Monday, February 1, 2010

hero of the month: january

this month brings sad and glad news.

the deaths of 3 fine young men as a result of a traffic accident in zelienople, pennsylvania. volunteer fire fighters ELIJAH LUNSFORD and SAM BUCCI as well as their friend trevor barkley, drowned when the vehicle they were traveling in left a snow covered road and ended up in an ice covered pond during the last week of the month. they were reportedly headed to a training session when the accident occurred. i can think of lots of things 18 year old boys get into, but volunteering for potentially hazardous jobs in their communities isn't at the top of my list. for that reason alone, i consider them heroes, and role models to their peers also.

mans best friend.

11 year old AUSTIN FORMAN went into his backyard in boston bar, british columbia, to get firewood on 2 january accompanied by his dog ANGEL. as AUSTIN turned to investigate a sound approaching him from behind, he saw a cougar leaping at him. ANGEL sprang into action, jumping the cat and gave AUSTIN the opportunity to retreat inside.. the big cat had the dog by the head and neck and was in the process of strangling ANGEL when police arrived and shot and killed the puma. ANGEL had surgery and is expected to recover, after nearly laying down her life, to protect her boy.

last, but not least, i would like to recognize the people of the super liberal enclave of massachusetts, for having the guts to partially break their nearly 50 year addiction to leftist leaders, by electing SCOTT BROWN, to fill the bar stool TEDDY SWIM MEET used to hold. your courage to look outside the box for answers has not gone unnoticed.


  1. Thank you for this inspiring and sober post. Whew!!

  2. As always, you've found some great stories that deserve more attention.


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