving), time is running out. he probably lied to you too, brother, just like he has been lying to the rest of us. if i were you, courage, i'd throw out that dinner invitation.


  1. If they smuggled them to America, hand fed them, milked their prostates, massaged their taints, and gave them Obama Beer to drink, then they could market it as Wagyu Pangolin at $8,000 an ounce....and then Missus Obammy would scarf it up for the next Oval Orifice Cocktail Brunch

  2. I thought us taxpayers were on the menu for Obama's non-denominational holiday celebration.

  3. they have already picked our bones over snarky.


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