Thursday, November 5, 2009

limerick attempt

disclaimer: i never claimed to be the second coming of THE BARD.
GIA over at A GIA'S LIFE, wrote a haiku which i expressed appreciation for, but told her i was a limerick guy. that meant i get them, not write them. she suggested i try, so here is the first and probably last stab at it. feel free to criticize, i'm sure i deserve it. also, give it a try yourself, it was kinda fun.

there once was a president from kenya,

who said bend over as i stick socialism in ya,

but to his surprise,

conservative tea parties arise,

and his hood winking ended in virginia.


  1. Great first effort. May not be a new career, but certainly something to enjoy in your spare time.

  2. I am an instant fan!! **Gia stands and claps, with a big smile!** Bravo!


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