Tuesday, November 17, 2009

check with your doctor?

that little saying is everywhere. any over the counter medicine-it's on the label. going to start exercising-check with your doctor first. going to see about taking some pharmaceuticals so it'll get stiff again? check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity. nobody worries about you more than mom, except your doctor.

that's until this week. seems the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (the government) has broken with the American Cancer Society and its long years of suggestion that women conduct monthly self breast exams, and beginning at 40, have yearly mammograms.

the study by U.S.P.S.T.F. claims that self exams are worthless and the value of doctor administered exams is unknown. based on that, and i hope some medical studies, the government determined that women should start getting mammograms at 50 then every two years until age 75. why not 74 or 76, round numbers, to match the round thingies?

here is where it gets personal for me. mom developed breast cancer in her mid 40's and was dead by 52. had she been following the governments new guidelines, i doubt she would have made it to the age of their first recommended mammogram. i know she suffered, but i'm glad for those extra years we had.

from what i can see,this is to more equally align us with the rest of the world as the WHO recommends every 2 years and average britian says every third year is ok for mammograms. ladies, looks like you will be the crash test dummies for the Lincoln of Our Times socialized medicine program. i hope for your own benefit and those you love, you continue with the monthly self checks and yearly mammograms. i still think early detection saves lives.

check with your doctor first. what the fuck for?

this guy has nothing but your best interest at heart. bend over and say ahhh.....


  1. Spread the word...this is only the tip of the iceberg for us! Wonder where they got their statistics as I have several (4) friends who have already died in their 30's and early 40's who did not get the exams cause they were "Too young" Well, you know it's only about women and we sure continue to be expendable to this administration!

  2. My mom's been getting regular mammograms since 40 or so, especially since her own mother had a double mastectomy for breast cancer that eventually metasticized into pancreatic cancer. They caught my mother's breast cancer at the very earliest stages on a routine mammogram, and after an aggressive regimen, she's a survivor. I'm right behind you on this one, brother.


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