Thursday, January 14, 2010


charlatan- noun-one who is not what he claims to be. this week the other half of the bash brothers "came clean". mark mcguire admitted to what reasonable people have known all along, he used steroids. seems the only person taken by surprise by "big macs" admission is his former and current manager tony la russa. la russa told ESPN's baseball tonight that he didn't know mcguire used performance enhancing drugs until he received a phone call from the homer king on monday.

really? tony, you did manage mark and other noted juicer jose canseco in oakland, where balco is located, and you never noted a change in his appearance?

how about now?

why do the young mcguire and old mcguire look alike, but the long ball hitter looks like a pro wrestler tony? i think tony is practicing a little CYA, as he claims he knew nothing about this and claimed on ESPN's mike and mike in the morning, and that teams he managed were run clean. of course he left himself a loophole, by saying he would only speak to his knowledge and not his suspicions. who said athletes were stupid? i wonder what type of trouble la russa would be in if he came clean?

mcguire, for his part, has said that he only took the steroids to rehab his body from the strain of 162 game seasons. it has to be tough to stand in the sun on 1st base, scratch your nuts, spit tobacco juice and sunflower seeds, maybe get up to bat and run the bases, then sit in the dugout until it was time to stand at first again. and no, i'm not saying i could do that at the MLB level, with or without steroids.

mcguire further states he wished he never played during the steroid era and that he was trying to stay healthy to justify his huge salary. again i tend to doubt his sincerity, i think it was about keeping the bucks rolling in and the accolades.

mac the honest with suspected juicer sosa

i say this remembering how during the "race" mcguire cried after a fan tried to catch a ball he hit, and it was ruled a ground rule double instead of a homer. part of steroid use is strange emotional swings. former wrestler chris benoit, another steroid user, had emotional swings and ended up killing his wife,kid and self.

anyone remember lyle alzado? good football player/bad actor. he died from brain cancer after long term steroid use.

i think the SI cover says it all. la russa will rush right in to say that mcguire only took the substances intermittently, and not to get stronger, only to heal, as per his interview on mike and mike.

this is why i continue to hate baseball. the lies, the ass covering, it never stops. mcguire has been passed over 4 times in hall of fame balloting, and is looking to revamp his image. say you did it, take a job on your former team, in a city that loves you, and get in next go around.

mark, you are a charlatan, you said you were and are a natural, yet took the roids. like it or not, you were a sports icon to kids, who wanted to be like you, but could not, unless they used a needle. i will allow you this, the juice did not enhance your hand/eye coordination.

most telling of all, i have yet to see or hear where, in your contrition, you have told baseball to strip you of the home run crown you stole from roger maris.


  1. Hell, look at that freak that runs Fake Wrestling Entertainment...Vince McMahon was a douchebag in a burgundy suitcoat interviewing Bob Backlund when we were kids, and now he's a total Roid Fiend.....

  2. Tony Larussa is definitely playing a little tacticle CYA. The Marc McGwire prophesy becomes a reality for all the world to know as admits using steroids. The difference in his body structure should have been a major clue.

  3. not if you a purposely looking in the other direction teresa.


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