Friday, December 11, 2009

the wifes' Christmas gift, or, mama's got a brand new bang

star ultrastar 9mm blaster.

so it's a little early to be doling out the presents, but i just couldn't resist. i've been thinking for some time now about getting der frau her concealed carry (coming in january), and she needs her own smoke wagon. seems all of mine are the wrong size or color, don't match her shoes, etc.

based on that dilemma, i began to cruise the gun shows and shops, (god how i hated that), in search of something that would work. revolvers are nice and easy to use. pull the trigger. if it doesn't go POW!!, do it again. she is not so convinced. she really likes the glock 40 cal., and shoots it pretty well. problem is, when it hits 110 here in july, that sum-bitch will be cooling it in das auto.

so i was pretty much relegated to finding a mid- size semi. my criteria was it had to be at least 9mil, and give her the ability to pull the trigger again, without doing immediate action, in the event of a light primer strike. i looked around and took her to see what fit her hand. she really liked the taurus slim 709, but it appeared to have something similar to a glock safe action. i showed her the kel tec P9 and P11, true double actions, however they didn't match her shoes or nail polish.

frustrated(but enlightened), i struck out on my own. at a recent show i saw a little piece that hasn't been available in years. the star ultrastar. this was stars only polymer pistol and was imported from spain for only a short time. i damn near bought one for myself several years ago. it met all my requirements for ol' girl; DA/SA, 9mil, mid size and based on the others i showed her, it would fit her hand.

a couple of weeks went by and i called the guy from the show. he is local, and still had the gun and took about $50 off the show price. thursday i went and snatched it up, and then took it out for a test drive. shoots great. i think her first lesson in firearm ownership will be firearm maintenance (clean it)!!

ok, so it ain't overly romantic, but how many pots and pans, vacuums, or clothes irons does a woman really need? it is practical. damn few burglars, rapists or car jackers are frightened by tennis bracelets. i encourage anyone who can legally carry to get their permit and exercise their 2nd amendment right. fight crime, shoot back.


  1. Nice gift.. kudos to you for your concern over matching the nails and such. The little things...

  2. Very Nice gift!!
    I definitly love playing with my .357 but its really too heavy to lug around, this would be perfect!! Lucky wife!!

  3. solly, i'm always attentive to the woman's needs, and gia, you don't know how right you are , she is lucky in so many ways. now excuse me while i hide the frying pan, rolling pin, and ammunition.

  4. Hate the "fashion" guns. They should never have made a gun in pink. My husband tends to embellish his blogs....

    I love him, though. And Gia,you are right, I am lucky!

  5. Nice! Were I not renting a place, and living in DC, I'd like to get in on some second amendment action. One day, perhaps...

  6. the supreme court says you are good to go, based on the heller decision. fill your hand!


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