Monday, November 30, 2009

hero of the month: november

without a doubt, these two are the heroes of the month.

Sergeants MARK TODD and KIMBERLY MUNLEY of the ft. hood civilian police responded to the call of a mass murder in progress on NOV. 5 and went right into action against nidal hasan, an ARMY major who was shooting NON MUSLIMS as they prepared for deployment to southwest asia. some controversy has arisen in the wake of the shooting, which left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded including MUNLEY. initial reports were that MUNLEY was hit by friendly fire after taking hasan out, and later still that it was TODD that actually shot hasan. makes no difference to me, you are both hereos, and richly deserve the accolades.

honorable mention:

Cpl. CHRIS STURGEON and Off. TRENTON GINN of the topeka, kansas police. on NOV.17, Cpl. STURGEON arrived ahead of fire at a residence that was heavily involved smoke and flames and was told a person was trapped inside and could hear screaming. without hesitation, STURGEON kicked in a rear door and crawled into the inferno to search. STURGEON located a victim but had to keep retreating outside for fresh air. upon GINNS arrival, the two officers were able to work together to pull the victim to safety. both officers were taken to a local hospital due to smoke inhalation. keep in mind they did this without SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) or bunker gear (coats, helmets) like the firemen are issued. great job guys!!

a note about the hero of the month. these are people that i have read about. certainly there are others who deserve recognition. if you see a story, let me know so i can consider it, during the month the incident occurs. they can involve fire, ems, law enforcement and ordinary citizens, and of course our military.

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  1. "makes no difference to me, you are both hereos, and richly deserve the accolades."

    Couldn't agree more.

    Great story about Topeka's PD as well. As always, good stuff.


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