Sunday, April 3, 2011

afghanis idea of a fireside chat

i watched with some amusement this week as these practitioners of the religion of pieces held fireside chats to discuss their feelings over a quran burning in florida this past march 20th.

that is supposed to be the vacationer in chief they are burning in effigy. looks more like papa smurf to me, but what the fuck, i wasn't that great at art either.

yeah, terry jones went ahead and burned a quran. if you remember back in september, he was going to do the same thing and got talked out of it by the prez, the countess of cankles-hillary, some religious leaders, and sec def bobby gates. seems at that time the gainesville city attorney was soooo upset that he started implementation of a process which would have made it illegal to burn the quran outside. so jones burned it indoors on the 20th, and sent the very reasonable and intellectual denizens of jalalabad, kandahar and mazar-i-sharif into a frenzy of peace and love, resulting in the death of 2 afghan cops and 7 U.N. workers.

the taliban has issued a statement saying, "that the U.S. and other Western countries had wrongly excused the burning of the Quran as freedom of speech and that Afghans cannot accept this un-Islamic act." now who fucking knew the taliban had a PR department?

if you ever wondered why folks act like they are tiptoeing around a mine field when dealing with these highly religious and totally peaceful clowns, it's due to shit like this. here in the states, you can; A) burn the flag, B) spit on veterans, C) call them baby killers (think murtha, kerry kennedy), D) get money from the national endowment for the arts to paint pictures of jesus in shit or throw a crucifix in piss, E) make movies about killing presidents you disagree with, and that's all okay.

so terry jones' probably well intentioned but poorly executed message is getting vilified in the lame stream media. how come no one ever criticizes the actions of the islamic faithful? why do we in the west excuse the "honor killings" that happen when a muslims sister or wife gets raped? why do we ignore the sexual mutilation of muslim girls? turn a blind eye to be-headings of westerners captured by al qaeda and their associates?

because they, the media, are pussies. and by extension so are we, because we allow them to form our opinions for us. it's time to stop and think for ourselves and stop letting our leaders, and their paid mouth pieces, cater to bullies. face it, jones is right. islam, as practiced by these assholes, is evil.

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