Monday, March 1, 2010

hero of the month: february

all that i can say about these two is that they personify the ideal of others over self.

on february 3 in stuart, florida, lifeguard DANIEL LUND noticed a kiteboarder about 1/4 of a mile from shore in distress. paddling out on his long board, LUND noted sharks and blood in the water, and that the kiteboarder, Stephen Schafer had been badly bitten. LUND was able to get Schafer onto his kite in an effort to shield him, and towed it 20 minutes back to shore through shark infested 6 to 8 foot swells, one handed, as he reassured Schafer. Schafer was conscious on the beach but sadly died at the hospital from his injuries.

on february 23 in littleton, colorado, DR. DAVID BENKE sprang into action when a gunman shot 2 students at the Deer Creek Middle School. BENKE tackled the suspect after his carbine jammed, and then with the assistance of others held the piece of shit until law enforcement arrived.

both LUND and BENKE claimed they were just doing their jobs, and LUND could almost convince me of that, rescuing a swimmer, but when that swimmer has been attacked by sharks? i'm sure that isn't in the job description. as for BENKE, he is a math teacher and track coach. jumping an active shooter probably isn't in the contract. BENKE choked up during a news conference, saying he wished he could have reacted sooner, and characteristic of many heroes, down played his role, claiming it was a team effort that got the shooter into custody.

men, your humility is admirable, but your courage is unmistakable.


  1. A wonderful tribute to two very courageous individuals.

  2. Going after someone who is bleeding and is in shark infested waters? Hardly "just doing" the job.

    I heard about the teacher - he definitely stepped up big time in a crucial moment.

    There are studies that say only 10-15% of us would be able to act in such a manner given such an intense situation.


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