Friday, August 5, 2011

endless summer of discontent

i was sitting in the shade out front yesterday, trying to read as the kids rode their bikes. i was continuing to feel under the weather because of one of my quarterly sinus infections, which was keeping us from the pool, the children's first choice in diversion.

we had just come outdoors after the markets closed, down 513 points, eliminating the rest of the gains for the year. my income is not tied to the roller coaster the market has become, since the democrats took over congress and obama smooth talked his way into the oval office, but a good portion of my retirement is. i could retire next year, (then go get another job), or stay10 more to reach "full retirement". i know in my heart 10 means 12 or 13, based on the age of the youngest.

i wonder how much luck i have left at work, which has been described as 95% boredom-5% sheer terror. as the economy erodes, we see more and more action. those who are out of work would call it job security.

my buddy called the day before and said he would not be able to attend an event that he normally does for the second year running. not because of lack of time or a too busy work schedule, but because of his hours being cut and the rise of energy prices.

think about what has happened to AMERICA in just 2 1/2 short years. we were ready to revolt (at the ballot box), over speculators pushing gas prices to $4 a gallon, and yet now sit idly by paying $3.50. look at twitter and facebook. people in kansas are reporting nearly quadruple jumps in their utility cost between june and july. 1 woman's bill went from $128 to $560.
this comes on the heels of a july 7 rule change by the EPA which amounts to the government fining utility providers beginning january1, 2012 if they can not meet newer stricter standards
for pollution reduction. those cost will of course be borne by the consumers.

speaking of the rise in prices, have you gone to the grocery store recently? nearly every item we buy is a dollar or more higher than it was 8 months ago. while on vacation, i spoke to a canadian couple at the grocery store. they were putting milk and chicken into coolers in the trunk of their car. looking about i noticed several cars with canadian tags on them. i asked why they were buying these items to take home. they informed me that they buy their milk by the liter in canada, still. the cost is over $8 canadian, which for a gallon, you would pay $8.16 AMERICAN. what is your current cost-$3.25-$3.75? what will it be as we continue down our current track? they also had 4 or 5 packages of chicken, looked to be wings mostly, which are cheap. they told me the entire cost of the yard bird was under $20 our money but would be over $40 across the river. they told me they do most of their shopping on our side of the bridge.
makes you wonder how many other canadians are doing this, and what border states economies would look like if the flow of money stopped, from the true north.

did anyone else notice mr. obama whining about the taxes that were not coming into the sweaty hands of the government this week from the airline companies? these taxes were enacted to help subsidize air service to smaller airports, all of which came out of the carter(obama1) administration. it is figured the government lost $200 million dollars, in the first week of the tax not being collected, which is the cost of the entire subsidy program. what does the government do with the rest of the money? only GOD knows.

did you also pay attention to how he bemoaned the furloughing of 4,000 airport workers due to this? did anyone hear him squawk about the 10,000 good paying NASA jobs he just shit canned?

speaking of jobs going away how about HSBC selling 195 branches under a restructuring move to first niagara, which, due to federal regulations and overlap, intends to close about 100 of those branches. this is fall out from the subprime lending scandal orchastrtaed by chris dodd and barney frank. on top of that, fannie mae is now asking the government to take from me and you an additional $2.8 to $5.1 billion dollars to cover their losses. where the fuck we supposed to get that mr. president????

so as not to panic investors anymore than they already have, i'm sure the administration asked standard and poor's to hold off on announcing the down grade of U.S. debt, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, until after 5p.m. pacific time.

and then we get to deal with the "greater civility" democrats calling us hostage takers and terrorists. self fulfilling prophecy mr. biden, kerry , pelosi,, just like your 90% guns in mexico come from the states? also, what happened to the fairness doctrine mr. kerry?

you certainly are a historic president, mr. obama. an ATF lying and giving guns to criminals, home foreclosures at record highs, spending like there is literally no tomorrow, 9.2% unemployment, and an all out attack on the middle class, by devaluing the dollar and confiscation through government regulation.

enjoy it asshole, you're only 50 once.

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