Sunday, March 27, 2011

are you ready part 2

so what are we preparing for? most likely some type of poor weather event. our friends in the northeast know all about that these last 2 winters. perhaps you live on the gulf or southeast coast, and hurricanes cause heartburn where you live. maybe you live in tornado alley, where whole towns can be removed from the map in minutes. so what would you need to survive, and the local state and federal governments couldn't or maybe wouldn't help you.

the experts debate what comes first, but the basics are shelter, water and food, then depending on the environment, heat. no matter what sooner or later you WILL need a fire. the ready. gov site i mentioned says, and i agree, every person in your care will need at least a gallon of clean water per day, more in hot and humid climates. so do you have a water purifier or do you know how and have the gear necessary to distill water? staying at home? distillation is the way to go, as the fire you will use to heat the water can dry wet clothing and warm you while you cook.

food-3 days of preserved food, per person, per day, minimum. for most of us that means canned goods, but how do you intend to open them with no electricity to run the can opener? do you have a hand crank can opener? ever heard of a p51 can opener? we used to wear them on our dog tags, even though we never had c ration cans. by the time i joined the army, we were eating MRE's , AKA, shit in a bag. the beef and pork patties really did look like turds.
if you are walking to salvation after civilization goes to shit, you will find it much easier to carry the new improved MRE's or the equivalent in the civilian sector of dehydrated/ freeze dried food offered by companies like MOUNTAIN HOUSE and BACKPACKER'S PANTRY. there's a reason the military went to MRE's and one of them was the weight of the food the troops had to carry. i suggest a mixture of both types of food in your kit, and something to heat it with.

think about your level of readiness and stay tuned for part 3.

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  1. My local surplus shop has P51 and P38 can openers....I wore a P38 on my dogtags the whole time I was in.


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