Monday, May 2, 2011

obama's rent -a-mob

last night as the wife and i put the kids to bed and waited for our show to come on hbo at 10:00, i was flipping through the channels and turned on fox. geraldo was talking about some big national security announcement. he and his guests were throwing around possibilities....gadhafi, all manner of things.

the wife correctly guessed that bin laden was dead BEFORE geraldo did (she is such a genius. that is one of the many reasons i love her). obama was supposed to speak between 9:30 and 9:45 our time. that turned into 10:00 and us watching game of thrones instead. i periodically checked back to see if he had shown up on the tube yet, and he didn't show until around 10:15.

i wondered what could take him such a long time to address the nation. what was the hold-up? after the press conference was over, all became clear. he had to wait for his rent-a-mob to show up in front of the white house, complete with obama/biden campaign signs. i'm sure the call went out over twitter and facebook to all the hippie dippies that follow him on the social network sites. that is why we saw all the people that would normally be at a war protest rally. it was mostly young, white college students with their GW t-shirts on.

am i sad that bin laden is dead? no. am i smart enough to know this isn't anywhere near the end of our fight against radical islam? yes. what bothers me about the whole thing is that the guy who is turning our country into a third world economy is now also turning us into a third world society. he won't speak unless the hordes are there to praise him.

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