Tuesday, March 8, 2011

turning AMERICA into a paper tiger part 1

it's in the news almost daily. someone attacks AMERICAN interests either here or abroad and the administration does nothing about it. 2 airmen were killed and 2 wounded at frankfort airport last week by what the shooter's family describes as a "devout" muslim and the president's spokesman can't bring himself to call it terrorism.

a jet skier gunned down by mexican "pirates" on a texas lake, not terrorism. 1 ICE agent killed, his partner wounded in san luis potosi, mexico, no terrorist at work there. a border patrol agent killed in arizona by a mexican gang suspected of robbing mexican drug smugglers, of course these two groups have nothing to do with terrorism.

the word terrorism has french origins derived from latin-terroisme -great fear or dread. it showed up in the english language in 1798 and is defined as the systematic use of terror as a policy.

anyone who doesn't think that the mexican drug cartels operating along and inside of our borders are a terrorist organization, should be working for the obama white house. david hartley was killed on falcon lake, texas on september 30 2010. the lead mexican investigator on the case was beheaded. other incidents of piracy on the same lake were reportedly carried out by ZETA members, a drug cartel made up of former mexican special forces troops, identified by victims because of their distinctive tattoos.

i first wrote about the ZETAS back in march of 2009 over on good buddy SKI's GLOBAL DOMINATION site. we, the UNITED STATES, or rather our government, initially trained and equipped these guys. they were supposed to fight the narco-terrorist, but instead joined up, or more correctly eliminated much of their competition and started cashing in. most of the homicides in the border towns of tijuana, nuevo laredo and juarez can be attributed to the work of the ZETAS and the cartels they work for/against. the mexican government estimated that the death toll nation wide between 2006 and now is estimated at 35,000.

so what does that mean to us? how does it affect those of us who don't live along the border? how can i say that it is turning us into a paper tiger? read part 2 to find out.

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  1. but....but.....all the guns in Meh-hee-ko come from America....we're to blame for all their woes......yeah right


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