Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ron paul is a fuckin' kook

is it just me, or are these all the same guy?

i like ron paul's domestic agenda, i really do. but that being said he is a fuckin' kook. take him to the beach, let him gaze out across the ocean, and he just gets weird. don't worry about IRAN or the nukes they want to not only possess, but probably use against ISRAEL. islam is NO threat to us. it just goes on and fucking on.

like today in des moines, where he told his assembled minions, in part;.....it is not our business to solve all the problems of the world, and get involved in all these conflicts of the world. We need to make our nation a great nation once again. If we want to influence the rest of the world, we should do that by setting a great standard. A great standard of individual liberty. A standard of prosperity and sound money, and a foreign policy where we mind our own business. When we have that greatness, we won't have to try to force it down the throats of others, by bombing and raiding those countries. They will want to be like us, because we are a great nation and have that prosperity...

really? i thought we are so hated in the world due to our prosperity. we consume about 25% of the worlds oil while only accounting for 5% of the world population. without that consumption, . we would not be the world leader in economic output.

and that dear friends means we would not be able to support our military, which we use to stick our nose into the worlds business. which also means, bleeding hearts, we would not be able to provide aid to earthquake stricken "countries " like haiti, or tsunami ravaged indonesia, which directly benefited from 23 U.S. Navy ships and 43 helicopters, that provided humanitarian aid at the U.S. taxpayers expense.

the last time i checked Ron, people were literally dying to get into this country, while damn few are constructing homemade rafts, and sailing off, looking for a better life in cuba. nor are they paying ridiculous sums to be secreted behind a dashboard and smuggled into mexico.

i know you paulites think we should all just....

but that is not how life fuckin' works. to prove it to you, here's a little test. take all your signs of prosperity (money, jewelry, personal electronic devices) and head to any inner city in the US. the trick is not having any means of defending yourself. let me know how long you are able to hold on to your shit. the world works the same way. just ask the people of the 2011 london riots.

it's still a great country Ron, we just need to pull some weeds and paint the trim. you could see that if you pulled your head out of your ass.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

book review: WARRIOR POLICE

i stole the idea of doing book reviews from good friend SKI, who apparently neither reads or writes any longer. i'm sending the book in the mail to you brother.

i just finished reading WARRIOR POLICE by LTC. (RET) Gordon Cucullu and Chris Fontana, to my knowledge the first book about the ARMY's MILITARY POLICE CORPS. the authors were able to write the book based in large part because they embedded with MP units in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN and conducted 1000 or more interviews.

the story of the MILITARY POLICE CORPS involvement begins at bagram in afghanistan shortly after 9/11, working with the first EPW's of the WAR ON TERROR. the book details how MP units were excluded during the opening moves of IRAQI FREEDOM, which allowed weapons caches to be looted, the contents most probably used against coalition forces during the long insurgency. the authors also cover the REGIMENTS efforts to rebuild the IRAQI police and train the AFGHAN NATIONAL POLICE, as well as the use of LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS (retired civilian police) to help ferret out corruption.

for my taste and expectations the book was light on actual first hand accounts as told by the troops on the ground. that being said there are some very compelling stories of bravery and sacrifice between the covers. like the story of LEIGH ANN HESTER, the first woman since WWII to be awarded the SILVER STAR and the first woman in history to receive that award for actions in combat, helping to break the back of an insurgent ambush.

MARISSA STROCK who lived despite massive injuries and the loss of both legs to an IED blast. STROCK embodies the warrior, or SOLDIER'S CREED, wishing to return to IRAQ to avenge her fallen comrades deaths. right beside hers, is the story of TODD WILLARD PARTRIDGE, who lost both his legs and his life to an IED while racing to help others who had been struck by a previous IED. horribly wounded, PARTRIDGE steered his stricken vehicle away from dismounted troops to avoid causing injury to them.

the book also contains the names of 163 MILITARY POLICE CORPS soldiers killed during the WAR ON TERROR which was current as of march 16, 2011. my first platoon leaders name is on this list.

as i read the first hand accounts, i was so proud, but completely unsurprised by the valor shown by the those who wear the crossed pistols. their dedication to duty and resolve under adverse conditions is the hall mark of all our men and women under arms.

an important side note here, is that the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the VALHALLA PROJECT, which was established by the authors.

new years rocking eve?

normally i would not waste my time on any new years eve show. if not working, i would be sleeping, or if the moon and stars aligned, nailing the frau. however the kids are getting older and begged to stay up late, so the wife let them watch the dick clark show.

for the record i have always felt this show was lame. additionally, what type of loser must you be to stay home and watch this? but last night was particularly god awful. dick looked pretty good, while fighting through the aftermath of a stroke. sounded like shit, which did nothing to raise my spirits or motivate me to persevere in the new year.

the musical guests really sucked. PITBULL, i'm coming to take your fortune. if jumping around in a tux with your bow tie undone shouting 'let's go', equals talent while someone else sings, you belong to me.

speaking of shit, LADY GAGA appeared to dress initially as a turd

pretty sure that's cucumber seeds and celery strings, not sequins. Later, she dressed as a sand dollar.

when asked to describe what she was wearing, (the sand dollar get up), she replied she didn't know, but it was VERSACE. what the fuck ever. just goes to show that the age old adage still applies, a fool and their money are soon parted, in my untrained fashion critic opinion.

lastly, to the young officer who was sucking face with JENNY MCCARTHY. hopefully all that foundation she was wearing can be removed from your uniform.

based on the way shit started last night, it's hard to believe the MAYAN's were wrong. well, we toasted the new year with sparkling pomegranate juice and sent everyone to bed. here is to hoping all the best to all of you in the coming year.
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