Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it's about time

check out the name on the nose of the plane: Pistol Packin' Mama

i love my country. i have served, and like all of you, support our troops, and, as lee greenwood sings, i would gladly stand and defend her still. but i have to ask, why do we take so damn long to recognize those who sacrificed in the defense of the REPUBLIC?

today after 66 years of being basically ignored, the surviving members of the WOMAN AIRFORCE SERVICE PILOTS were awarded the congressional gold medal for their invaluable service during the SECOND WORLD WAR. there were 1,074 WASPs, who from 1942 to 1944 ferried new and repaired aircraft from factories to shipping depots, shuttled personnel, and trained male pilots and aircrews, thus freeing up the men to fight. 38 died during that time span. they flew it all; mustangs, thunderbolts, flying forts and super fortresses. in fact, they flew every type of aircraft in our inventory. over 12,000 aircraft delivered and 60 million miles logged.

how did we thank them? well at the time, they had to pay their fare to the training location. if they washed out, they had to repay the government for their room and board and transportation home. if they died, their families had to pay to have them shipped home, without military honors. as the war wound down, and the men returned stateside, they were kicked out.

it was not until evil republician BARRY GOLDWATER took up their cause in 1976-77 that the WASPs were recognized as military personnel and given partial military benefits. in 1984 they were awarded the WW II VICTORY MEDAL, and today, with their ranks depleted to around 200, they were given the congressional gold medal.

high time and long over due i say! ladies, on behalf of a forgetful nation, thank you for your service.


  1. Awesomely written (is that a word? well it is now!) Thanks for making us aware and thank you to them, well done ladies!

  2. there is damn little awesomeness in my writing, but thanks. i'm just glad someone finally got around to recognizing them while they are still alive. the kids need good role models, and we have let their example tarnish in a forgotten corner for years. it's shameful.

  3. Somewhere I think I have a picture of my grandmother in her Canadian Women's Auxiliary uniform during WW2.

    Those kick-ass ladies paved the way for today's women in the military to be combat pilots & command ships to drag race.


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