Thursday, December 17, 2009

he has never been hotter-time to trade him?

so i wrote on november 29 how suprised i was that todd bertuzzi scored the shoot out game winner at the game we saw in st. louis. well, since my critique, he has scored 5 more goals, including 2 game winners, (nashville/anaheim).

first i just want to say, todd you are welcome. i know you took my words to heart, and have buckled down and manned up. keep up the good work and, seeing how it is Christmas, feel free to drop a little check in the mail in gratitude for my inspiration, which has helped to resurrect your career.

if you think i'm full of shit, that's fine, i'll just get a hold of babcock and holland, have them start shopping you around. you've never been hotter, a trade could be arranged.

1 comment:

  1. There's teams out there who could use him....hell, there's teams out there who could use ME....


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