Wednesday, March 31, 2010

more media bias

The Hutaree militia

Just over one year ago, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was under fire for a report issued by her agency that warned of the risk posed by right-wing extremist groups in America. The report was intended to "provide situational awareness to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies on the phenomenon and trends of violent radicalization in the United States" Napolitano explained in a press release

At the time, conservatives skewered Napolitano. Rush Limbaugh denounced the report as "a genuine hit job.”

Fast forward one year to March 2010 and the report looks more like a remarkably accurate prediction than a "hit job." The violent reaction to health care reform by right wing extremists and the arrest of the Hutaree militia are more than enough to vindicate Napolitano. It makes you shudder to think how bad things will be next year at this time.

the above written article and cartoon are the works of mike thompson and were taken directly from the detroit free press web site. by looking at other works by mike, it is easy to tell he is all the way in the tank for obama.

as if any of us needed any further proof that the MSM is completely in bed with the dems. which right wing extremists have violently reacted to health care reform, mike? can you name them? can you site specific incidents, in which conclusive evidence exists, showing right wingers have done anything?

spitting on black congressmen? in the day of the camera phone, NO footage is available of this incident. rocks thrown through office windows? no arrest made. cut propane lines? no leads. and mike, just like what happened in denver at the local DNC office during the campaign, some of your own people could be responsible for the above acts.

i want to make something perfectly clear here and now. i do not support the hutaree militia. if they are found guilty by a jury of their peers, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. but how's about not lumping all of us together, who oppose obama's bullshit, as right wing extremists mike?

oh, and as long as i have your attention, is your paper going to bitch and moan as loudly about the fbi methods of infiltrating the huratees, as it continues to do in regards to luqman abdullah's mosque? probably not.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

smelly people at the Y, and other random thoughts

so i go to the Y pretty much everyday before work, and also on my days off. while no longer a physical specimen, i can still more than hold my own, which is important in my line of work.

i've been holding this in for some time now and can no longer contain myself. some of the fuckers down there need to reacquaint themselves with irish spring. while on the ARC trainer the other day a kid about 17 got on the one next to me. this joker smelled like an old cat box. then there is the old retired air force dude, i suspect is married to a korean, because he always stinks like kim-che. for those of you unfamiliar with that nasty dish, its main ingredient is rotting cabbage. i can smell that dumb shit from easily 15 feet. today, a 50ish woman came past, got on a stepper and nearly knocked me off mine. the B.O. was that bad.

people, i know we all come in to work up a sweat, but GOD DAMN!! would it hurt to wash your ass with a bit of regularity and mix in a little pit stick now and again? FUCK. we had a way with dealing with smelly bastards in the army and it involved a big scrub brush for cleaning truck tires. very effective at sending a message. i might have to go to the surplus store and buy a couple.

between bouts of gagging on various odors emitted from other members, i get to watch day time t.v. weekdays are shitty cause the women want to watch the view. today the fat women on the show were discussing the merits of being fat, if they really are, in fact fat?! WTF? the only one on the whole show who looks decent is elizabeth hasselbeck, and i'm not convinced she isn't bulimic. whatever, at least she is conservative.

sunday is another shitty t.v. day at the Y, as they had on face the nation. some dem- a- dork was on bitching about how republicans are fanning the flames of hate with/through the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. hey shit for brains, what about code pink, cindy sheehan, the black panthers, SEIU, ACORN, the huffington post,the daily kos, etc? that's right AMERICA, if you disagree with the chosen one you are a racist fuck, and if you exercise your rights to freedom of assembly and speech, you are a group of racist fucks.

i also found out on msnbc of all places, that the washington post did a survey which revealed that nearly 60% of AMERICANS think even with the obie/pelosi/reid health care goat fuck things will only stay the same or get worse!! all that and a bag of chips, for the low, low price of $960 billion dollars. thank god the democrats are looking out for me.

the other night i heard bill o'reilly talking about the terrorist bombing in moscow, and wondering why the russians won't help us combat islamic terrorism. because asshole, during the first chechnya war, bill fucking clinton obstructed the shit out of the russians, who brutally tried to end a brutal rebellion, in their own fucking country. imagine the russians or anyone else telling us how to deal with our inner city gang problems, and lobbying the U.N. to sanction us for whatever action we took. then we expect them to help us? we are helping them by siphoning off fighters who would normally attack russian targets, by virtue of our 2 wars. they are in no hurry to intervene on our behalf, even as they stand to gain from a joint effort.

this morning, NPR had on some bleeding heart lib who bemoaned the fact that the russians are committing human rights violations in chechnya, and essentially blaming the russians for the moscow bombing. nice try dumb ass, ever heard of BESLAN? your poor, oppressed chechens slaughtered 334 men and women, including 186 elementary school age children, many of whom they raped and tortured.

oh, i know what i'm talking about too, as not only did i read JOHN GIDUCK'S book, TERROR AT BESLAN, i also paid to see his presentation on the incident. it included captured or found chechen "home movies" of chechen terrorist shooting off soldiers fingers, cutting off heads, slowly, of live captured russians. the list goes on, and it sure as fuck didn't leave me with any impression that the chechens are just some peaceful sheep farmers, wanting to tend their flocks and be left alone.

lastly, on the way home tonight, i heard some stories out of average britian. seems a women got reported to police because she helped a school kid out of a tree. i guess over there if junior shimmies up the oak, his ass stays and the teachers all retreat to the safety of the school to "observe" said deciduous acrobat. they wouldn't want to distract the lad apparently and cause him to fall. proving no good deed goes unpunished, the woman was reported to police for trespassing.

as if that wasn't dumb enough, a 66 year old woman was fined a 1000 pounds(?) put on curfew and has to wear a electronic tether for...........selling a gold fish to a 14 year old. seems our british cousins feel it is a crime to sell pets to anyone under 16 years of age. drugs, rampant violence in south london and the cops are focusing on illegal gold fish trafficking. i would say i'm glad to be an AMERICAN, but with the crew we got running shit in washington, i wonder how long it will be before i end up in the klink for helping a little old lady across the street.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

jesse ventura on geraldo at large, off his rocker

so this weekend geraldo had jesse ventura, er, james janos on the show. me and 7 others watched. get off of me, there was literally nothing else on.

i liked jesse when i was a kid and he was wrestling. he had the image all 10 year old kids like- a loud mouth and big muscles to back it up. he also had a strange affinity for feather boas that i swear i don't possess.

well like i was saying, jesse had a loud mouth that he didn't mind shooting off all those years ago, and still will if someone sticks a camera in his face.

some off the many things he said this weekend include his take on hillary "the countess of cankles" clintons position on what she would do if sarah palin was ever elected president. i don't know how long ago the question was asked of her thighness, (got to thank mark levin for that one) but hillary said she would not move to canada but would be a frequent visitor. jesse opined canada is too cold, and that he would lose all hope in AMERICA, and move to mexico.

you mean even with obie fucking up shit left, right, and center, you think things would be worse under palin? loosen up the boa big man, it's cuttin' off the blood and oxygen flow to the think think think cell.

jesse also said that he did not support the use of the military in iraq, and that if he had been governor he would have refused to send his boys, the minnesota national guard. he went on to state you don't replace the 82nd (AIRBORNE) division with national guard troops. god i'd have loved to have seen you refuse that federalization order. i got to say i respect the mans service as a navy UDT during viet nam, but it appears that all the years of folding chairs to the forehead, tight spandex pants and steroids have taken a toll on him.

i guess he forgot the sacrifices and accomplishments of the 32nd infantry division, primarily comprised of guardsmen from MICHIGAN and wisconsin, who fought with great distinction in the pacific during WWII. or the old oklahoma national guard unit, the 45th infantry division, who fought in the med and central europe during WWII.

jess, you used to be entertaining, but now you're just pathetic, running around trying to resurrect interest in yourself. stop with the weird 9/11 theories, (he thinks WTC tower 7 was blown up) and do something useful, like send me a post card from mexico.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it's about time

check out the name on the nose of the plane: Pistol Packin' Mama

i love my country. i have served, and like all of you, support our troops, and, as lee greenwood sings, i would gladly stand and defend her still. but i have to ask, why do we take so damn long to recognize those who sacrificed in the defense of the REPUBLIC?

today after 66 years of being basically ignored, the surviving members of the WOMAN AIRFORCE SERVICE PILOTS were awarded the congressional gold medal for their invaluable service during the SECOND WORLD WAR. there were 1,074 WASPs, who from 1942 to 1944 ferried new and repaired aircraft from factories to shipping depots, shuttled personnel, and trained male pilots and aircrews, thus freeing up the men to fight. 38 died during that time span. they flew it all; mustangs, thunderbolts, flying forts and super fortresses. in fact, they flew every type of aircraft in our inventory. over 12,000 aircraft delivered and 60 million miles logged.

how did we thank them? well at the time, they had to pay their fare to the training location. if they washed out, they had to repay the government for their room and board and transportation home. if they died, their families had to pay to have them shipped home, without military honors. as the war wound down, and the men returned stateside, they were kicked out.

it was not until evil republician BARRY GOLDWATER took up their cause in 1976-77 that the WASPs were recognized as military personnel and given partial military benefits. in 1984 they were awarded the WW II VICTORY MEDAL, and today, with their ranks depleted to around 200, they were given the congressional gold medal.

high time and long over due i say! ladies, on behalf of a forgetful nation, thank you for your service.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

another terrorist attack?

breaking news!! 2 pentagon police officers have been wounded in a shooting at the subway that services the pentagon in washington. at 6:40 pm, a lone gunman walked up and shot the two officers, who returned fire striking the suspect. all 3 have been taken to area hospitals, and none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. here is to wishing the officers a speedy recovery.

it will be very interesting how this story develops, terrorism, random violence or thwarted crime. my guess is terrorism, as even the dumbest criminal would have to know the pentagon platform would be guarded. of course it could be a continuation of the criminal element of society's war on law enforcement. wait and see i guess. stay vigilant brothers.

Monday, March 1, 2010

hero of the month: february

all that i can say about these two is that they personify the ideal of others over self.

on february 3 in stuart, florida, lifeguard DANIEL LUND noticed a kiteboarder about 1/4 of a mile from shore in distress. paddling out on his long board, LUND noted sharks and blood in the water, and that the kiteboarder, Stephen Schafer had been badly bitten. LUND was able to get Schafer onto his kite in an effort to shield him, and towed it 20 minutes back to shore through shark infested 6 to 8 foot swells, one handed, as he reassured Schafer. Schafer was conscious on the beach but sadly died at the hospital from his injuries.

on february 23 in littleton, colorado, DR. DAVID BENKE sprang into action when a gunman shot 2 students at the Deer Creek Middle School. BENKE tackled the suspect after his carbine jammed, and then with the assistance of others held the piece of shit until law enforcement arrived.

both LUND and BENKE claimed they were just doing their jobs, and LUND could almost convince me of that, rescuing a swimmer, but when that swimmer has been attacked by sharks? i'm sure that isn't in the job description. as for BENKE, he is a math teacher and track coach. jumping an active shooter probably isn't in the contract. BENKE choked up during a news conference, saying he wished he could have reacted sooner, and characteristic of many heroes, down played his role, claiming it was a team effort that got the shooter into custody.

men, your humility is admirable, but your courage is unmistakable.
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