Saturday, February 6, 2010

pictures from the blizzard of 2010

some cool pics i found on the net, of the little snow storm. quit bitching, and embrace al and obie's tales of gloom and doom about a hotter and drier planet. enjoy.

that's big brother obama, in the tree, making sure you use CFC bulbs and drive a prius.


  1. Fabulous pictures. That amount of snow is worth having - even I'd be out making an igloo in those drifts! They could do with some of that in Vancouver for the Olympics - last I heard they were having an incredibly mild winter.

  2. I rode my saber-toothed manatee to work today on yet another below-freezing South Carolina morning.

    Aren't those CFC super-bulbs supposed to last for years? I got one in the mail about 9 months ago and it burned out already.

    And that Prius is really working out pretty good, no? I mean, it kills the environment to even make the fucking thing, you wait forever to get it and pay out the ass for a little sissy crackerbox, and now it's broken.

    You asked for it you got it, Toyota.
    You asked for it, you got it Obama.
    Double Epic Fails....

  3. Jsumm... great pics! and don't worry about the spelling errors, I figured your fingers were so light on the keyboard due to the freezing winter that it just missed the a in read and it ended up red!! No stress! lol As you were!


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