Saturday, January 30, 2010

the star pupil

so the wife went to her CCW class today. she had a good time, relearned some things i had already told her, and.........passed. all she has to do is submit her application to the county and state, have me pay the fees, pass the background check (good luck with that), and she's legal.

just what the lib gun grabbers hate, an armed woman, unwilling to be a victim

i take no responsibility for the 3 misses. go read her side of the story over at me, un-AMERICAN?


  1. There's nothing cooler than a dame packing heat.

  2. Congrats to the Missus ! (that's a pretty large area to aim at............)

  3. Like I told the frau, bro, normal couples get together for shit like dinner or hockey or canasta....and the four of us can go shooting.

    And to the defense of your wife, at least two of those misses would have hit a person anyways, in the thigh and the kidney. The third miss is debatable as to an arm shot......

  4. Not a bad lead distribution; plenty in the K5 and along the line for center mass. If this was at 25 yards she has nothing to be ashamed of.


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