Thursday, November 12, 2009

obamas ramblings at arlington

alright commodore, get the fucks out the way, it's my turn to talk.

didn't get to see the lincoln of our times speech yesterday as i was at work. so'kay, i wouldn't have watched anyway.

heard a sound byte which prompted me to checkout the transcript, as a couple of things stuck in my mind.

the nobel prize winner stated, 'America will not let you down. We will take care of our own.

And to those who are still serving in far flung places today, when your tour ends, when you see our flag, when you touch our soil, you will be home in an America that is forever here for you, just as you have been there for us. That is my promise--our nations promise--to you.'

ideas anyone? does that, 'forever here for you', include the department of homeland security sending out advisories on returning vets having possible anti-government leanings, which could cause them to become right wing terrorist? does 'forever here for you', mean as you, mr. president, procrastinate and dither about sending more troops to help win the fight you described as the right war?

i'll say this for the guy, he is learning. in delivering the teleprompters 17 or 18 paragraph speech, it took barry until the 12th, 13th, and 14th paragraphs to really mention himself in a self aggrandizing way. who said he was untrainable?

you want me to say what? ah, fuck no!

barry still has some rough edges, and has not let go of his liberal elitist views as he concluded with, 'There will be a day when these servicemen and women step out of uniform. They will build families and lives of their own. God willing, they will grow old. And someday, their children and their children's children, will gather here to honor them.'

this may come as a shock to you dear leader, but those service members lives already belong to themselves. most have families currently, and those kids you might have seen crying at funerals (when you are not too busy playing golf, accepting a peace prize, or sucking up trying to get the olympics) are that service members children, not some DNC plant whose mom worked in/on your campaign.


  1. Hear that buzzing sound? That was over 300,000 bodies spinning in their graves in unison at Arlington when that scumbag took the podium. He looks verily disgusted to even be there.

  2. Incredibly good post. You nailed Obama's blindness and self-love perfectly.

  3. What scares me is something you mentioned - he is trainable.

    If he ramps up quickly enough, since the lame-stream media has been covering for him, he might just pull another one on the sheeple.

  4. ski, all the libs hate the military and it's a travesty to allow him to walk on such hallowed ground as he drags his feet on afghanistan.

    candle, thanks for the praise.

    solly, it's easy to be a thief in the night when people leave their doors open and sleep. to many sheep, not enough guard dogs.

    all of you are guard dogs, keep sounding the alarm.

  5. j summ,

    I would rather have President Obama listen to General Powell than to Mitt Romney

  6. a gene, could you explain your comment? no powell or romney in the story. i looked at some of the stuff you wrote so, i'm pretty sure i know where you are coming from.


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