Saturday, August 27, 2011

with this ring

the children's mother renewed her agitation with me this weekend. i called her out for dropping and leaving a necklace i bought her on the bedroom floor.

proving that an item she claims does not trouble her continues to fester, she quickly jumped my shit over not wearing my wedding ring. 'so what, you never even wear your ring!'

apples to oranges, as i know where it is and don't leave it laying on the floor.

'don't even speak to me about that until you start wearing your ring again.'

for some reason, she can't get over the fact i don't wear it because, when first married, it caused me significant problems. while jumping a fence one day it got hung up on a barb. this caused me to hang literally one handed from the fence. i got down, but also got an infection. i have never worn it since, and as an aside, do not wear any jewelry, except a watch. that is odd in and of itself, as i'm late every where i go.

so to appease her, i offered to take the ring to a jeweler, have it melted down and formed into a prince albert, which i could wear all the time.

she seems a bit cool to that idea. we 'll see if she changes her mind.


  1. That's fucking priceless. My own anniversary is next weekend. Dunno how to top last year's 4 grand diamond ring.....

  2. diamond encrusted prince albert? might sting, but it's the thought that counts.


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