Monday, April 4, 2011

are you ready part 4

so previously we talked about food, water, shelter and heat. the site talks about special items, like medicine and legal documents, but totally omits something to help you keep all your shit all yours......a gun.

there was a story out of japan and the recent catastrophe there, of a guy who walked into a store and was going to buy the last 10 bottles of water on the shelf. realizing if he did that there would be no more for anyone else, he put 8 back. that shit would not happen in LA, NYC, DETROIT or a whole lot of other places here. look at NEW ORLEANS and katrina and the looting associated with that.

that is a lot of heineken or becks, we even have one in the back pocket. should have stolen some chest waders to keep the feet dry while out liberating the high end brews, or at least some foot powder to keep the dogs from chaffing.

looks like these guys went to the car dealer first, beer store second. got a new lincoln, but had to settle for the miller lite as the first guy got all the heinies.

can't blame them here. the power is out so it's hard to wash clothes. we'll just steal clean stuff.

right idea, wrong execution. if i put up any sign it would read something like NOTHING HERE IS WORTH YOUR LIFE. that way if order is restored, and someone dies of lead poisoning while trying to relocate my shit, the prosecutor will have a harder time saying what i did was premeditated.

of course i could have it all wrong about our big cities. looks like water and food will be safe, beer and threads are up for grabs.

i still think you will need a means of holding onto your shit, which means a threat of force, and the WILLINGNESS TO CARRY IT OUT. ball bats and golf clubs are contact weapons, and decisively lose to guns on a regular basis.

what kind of gun should i get? if i had a dollar for every time someone asked me that i could retire. the answer is what do you want to do with it, and how much experience do you have with firearms? just home protection, probably a shotgun. personal protection, probably a handgun. i think for our little scenario here a revolver in .357 as well as a lever action carbine in the same caliber would be ideal. that's if you have no guns currently. a .22 semi auto rifle and a 9mm will serve you fine if that is what you presently have.

some will say why a revolver and lever action carbine? because they are simple to use and maintain and use the same ammunition. additionally, you can use .38 special ammo in both. the carbine will take down deer at less than 100 yards, which means fresh meat in a true survival situation.

assuming you have to take to the hills, you will need a good pack, good boots, a knife or 2 (they don't have to be huge), some canteens, tent or other shelter items, blankets or poncho liners, light and batts, food and ammo, a way to make fire, plus a compass and map, and a hatchet and camp saw. a length of good rope (not clothes line) will come in handy, also.

sounds like a lot, but you can carry it all given the right pack and motivation. get a holster for the handgun and sling for the carbine. use wool socks and blankets as they continue to insulate even when wet. look for items that can perform more than 1 function like a hatchet (split-cut wood/drive nails). a leatherman tool is a great bit of kit and can go in a pocket or on the belt.

there are lots of great sights to browse for gear ideas and reviews, and you can always go camping to try out your new acquisitions. sound paranoid? well consider this. the mormon church is again gearing up their disaster preparedness plans. if you could ask the folks in japan if they wished they had put away some stuff to get them through, i bet all would say yes.

have you made plans yourself? feel free to share your ideas here.

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  1. The denizens of Nawlins were spotted stealing big screen TV's, which makes perfect sense when you have no electricity. It's one thing to scavenge & scrounge for diapers & baby formula; quite another to loot beer and Apple Bottom jeans. And as an aside, chest waders would have also protected against bacteria-laden water fulla sewage & chemicals....


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