Sunday, October 2, 2011


for the second week in a row the DETROIT LIONS have come from behind to win. against the VIQUEENS last week and the COWGIRLS this week, they have overcome a 17 or more point deficit at the half to win. for the first time since 1980 they have opened a season 4 and 0, and CALVIN JOHNSON is the first receiver since chris carter to catch at least 2 or more touchdowns in 4 consecutive games.

the win was sparked by interceptions returned for touchdowns by former COWGIRL, BOBBY CARPENTER as well as 1 of 56 yards by CHRIS HOUSTON.

it's been a long time since we heard this at the silverdome/ford field. let's keep the party going next week against chicago, boys.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the amazing drop in gas prices

in the last 10 days to 2 weeks gas prices in our area have PLUNGED from around $3.59 to $3.19 a gallon, with a bottom below 3 dollars forecast. why?

why suddenly has gas become "cheap" again? is it due to a glut of crude oil on the market? have our friends at OPEC started producing more oil? maybe we can attribute the drop in price to less regulation and more exploration here at home. economists blame it on the global recession. they say that prices historically drop as the summer driving/vacation season ends. i don't believe any of that shit.

i think it has everything to do with the president's dismal approval numbers. who remembers the meteoric rise in prices in the run up to the 2008 elections, designed probably by the likes of obama supporter george soros and others, in an attempt to make republicans look bad? remember soros nearly destroyed the bank of england, and currently looks to be positioning himself to destroy the euro.

wrecking our economy to get an imbecile elected, to preside over our decline, and then keep him there, would be a walk in the park for soros. think i'm full of shit? consider this, during the first 26 months of BUSH'S first term, gas prices increased 7 percent. during the first 26 months of obama's hopefully only term, gas prices have increased 67 percent!!!! that is 9 and one half times higher than during the BUSH presidency. and those numbers are only good as of february 2011, and at that time an average high of $3.10 a gallon. we are still above that price as i write this.

also for your edification is this little factoid. this year is the HIGHEST EVER for the average national price for a gallon of gas at $3.56. all of this still takes into account the nearly 4 dollar a gallon price at the end of the second BUSH term, that i previously alluded to.

bottom line, i think this is just a ruse to keep simple minded voters in camp, letting them think there really is light at the end of the obama train wreck tunnel, and that hope and change might still work for them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

with this ring

the children's mother renewed her agitation with me this weekend. i called her out for dropping and leaving a necklace i bought her on the bedroom floor.

proving that an item she claims does not trouble her continues to fester, she quickly jumped my shit over not wearing my wedding ring. 'so what, you never even wear your ring!'

apples to oranges, as i know where it is and don't leave it laying on the floor.

'don't even speak to me about that until you start wearing your ring again.'

for some reason, she can't get over the fact i don't wear it because, when first married, it caused me significant problems. while jumping a fence one day it got hung up on a barb. this caused me to hang literally one handed from the fence. i got down, but also got an infection. i have never worn it since, and as an aside, do not wear any jewelry, except a watch. that is odd in and of itself, as i'm late every where i go.

so to appease her, i offered to take the ring to a jeweler, have it melted down and formed into a prince albert, which i could wear all the time.

she seems a bit cool to that idea. we 'll see if she changes her mind.

the only thing certain in life.... death and taxes, right? wrong. i went to the county treasurers office friday to renew my car tags. the line is huge, nothing new here. a couple of women are coming out, one is putting her new decal on. says she waited 2 hours in line. the other tells me they are working with number 9 in line and she is 78. she has decided to head off to lunch and come back later. sounds like a winner to me, so i go grab 79 and head off for about an hour.

i return after procuring some books at borders for cheap. what a sad story that is, but you will never hear obamie crying about those lost jobs. the tax collectors have worked their fingers to the bone and are now serving 62. i sit and dig into a werewolf story i had been wanting to read for some time.

there are tons of people waiting in line. i consider selling my spot because i have a secret. i don't have to renew until the end of october , most of these folks must renew by the last day of august. the only reason i'm here at all is because all the kids are in school and i just got paid for a good deal of overtime.

i think i could probably approach any of the guys tying their shoe laces together to end their misery, or perhaps some of the moms who appear ready to beat their children to death. probably make twenty easy from a member of this crew and come back next week.

i'm certain it is not illegal but wonder if it is unethical. i sit and read. 25 minutes go by and they call my number. the incredulity written on every ones face with high numbers, ahead of me in line, as i fairly skip to the front, is priceless.

a young guy is working the counter which is somewhat odd , as it has seemed in the past that only old angry fat women work at the DMV. the conversation goes rapidly down hill.

how can i help you?

need to renew, here is my stuff.

oh, october. i can't help you today.



what do you mean you can't help me today?

yeah, sorry, i can't let you renew until september.

(fucking) why?

because the computer is not set up that way.

what does that mean?

the computer only sees the month we are working in and the next following month, october doesn't exist for the computer yet.

you're shitting me, right?

nope, that's really how it works.

so let me get this straight. i show up to pay my taxes early, but the computer won't let you take my money because..

october doesn't exist yet, sir.

this is the government right?


and your sole function is to take money from people right?

only drivers and vehicle owners.

no shit. but i, who owns vehicles, can't pay today...

because october does not yet, for the computer, exist sir. i have already explained that. october is a non event to the computer.

(you little fuck) yeah, dude, i heard you the first time. i just can't believe it. where on my registration does it say that i can't renew 2, 3 or 4 months early if i want to?

it doesn't.

and i don't see any signs around either, announcing that the month after next doesn't exist.

that is because there aren't any.

(very close to strangling this fucker now) so how would a guy know that without sitting here?

he wouldn't. is there something else i could help you with?

(pour gas over your head and strike a match) nope that about covers it. i owe the state money, came in to pay early, and you refused to accept it. thanks for everything.

you could come back next friday.

(or i could sprout wings and migrate to mexico for the winter, asshole) yeah good idea, i'll be back next friday, count on that.

and every friday through the end of october. and get a couple of low numbers. and sell them to the harried moms and high number guys that are 2 minutes away from cutting their wrists.

fuck you dude, and your little computer too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

telegraghing his punches

seen the ryan rhodes video from the weekend yet? look it up. ryan hit up the lincoln of our times in iowa, about the out of control spending the dear leader adores, and top democrats calling tea party members terrorists.

obama tried to skirt the question,' i've been called a socialist...", and made a poor attempt at covering bidens tracks, "he meant it was irresponsible...". the lady who was accompanying rhodes told obie they were right, that stan napolitano was the first person in the administration to call tea party members terrorists, and in a telling move obama points out that "right winger" tim mcvey was a terrorist. QUESTION, what state tea party did mcvey belong to mr. president?

doubling down on his "dialed down" rhetoric, obie told cnn on tuesday august 16 that we need to be on guard against lone wolf attacks. "The risk that we're especially concerned over right now is the lone wolf terrorist, somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide-scale massacres of the sort that we saw in Norway recently... You know, when you've got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology, they can do a lot of damage, and it's a lot harder to trace those lone wolf operators.”

why bring up the norway attack mr. president? why not refer to the FT. Hood shooting on november 5, 2009? or the CHRISTMAS day airline bombing in december 2009? those at least HAPPENED in this country, on YOUR watch, by the way. oh yeah, hasan is arabic and abdulmattab is a nigerian connected to al-qadea. why not mention the time square bombing attempt from last may by faisal shahzad, a terrorist born in pakistan? those were all lone wolf operations.

because to do so would be to admit your complete failure, and might not fit into a plan to try make many of us ashamed to be white, and keep us from speaking out against your administration, for fear of being labeled a racist, or home grown terrorist.

well here's some breaking news. those days are over, thanks to brave men and women like rhodes and his companion. your bullshit is being recognized mr. president, you're telegraphing your punches.

Friday, August 5, 2011

the face of terrorism



palin, responsible for gabby giffords shooting.

bachman, responsible for tea party opposition to debt limit increase.

you and i, for questioning the elected members of congress, who are sworn to uphold the constitution.

rubio, another tea party dissident.

veterans, who according to janet napolitano could be right wing terrorist.

future terrorist in training mr. biden?

endless summer of discontent

i was sitting in the shade out front yesterday, trying to read as the kids rode their bikes. i was continuing to feel under the weather because of one of my quarterly sinus infections, which was keeping us from the pool, the children's first choice in diversion.

we had just come outdoors after the markets closed, down 513 points, eliminating the rest of the gains for the year. my income is not tied to the roller coaster the market has become, since the democrats took over congress and obama smooth talked his way into the oval office, but a good portion of my retirement is. i could retire next year, (then go get another job), or stay10 more to reach "full retirement". i know in my heart 10 means 12 or 13, based on the age of the youngest.

i wonder how much luck i have left at work, which has been described as 95% boredom-5% sheer terror. as the economy erodes, we see more and more action. those who are out of work would call it job security.

my buddy called the day before and said he would not be able to attend an event that he normally does for the second year running. not because of lack of time or a too busy work schedule, but because of his hours being cut and the rise of energy prices.

think about what has happened to AMERICA in just 2 1/2 short years. we were ready to revolt (at the ballot box), over speculators pushing gas prices to $4 a gallon, and yet now sit idly by paying $3.50. look at twitter and facebook. people in kansas are reporting nearly quadruple jumps in their utility cost between june and july. 1 woman's bill went from $128 to $560.
this comes on the heels of a july 7 rule change by the EPA which amounts to the government fining utility providers beginning january1, 2012 if they can not meet newer stricter standards
for pollution reduction. those cost will of course be borne by the consumers.

speaking of the rise in prices, have you gone to the grocery store recently? nearly every item we buy is a dollar or more higher than it was 8 months ago. while on vacation, i spoke to a canadian couple at the grocery store. they were putting milk and chicken into coolers in the trunk of their car. looking about i noticed several cars with canadian tags on them. i asked why they were buying these items to take home. they informed me that they buy their milk by the liter in canada, still. the cost is over $8 canadian, which for a gallon, you would pay $8.16 AMERICAN. what is your current cost-$3.25-$3.75? what will it be as we continue down our current track? they also had 4 or 5 packages of chicken, looked to be wings mostly, which are cheap. they told me the entire cost of the yard bird was under $20 our money but would be over $40 across the river. they told me they do most of their shopping on our side of the bridge.
makes you wonder how many other canadians are doing this, and what border states economies would look like if the flow of money stopped, from the true north.

did anyone else notice mr. obama whining about the taxes that were not coming into the sweaty hands of the government this week from the airline companies? these taxes were enacted to help subsidize air service to smaller airports, all of which came out of the carter(obama1) administration. it is figured the government lost $200 million dollars, in the first week of the tax not being collected, which is the cost of the entire subsidy program. what does the government do with the rest of the money? only GOD knows.

did you also pay attention to how he bemoaned the furloughing of 4,000 airport workers due to this? did anyone hear him squawk about the 10,000 good paying NASA jobs he just shit canned?

speaking of jobs going away how about HSBC selling 195 branches under a restructuring move to first niagara, which, due to federal regulations and overlap, intends to close about 100 of those branches. this is fall out from the subprime lending scandal orchastrtaed by chris dodd and barney frank. on top of that, fannie mae is now asking the government to take from me and you an additional $2.8 to $5.1 billion dollars to cover their losses. where the fuck we supposed to get that mr. president????

so as not to panic investors anymore than they already have, i'm sure the administration asked standard and poor's to hold off on announcing the down grade of U.S. debt, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, until after 5p.m. pacific time.

and then we get to deal with the "greater civility" democrats calling us hostage takers and terrorists. self fulfilling prophecy mr. biden, kerry , pelosi,, just like your 90% guns in mexico come from the states? also, what happened to the fairness doctrine mr. kerry?

you certainly are a historic president, mr. obama. an ATF lying and giving guns to criminals, home foreclosures at record highs, spending like there is literally no tomorrow, 9.2% unemployment, and an all out attack on the middle class, by devaluing the dollar and confiscation through government regulation.

enjoy it asshole, you're only 50 once.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bend over and grab 'em

most of the country is currently locked in the grips of a heat wave. thankfully we are an advanced nation and most have access to air conditioners, even if many are window units. still, according to AL-REUTERS, 22 deaths have already occurred nationwide this summer due to high temperatures. 25 persons were treated for heat related illness in wichita, while 16 have been seen in des monies.

and on the heels of this comes some really good news from the EPA as reported by dion lefler for the WICHITA EAGLE;

Westar Energy’s top air-quality official says it will be impossible for the state’s dominant electric company to comply with new federal pollution regulations taking effect at the beginning of next year.

“As far as we’re concerned, there’s no way we can comply with this rule on Jan. 1,” said Bill Eastman, director of air programs for Westar. “It’s too soon and it’s too quick. . . It literally appears right now impossible.”

Eastman and other Westar officials reached that conclusion after analyzing the impact of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule announced July 7 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Complying with emission rules is already going to cost Westar customers $1.5æbillion. The rule changes could add to that if Westar has to buy pollution credits or pay fines.

The new rules, more than 1,300 pages in length, cover power plants in 27 states in the eastern half of the country.

They are designed to reduce pollution that drifts across state borders and makes it difficult to impossible for downwind cities to meet air quality standards.

Westar will have to reduce emissions of two smog- and soot-producing pollutants by more than 10,000 tons a year.

The company already has a sweeping plan for emission reduction.

“We believe that in 2015, we can meet the requirements,” Eastman said.

From 2012 until the plants are in compliance, Westar could have to purchase pollution “credits” from other power plants or pay millions of dollars in fines to the EPA.

The exact effect on customers’ bills is not yet known, but it is expected to be substantial.

Ordinarily, the company can’t pass fines through to customers, said David Springe, chief consumer counsel for the Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board.

But state regulators might allow that if Westar could prove it was impossible to avoid the penalty, he said.

EPA: Health at risk

The regulations cover two major pollutants, sulfur dioxide, which is abbreviated SO2, and nitrogen oxide, or NOX.

SO2 and NOX both contribute to formation of particulate soot in the atmosphere, while NOX also contributes to ozone smog.

The EPA estimates that the new rules will prevent as many as 34,000 premature deaths, along with substantially reducing heart attacks, acute bronchitis, aggravated asthma and other breathing problems.

Agency officials who could explain why utilities are given only six months to comply with the new rules — which can involve hundreds of millions of dollars in power plant refitting — were not available for comment Tuesday.

David Bryan, a spokesman for the EPA’s Region 7 office in Kansas City, Kan., said the agency’s position is “that all the sources (of pollution) will be able to meet deadlines.”

“The final rule does give each source the flexibility to choose how they will comply,” he said. “They can run existing (emission) controls or those expected to come on line in the future. They can make changes in the way electricity is distributed across their facility. They can buy allowances, among other things.”

Reductions mandatory

Under the new rules, Kansas power plants are given a pollution allowance of 40,697 tons of SO2. In 2010, they produced 45,251 tons.

The state produced 48,938 tons of NOX last year.

The new rules will require a reduction to 30,100 tons of NOX next year and to 25,049 tons by 2014, said Tom Gross, chief of monitoring and planning for the Bureau of Air at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The EPA considers Kansas a “contributor state” for pollution, and its modeling maps show emissions from here contributing to air quality problems as far away as Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Kansas isn’t listed as a “receptor state” for pollution, although air-quality monitoring clearly shows that the state does receive pollution from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

Gross said Kansas doesn’t qualify as a receptor because it had no areas out of compliance with federal air quality standards when the rules were initially drafted.

He said he expects that to change in the future as the rules are updated to reflect more recent — and tougher — clean-air standards.

Clean air, big money

Kansas utilities have already reduced emissions substantially.

In the past five years, they’ve cut SO2 emissions by more than 91,000 tons a year and NOX by nearly 40,000 tons, according to federal records.

The biggest reduction came from pollution control measures at Westar’s biggest coal-fired power plant, the Jeffrey Energy Center near St. Mary’s.

That plant reduced emissions from 69,000 tons of SO2 in 2005 to 1,200 tons in 2010; and NOX emissions from about 32,000 tons to 18,000.

The current estimated cost for reducing emissions at the company’s three coal plants is:

„ $650æmillion for Westar’s share of the LaCygne Energy Center, which the company shares with Kansas City Power and Light.

„ $450æmillion for the Jeffrey Energy Center.

„ $380æmillion for the Lawrence Energy Center.

According to company records, Westar now produces 19,045 tons of SO2 and 30,802 tons of NOX a year.

Its new limit will be 18,932 tons of SO2 and 20,549 tons of NOX by 2012.

By 2014, the company will have to further reduce its NOX emissions to 17,105 tons a year.

“We’re very concerned about the rule, and extremely concerned about the timeline,” Eastman said.

Read more:

isn't that fucking great!! at a time when gas prices, health care and staples, bread and milk, not little pieces of bent metal, continue to climb, the dollar continues to fall or remain flat, and unemployment continues to hover around 9.5 percent, the government is going to fine the companies that allow you to stay inside out of the heat, and out of big brothers grasp.

heat kills old people according to the news. maybe SARAH PALIN was right about death panels. the EPA is going to force elders and others to turn the thermostat up even further, cooking them in the ovens their homes will become.

be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my thoughts on the bin laden death photo

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
George Orwell

that says it all. we paid for it and the SEALS delivered. stop worrying about radical muslims feelings and show the damn thing.


Monday, May 2, 2011

obama's rent -a-mob

last night as the wife and i put the kids to bed and waited for our show to come on hbo at 10:00, i was flipping through the channels and turned on fox. geraldo was talking about some big national security announcement. he and his guests were throwing around possibilities....gadhafi, all manner of things.

the wife correctly guessed that bin laden was dead BEFORE geraldo did (she is such a genius. that is one of the many reasons i love her). obama was supposed to speak between 9:30 and 9:45 our time. that turned into 10:00 and us watching game of thrones instead. i periodically checked back to see if he had shown up on the tube yet, and he didn't show until around 10:15.

i wondered what could take him such a long time to address the nation. what was the hold-up? after the press conference was over, all became clear. he had to wait for his rent-a-mob to show up in front of the white house, complete with obama/biden campaign signs. i'm sure the call went out over twitter and facebook to all the hippie dippies that follow him on the social network sites. that is why we saw all the people that would normally be at a war protest rally. it was mostly young, white college students with their GW t-shirts on.

am i sad that bin laden is dead? no. am i smart enough to know this isn't anywhere near the end of our fight against radical islam? yes. what bothers me about the whole thing is that the guy who is turning our country into a third world economy is now also turning us into a third world society. he won't speak unless the hordes are there to praise him.

Monday, April 25, 2011

and you thought you had problems.

from the detroit free press staff writer tammy stables battaglia.

april 25, 2011

A patient who apparently ingested rodent poison and is emitting potentially harmful gasses has created a hazardous material situation at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.

The man is isolated in his room in the medical intensive care unit on the hospital’s sixth floor, 5301 McAuley at East Huron River Drive, hospital spokeswoman Lauren Jones said this afternoon.

“The hospital is open and the situation is isolated,” she said, adding that she was unable to discuss the man’s condition or other specifics due to patient privacy laws. Traffic in that area is restricted to staff involved in direct patient care and Washtenaw County Hazardous Material Team workers, according to the hospital.

Joyce Williams, public affairs manager for Huron Valley Ambulance, said rescuers transported the man to the hospital either late Saturday night or early Sunday. But the hazmat team was called between 10:30 and 11 a.m. today when the man’s body began creating suspicious emissions, she said.

“They were doing air purity testing,” she said, adding that no further information was available.

The hospital issued a statement at about 2:30 p.m. today, dispelling rumors that the gas was potentially flammable.

“Hazmat teams … here are monitoring the levels of gas in the room; the levels are not at explosive or flammable levels,” Jones sent out in an e-mail. “The air has been tested and confirmed for low levels. Hazmat teams are continuing to monitor the levels to ensure maintaining a safe environment; the level of gas in the room is only expected to improve.”

question. why don't we have a hazmat team following obama everywhere and isolating him, as every time he opens his mouth, he spouts bullshit and flammable rhetoric.

Monday, April 4, 2011

are you ready part 4

so previously we talked about food, water, shelter and heat. the site talks about special items, like medicine and legal documents, but totally omits something to help you keep all your shit all yours......a gun.

there was a story out of japan and the recent catastrophe there, of a guy who walked into a store and was going to buy the last 10 bottles of water on the shelf. realizing if he did that there would be no more for anyone else, he put 8 back. that shit would not happen in LA, NYC, DETROIT or a whole lot of other places here. look at NEW ORLEANS and katrina and the looting associated with that.

that is a lot of heineken or becks, we even have one in the back pocket. should have stolen some chest waders to keep the feet dry while out liberating the high end brews, or at least some foot powder to keep the dogs from chaffing.

looks like these guys went to the car dealer first, beer store second. got a new lincoln, but had to settle for the miller lite as the first guy got all the heinies.

can't blame them here. the power is out so it's hard to wash clothes. we'll just steal clean stuff.

right idea, wrong execution. if i put up any sign it would read something like NOTHING HERE IS WORTH YOUR LIFE. that way if order is restored, and someone dies of lead poisoning while trying to relocate my shit, the prosecutor will have a harder time saying what i did was premeditated.

of course i could have it all wrong about our big cities. looks like water and food will be safe, beer and threads are up for grabs.

i still think you will need a means of holding onto your shit, which means a threat of force, and the WILLINGNESS TO CARRY IT OUT. ball bats and golf clubs are contact weapons, and decisively lose to guns on a regular basis.

what kind of gun should i get? if i had a dollar for every time someone asked me that i could retire. the answer is what do you want to do with it, and how much experience do you have with firearms? just home protection, probably a shotgun. personal protection, probably a handgun. i think for our little scenario here a revolver in .357 as well as a lever action carbine in the same caliber would be ideal. that's if you have no guns currently. a .22 semi auto rifle and a 9mm will serve you fine if that is what you presently have.

some will say why a revolver and lever action carbine? because they are simple to use and maintain and use the same ammunition. additionally, you can use .38 special ammo in both. the carbine will take down deer at less than 100 yards, which means fresh meat in a true survival situation.

assuming you have to take to the hills, you will need a good pack, good boots, a knife or 2 (they don't have to be huge), some canteens, tent or other shelter items, blankets or poncho liners, light and batts, food and ammo, a way to make fire, plus a compass and map, and a hatchet and camp saw. a length of good rope (not clothes line) will come in handy, also.

sounds like a lot, but you can carry it all given the right pack and motivation. get a holster for the handgun and sling for the carbine. use wool socks and blankets as they continue to insulate even when wet. look for items that can perform more than 1 function like a hatchet (split-cut wood/drive nails). a leatherman tool is a great bit of kit and can go in a pocket or on the belt.

there are lots of great sights to browse for gear ideas and reviews, and you can always go camping to try out your new acquisitions. sound paranoid? well consider this. the mormon church is again gearing up their disaster preparedness plans. if you could ask the folks in japan if they wished they had put away some stuff to get them through, i bet all would say yes.

have you made plans yourself? feel free to share your ideas here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

afghanis idea of a fireside chat

i watched with some amusement this week as these practitioners of the religion of pieces held fireside chats to discuss their feelings over a quran burning in florida this past march 20th.

that is supposed to be the vacationer in chief they are burning in effigy. looks more like papa smurf to me, but what the fuck, i wasn't that great at art either.

yeah, terry jones went ahead and burned a quran. if you remember back in september, he was going to do the same thing and got talked out of it by the prez, the countess of cankles-hillary, some religious leaders, and sec def bobby gates. seems at that time the gainesville city attorney was soooo upset that he started implementation of a process which would have made it illegal to burn the quran outside. so jones burned it indoors on the 20th, and sent the very reasonable and intellectual denizens of jalalabad, kandahar and mazar-i-sharif into a frenzy of peace and love, resulting in the death of 2 afghan cops and 7 U.N. workers.

the taliban has issued a statement saying, "that the U.S. and other Western countries had wrongly excused the burning of the Quran as freedom of speech and that Afghans cannot accept this un-Islamic act." now who fucking knew the taliban had a PR department?

if you ever wondered why folks act like they are tiptoeing around a mine field when dealing with these highly religious and totally peaceful clowns, it's due to shit like this. here in the states, you can; A) burn the flag, B) spit on veterans, C) call them baby killers (think murtha, kerry kennedy), D) get money from the national endowment for the arts to paint pictures of jesus in shit or throw a crucifix in piss, E) make movies about killing presidents you disagree with, and that's all okay.

so terry jones' probably well intentioned but poorly executed message is getting vilified in the lame stream media. how come no one ever criticizes the actions of the islamic faithful? why do we in the west excuse the "honor killings" that happen when a muslims sister or wife gets raped? why do we ignore the sexual mutilation of muslim girls? turn a blind eye to be-headings of westerners captured by al qaeda and their associates?

because they, the media, are pussies. and by extension so are we, because we allow them to form our opinions for us. it's time to stop and think for ourselves and stop letting our leaders, and their paid mouth pieces, cater to bullies. face it, jones is right. islam, as practiced by these assholes, is evil.

Friday, April 1, 2011

shine a light

this evening thru tomorrow are national autism awareness day. they say 1 in every 110 kids has some form of autism. is it the environment or the preservatives in all the inoculations the kids have to take that is causing this? who knows. whatever the cause know that those afflicted can and do function in society. my buddy's daughter is pretty severe, and my own daughter has a form, but thankfully is doing just fine, in large parts due to the excellent work of the professionals at our local school.

with numbers this high, it benefits us all to donate to help find the cause and treatment, and hopefully a cure for this malady.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

are you ready part 3

in part 2 i talked about the food and water you would need to survive 3 days after a disaster occurs. now it is time to discuss shelter and heat.

imagination is a helpful ally in this endeavor. if you are staying home, and the home is not damaged, you are in good shape. but what if you are on the road or forced to take to the hills when calamity strikes? do you have ponchos or 2 shelter halves to make a tent with? do you have a bivvy sack, sleeping mats and bags? do you have a hatchet to help you build a lean to or debris shelter? remember, if things really go to shit, others will have taken to the hills also, and will be looking for obvious shelter too, such as YOUR home. how will you defend it and your food and water stores?

do you own a firearm? now, do you actually know how to use it? how much ammunition do you have? there is no such thing as too much ammo, you can always use it in trade for something you need, like eggs or vegetables. more on the proper selection, care and feeding of your firearms later.

what sort of furnace do you have? natural gas, electric, propane or home heating oil? most have electric ignition, so what to do when the power goes out? some folks have natural gas powered generators. these are attached directly to your home natural gas line, and kick in when the power goes out automatically i understand. perhaps you own a gas powered generator. do you know how many gallons it burns over a 24 hour period? are you smart enough to keep it outside your home while it runs? how often do you have to change the oil? how much gas do you have on hand? do you have a back up plan such as a catalytic heater for heat and maybe a coleman stove for food preparation?

if you must go live of the land, can you make fire? don't laugh, when the zippo shits the bed, a flint and steel will work, but do YOU have one? how many of you could make fire given a 9 volt battery and steel wool? how many of you know you can do that? do you have a single burner propane stove and propane to go with it? they are very handy but bulky, 3 bottles would take up a significant amount of space in your pack. i just found a wood-gas camp stove that costs less than a hundred bucks (tax not included). they use sticks, leaves and pine needles, which unless i'm atop everest or in the gobi are not in short supply. next we need something to heat our water or cook our vittles in, as plastic and fire don't mix. go light, buy a g.i. canteen with it's aluminum cup and holder. better yet buy 3, as the canteens only hold a quart of water each, which is less than the gallon of water you need a day.

i'll get around to guns and other gear in part 4.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

are you ready part 2

so what are we preparing for? most likely some type of poor weather event. our friends in the northeast know all about that these last 2 winters. perhaps you live on the gulf or southeast coast, and hurricanes cause heartburn where you live. maybe you live in tornado alley, where whole towns can be removed from the map in minutes. so what would you need to survive, and the local state and federal governments couldn't or maybe wouldn't help you.

the experts debate what comes first, but the basics are shelter, water and food, then depending on the environment, heat. no matter what sooner or later you WILL need a fire. the ready. gov site i mentioned says, and i agree, every person in your care will need at least a gallon of clean water per day, more in hot and humid climates. so do you have a water purifier or do you know how and have the gear necessary to distill water? staying at home? distillation is the way to go, as the fire you will use to heat the water can dry wet clothing and warm you while you cook.

food-3 days of preserved food, per person, per day, minimum. for most of us that means canned goods, but how do you intend to open them with no electricity to run the can opener? do you have a hand crank can opener? ever heard of a p51 can opener? we used to wear them on our dog tags, even though we never had c ration cans. by the time i joined the army, we were eating MRE's , AKA, shit in a bag. the beef and pork patties really did look like turds.
if you are walking to salvation after civilization goes to shit, you will find it much easier to carry the new improved MRE's or the equivalent in the civilian sector of dehydrated/ freeze dried food offered by companies like MOUNTAIN HOUSE and BACKPACKER'S PANTRY. there's a reason the military went to MRE's and one of them was the weight of the food the troops had to carry. i suggest a mixture of both types of food in your kit, and something to heat it with.

think about your level of readiness and stay tuned for part 3.

are you ready?

i originally intended to post this in september, but life got in the way. with the natural disaster and nuclear catastrophe in japan, and tornado time upon us, seems like a good time, to put it out for general consumption.

show of hands, who knew september was NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH? i didn't until i heard a radio interview with some government wonk LIVE from our state fair. a bit of research turned up this site, more on that a bit later.

i'm not certain whether it is coincidence or planned that National Preparedness Month falls in september because of 9/11, but that, coupled with a statement made by my friend THE CAMBRIDGE LADY over at JUST WAFFLING, as well as a book and movie got me to thinking.
the book was recommended to me by best bud SKI over at GLOBAL DOMINATION. the book is THE LAST CENTURION, and is about an army officer who single handed fights his abandoned company back to the states from the middle east, after the world population is decimated by bird flu and another ice age. once home, our hero helps reorganize survivors, gets farms working again, and destroys some city/state caliphates. yeah, i know it's a reach to think 1 guy could do all of that, but the author mixes a couple of dooms day scenarios together pretty well in showing how our society could unravel, and what the government may do in extreme circumstances.

the movie, ( i read the book after watching, i was so intrigued) was THE ROAD. for those who have not watched or read it, it is about a father and son trying to survive after we apparently nuke ourselves into nuclear winter. the wife said it was depressing but i think that was due to dad constantly putting a gun to the kids head if danger approached to keep the child from being captured, raped, killed and eaten by the lawless cannibals roaming the desolate land. the mother, weak of spirit, had already abandoned them by committing suicide. the story is really about perseverance in the face of incredible adversity, hope and love. the man loves his son so much he shields him from the mothers desire to kill the boy and herself. so much that he will kill the boy rather than let the monsters that humans have become defile him. his hope is to find somewhere warm for them to live, so that the boy may survive, and the father ends up dying in the process.

i wasn't so caught up in the story line, good as it was, but found myself asking if the man was doing the right thing in the situations presented to him. how would i handle something similar? AM I READY?

check part 2 to see if you are.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

more double talk from the vacationer in chief

I don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed." barrack obama, on 2/28/11, in reference to the ongoing walk out by wisconson teachers.

"Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in his own home," reference skip gates arrest.

"What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That's just a fact." barrack obama, 7/22/09.

where i come from, this is called talking out of both side of your ass. i guess that "public employees" does not include POLICE OFFICERS, and rights infringed does not include character assassination or stereo typing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

turning AMERICA into a paper tiger part 1

it's in the news almost daily. someone attacks AMERICAN interests either here or abroad and the administration does nothing about it. 2 airmen were killed and 2 wounded at frankfort airport last week by what the shooter's family describes as a "devout" muslim and the president's spokesman can't bring himself to call it terrorism.

a jet skier gunned down by mexican "pirates" on a texas lake, not terrorism. 1 ICE agent killed, his partner wounded in san luis potosi, mexico, no terrorist at work there. a border patrol agent killed in arizona by a mexican gang suspected of robbing mexican drug smugglers, of course these two groups have nothing to do with terrorism.

the word terrorism has french origins derived from latin-terroisme -great fear or dread. it showed up in the english language in 1798 and is defined as the systematic use of terror as a policy.

anyone who doesn't think that the mexican drug cartels operating along and inside of our borders are a terrorist organization, should be working for the obama white house. david hartley was killed on falcon lake, texas on september 30 2010. the lead mexican investigator on the case was beheaded. other incidents of piracy on the same lake were reportedly carried out by ZETA members, a drug cartel made up of former mexican special forces troops, identified by victims because of their distinctive tattoos.

i first wrote about the ZETAS back in march of 2009 over on good buddy SKI's GLOBAL DOMINATION site. we, the UNITED STATES, or rather our government, initially trained and equipped these guys. they were supposed to fight the narco-terrorist, but instead joined up, or more correctly eliminated much of their competition and started cashing in. most of the homicides in the border towns of tijuana, nuevo laredo and juarez can be attributed to the work of the ZETAS and the cartels they work for/against. the mexican government estimated that the death toll nation wide between 2006 and now is estimated at 35,000.

so what does that mean to us? how does it affect those of us who don't live along the border? how can i say that it is turning us into a paper tiger? read part 2 to find out.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the return of the WWI fighter ace

so i got a new game i've been playing. those of you who are gamers know it's an old title, but it is new to me, and i really enjoy it. BLAZING ANGELS-SQUADRONS OF WWII is a first person shooter game which allows you to" fly" lots of different aircraft from the war, in air to air combat, and ground attack/bombing missions.

i grew up reading as much as i could about the aces like GABBY GABRESKI, CHUCK YEAGER, BUD ANDERSON, RICHARD BONG, PAPPY BOYINGTON and JOE FOSS. i also read about the german aces, like RUDI GALLAND and GUNTHER RAHL. the stories they tell are fascinating, funny and frightening. if you get a chance pick up one of these guys books and prepare to be wowed.

i got to meet an ace who lives here locally, HORST PETZSCHLER. the old gent came into where i work one day, and we struck up a conversation over his accent. he was somewhat reluctant to talk about his past until i told him about my german jump wings. i found out that he was a german ace with 26 victories to his credit, who had to survive 4 years of soviet captivity, before he was able to emigrate to canada and then the STATES. he's a really neat guy and he even gave me an autographed photo.

HORST used to be a fixture at the local gun shows with lots of folks gathered around asking questions and having autographs signed. i understand he is in very poor health now so he can't come out any longer. it's very sad when you think about all the veterans on both sides we are losing daily. so much history.

i really like the old warbirds and attend airshows as time allows. of course the kids like to go which right now makes for long hot days. can't wait 'til they're a little older. the last time we went the youngest fell asleep as the thunderbirds were preforming.

in another life, i thought about staying in the army when the military was kicking around the idea of transferring the A-10 from the air force to the army. probably a good thing for me that idea fell through.

for now i'll have to content myself turnin' and burnin' in the recliner as the kids cheer me on.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

how can this be?

i see that one of the arizona shooting victims has gone off the deep end. after photographing tea party leader, trent humphries, james fuller told him "you're dead", and was taken into custody. according to pima county sheriff spokesman jason ogan, fuller will undergo a psych eval and faces misdemeanor charges for threats and disorderly conduct. fuller was pissed over humphries stance on gun control.

a couple of things here; who knew that the pima county sheriff department had a spokesman? after a week of nothing but clarence dupnik all day, everyday, i honestly felt he was handling this duty all by himself. i mean the guy psychoanalyzed every conservative and tea party member, solved the shooting, uncovered sarah palin's and sharron angle's complicity , and told AMERICA how we need to play nice, or else. why from just seeing clarence on the tube, i got the impression that he was a true one man band, the very glue holding arizona's pima county together.

i'm not saying that james fuller, who was shot in the leg and back has no reason to be pissed, but someone tell me why he is mad at trent humphries. whoever trent is, he is not jared loughner.
trent isn't the guy with the glock who shot rep. giffords, or who had made threats to other members of the community, that do not appear to have been investigated. trent is not the one who failed to inform the fbi of loughners mental instability, which might have stopped him from getting the gun, during the background check.

why only the misdemeanor? did anyone look into fullers ability to carry out the threat? does he have the ability to carry it out? does he have firearms? if so, is he prohibited from having them, due to mental deficiencies or criminal history?

i think most of the answers lead back to the same place. dumbass dupnik and his incompetence.
remember, it was dupnik who said that arizona had become a "mecca for hatred and bigotry".
time for a bit of self reflection sheriff. looks like your vitriol has found a home in the head of a potentially unbalanced person. hopefully trent humphries, or some other innocent tea party member, won't pay for it with their life.

Monday, January 10, 2011

the death of a great soldier

late today it was revealed the Major Dick Winters has died. AMERICA was introduced to him by the hbo miniseries Band of Brothers. those of you who did not see it, should check it out, or read it or his memoirs Beyond Band of Brothers.

Winters was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, and Parachutist Badge with 2 gold stars, signifying his jumps into normandy and holland.

the above picture is a painting by artist john shaw in which Winters tells his troopers to HANG TOUGH during the Battle of the Bulge. i have often found his and their example to be inspiring and uplifting. the world is a smaller place with his passing. CURRAHEE sir, and GOD speed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

winner, winner, chicken dinner

according to my kids, my brain juice is strong. some of you should come over to JUST WAFFLING next friday and challenge me.
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