Monday, March 15, 2010

jesse ventura on geraldo at large, off his rocker

so this weekend geraldo had jesse ventura, er, james janos on the show. me and 7 others watched. get off of me, there was literally nothing else on.

i liked jesse when i was a kid and he was wrestling. he had the image all 10 year old kids like- a loud mouth and big muscles to back it up. he also had a strange affinity for feather boas that i swear i don't possess.

well like i was saying, jesse had a loud mouth that he didn't mind shooting off all those years ago, and still will if someone sticks a camera in his face.

some off the many things he said this weekend include his take on hillary "the countess of cankles" clintons position on what she would do if sarah palin was ever elected president. i don't know how long ago the question was asked of her thighness, (got to thank mark levin for that one) but hillary said she would not move to canada but would be a frequent visitor. jesse opined canada is too cold, and that he would lose all hope in AMERICA, and move to mexico.

you mean even with obie fucking up shit left, right, and center, you think things would be worse under palin? loosen up the boa big man, it's cuttin' off the blood and oxygen flow to the think think think cell.

jesse also said that he did not support the use of the military in iraq, and that if he had been governor he would have refused to send his boys, the minnesota national guard. he went on to state you don't replace the 82nd (AIRBORNE) division with national guard troops. god i'd have loved to have seen you refuse that federalization order. i got to say i respect the mans service as a navy UDT during viet nam, but it appears that all the years of folding chairs to the forehead, tight spandex pants and steroids have taken a toll on him.

i guess he forgot the sacrifices and accomplishments of the 32nd infantry division, primarily comprised of guardsmen from MICHIGAN and wisconsin, who fought with great distinction in the pacific during WWII. or the old oklahoma national guard unit, the 45th infantry division, who fought in the med and central europe during WWII.

jess, you used to be entertaining, but now you're just pathetic, running around trying to resurrect interest in yourself. stop with the weird 9/11 theories, (he thinks WTC tower 7 was blown up) and do something useful, like send me a post card from mexico.

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