Thursday, March 4, 2010

another terrorist attack?

breaking news!! 2 pentagon police officers have been wounded in a shooting at the subway that services the pentagon in washington. at 6:40 pm, a lone gunman walked up and shot the two officers, who returned fire striking the suspect. all 3 have been taken to area hospitals, and none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. here is to wishing the officers a speedy recovery.

it will be very interesting how this story develops, terrorism, random violence or thwarted crime. my guess is terrorism, as even the dumbest criminal would have to know the pentagon platform would be guarded. of course it could be a continuation of the criminal element of society's war on law enforcement. wait and see i guess. stay vigilant brothers.


  1. Its probably an act of terrorism. But unfortunately, the Obambi administration will probably treat this as a criminal matter.

  2. Let's hope the officers pull through.


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