Saturday, January 16, 2010

hugo chavez, help us please

for the love of GOD, help us hugo. cindy sheehan led a rally at the CIA headquarters in langly, virginia today, to protest the "cowardly" and "immoral" act of killing terrorists, through the use of missiles fired by unmanned drones in afghanistan. after that the protest moved to dick cheney's residence a short distance away.

cindy is the mother of CASEY SHEEHAN, an army specialist who was killed in iraq on 4 april 2004, after he volunteered to be part of a QRF, that went out to rescue members of a shot up and surrounded patrol in sadr city. CASEY was awarded the PURPLE HEART and BRONZE STAR with V devise for valor as a result of his actions and sacrifice.

cindy, lost in grief, quickly became the face of the anti-war left, becoming a darling of the MSM and code pink. anywhere there was a camera and a republican, there was cindy, bitching about the war mongers and evil military/industrial complex.

she spent a couple of months in a ditch outside of GWB's property in crawford, texas where she joked about burying her uterus. this is the same woman who bitched about buying a headstone for her hero son's grave.

cindy, newsflash, neither bush or cheney are running the country any longer. go bend ABE II's ear. pick up a rifle and set the example, show us all the brave way to kill terrorist. or go to venezuala and cozy up to hugo, you at least seemed happy there.

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  1. Bury my uterus at Wounded Knee, revisited.

    I demand a reality show, called Celebrity Asstard, where Sheehan and Al Sharpton and these other mouthbreather attention whores are all stuck on an island together with nothing but two rocks and a sharp stick to survive.

    Hear that buzzing sound? It's Casey spinning in his casket over his mother's idiocy.


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