Saturday, January 15, 2011

how can this be?

i see that one of the arizona shooting victims has gone off the deep end. after photographing tea party leader, trent humphries, james fuller told him "you're dead", and was taken into custody. according to pima county sheriff spokesman jason ogan, fuller will undergo a psych eval and faces misdemeanor charges for threats and disorderly conduct. fuller was pissed over humphries stance on gun control.

a couple of things here; who knew that the pima county sheriff department had a spokesman? after a week of nothing but clarence dupnik all day, everyday, i honestly felt he was handling this duty all by himself. i mean the guy psychoanalyzed every conservative and tea party member, solved the shooting, uncovered sarah palin's and sharron angle's complicity , and told AMERICA how we need to play nice, or else. why from just seeing clarence on the tube, i got the impression that he was a true one man band, the very glue holding arizona's pima county together.

i'm not saying that james fuller, who was shot in the leg and back has no reason to be pissed, but someone tell me why he is mad at trent humphries. whoever trent is, he is not jared loughner.
trent isn't the guy with the glock who shot rep. giffords, or who had made threats to other members of the community, that do not appear to have been investigated. trent is not the one who failed to inform the fbi of loughners mental instability, which might have stopped him from getting the gun, during the background check.

why only the misdemeanor? did anyone look into fullers ability to carry out the threat? does he have the ability to carry it out? does he have firearms? if so, is he prohibited from having them, due to mental deficiencies or criminal history?

i think most of the answers lead back to the same place. dumbass dupnik and his incompetence.
remember, it was dupnik who said that arizona had become a "mecca for hatred and bigotry".
time for a bit of self reflection sheriff. looks like your vitriol has found a home in the head of a potentially unbalanced person. hopefully trent humphries, or some other innocent tea party member, won't pay for it with their life.

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  1. Remember...if the Right says something, it's vitriolic rhetoric. If the Left does it, it's social commentary and intelligent discourse. If the Right does it it's Racist; if the Left does it it's Diversity. If the Right does it, it's Nazi Terrorism; if the Left does it it's because the Right made him do it.


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