Sunday, October 11, 2009

class act

this just in from the detroit freepress. ben roethlisberger has donated 2 police dogs to the detroit police department through his ben roethlisberger foundation, which makes charitable donations to police and fire departments nation wide. i know many players have charitable foundations set up but this is the first time i have ever heard of one who openly supported cops and fire men.

while i like the steelers (lions are still my team), i've never felt ben was a superstar like favre, elway or manning. the defense in pittsburgh gets the job done, in my opinion, and i really like the hard nosed play of hines ward and running attack of parker, mendenhall and moore.

ben just raised his stock in my books.


  1. Best of luck to yinz today. I'll be watching!

    Heinz, Willie, Rashard, and Mewelde are tough as nails. Now if only the offensive line would do their jobs...

  2. i knew you guys would win i actually in my head had it 35-13. the end result is the same.

  3. Being a HUGE Steelers fan now living about 1,000 miles from Pittsburgh, I can say that he is indeed a class act.

    And...if you've watched the games this'd see that he's pretty much winning the games on his own.

    But...yeah...he's a class act.... Thanks for acknowledging this off the field work.


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