Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pay attention

so i see in the news yesterday that the government wants to purchase a HUGE quantity of  Meals Ready to Eat.  the numbers i have seen fluctuate on the low side at 14 million, to the high end of 420 million. the question begging for an answer is why?  why does the government need so much shitty vittles on hand, and why are they purchasing SO much ammunition?

last week MARK LEVIN reported that the Social Security Administration was trying to buy 175,000 rounds of handgun ammo.  this is on top of  Homeland Security ordering 450 million rounds of 40 cal earlier in the year.

practical guy that  i am,  i know there are NO SMG's chambered for .357 SIG, the Social Security round. KRISS and Heckler and Koch both make sub guns in 40 cal..  that said, 450 million is a shit load of bullets, and DHS already have M4's chambered for 5.56, so i doubt they are buying lots of sub guns.

so why all the beans and bullets?  mr. obama and the liberals are drawing down the military, just like every democrat administration before them.  no really pressing need to feed the troops, when there are no troops. everyone who knows, knows, that pistol caliber ammo is a poor man stopper compared to rifle rounds.

is the government really planning mass subjugation of AMERICAN citizens?  or is it something else, leading to that end?

remember that the libs want to take guns out of the peoples hands.  to that end they have passed; assault weapons bans, magazine capacity bans, monthly firearm purchase limitation, mandatory identification checks upon purchase of ammunition, and want to tax every gun you own, tax the living dog shit (500%) on ammunition sales, and have manufacturers micro stamp all ammunition. 

i think currently that the government is trying to play both ends of the field.  stock up for future problems, and take commodities off  the market so you can't prepare.  previously i have tried to raise situational awareness in my 4 part are you ready series.

whatever is troubling the feds should worry you as well.  go buy your beans, bullets, water, band aids, and shit paper.  use cash for these purchases, and stay vigilant.


  1. Who at the Social Insecurity Administration is packing heat?

  2. i assume their investigators?! and security. grand gets pissed and takes the tennis balls off her walker, then sharpens the ends, or fills the colostomy bag with petrol to burn down the office, you simply have to have the means to ventilate her.

  3. I just came across an article that supplements yours...turns out the freakin' NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE is buying ammo too....


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