Thursday, January 14, 2010

follow up to bush caused haiti earthquake

good buddy ski, over at GLOBAL DOMINATION THROUGH APPLIED INACTIVITY, ran a post yesterday titled BUSH CAUSED HAITI EARTHQUAKE. he did it to bait some of you mouth breathers, and you didn't take long to respond.

3 of the first 4 comment were negative, with blame AMERICA firsters like JIM, DJQUEST1MIA and possibly CHARLESTONDAILYPHOTO, leaving negative or, relatively negative comments, in the case of CHARLESTON.

ski needs no defending, he is perfectly capable himself, but we spoke and he agreed to let me write a sister or companion post.

some have pointed out that other nations are also sending aid to haiti. that is true, to wit; china iceland, france,average britian, canada, mexico, dominican republic, venezuala are sending search and rescue teams with rescue dogs and gear to help locate survivors. sadly many will die by the time these assets arrive, due to foul weather and congestion at the 1 serviceable airport.
several of these countries are also sending medical teams, which will prove very beneficial to
survivors. still others are pledging funds.

all of this is great but the UN, the lefts beacon of hope and goodness, has pledged.........wait for it......$10 million dollars. the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will contribute, initially.......$100 million dollars. the above listed countries total contributions look to equal less than half of AMERICA'S initial layout. obie had that laying around after the $789 billion dollar spending binge. i have no idea if this figure will include the MASSIVE military effort, but suspect it does not.

that's right libs, the AMERICAN military is the only military in the world that is sophisticated enough to undertake a mission of this size, and pull it off. AMERICA has 11 aircraft carriers, which can be deployed to events such as those occurring in haiti. aircraft carriers mean many things, including; helicopters for the delivery of humanitarian aid and search and rescue, fully equipped hospitals aboard ships with world class doctors. and because they are powered by evil NUCLEAR generators, they can pull into a port, run an "extension cord" and power up an average size city.

remember that the next time you disparage our military. test question. how many carriers does the UN own? how about the name of the country (ies) with the next largest contingent of carriers in service, that will be supporting the relief effort?

below, the USS CARL VINSON, headed to haiti to provide humanitarian aid

also involved in the relief effort will be the USNS COMFORT.

the COMFORT has 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms and is in fact a floating hospital, complete with radiological department, physical therapy, pharmacy and burn ward. its flight deck can accommodate the largest helicopters and its distilling plants can make 300,000 gallons of drinking water a day from salt water. how many ships like this, staffed, paid and trained by the
the U.S. taxpayer does the UN have? think about that the next time you whine about the "man's army" or the military/industrial complex assholes.

in short, when shit goes bad somewhere in the world, the world looks to AMERICA for aid, comfort, relief, sustenance, shelter, and lots of times, a new home. if you can't or just outright refuse to see this, leave.

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