Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hero of the month: september

on 9/28/09 sedgwick county, kansas sheriff deputy BRIAN ETHERIDGE responded to a larceny report through 9-1-1 to a rural county address. the call was fake and contrived to lure a law enforcement officer to the scene. the suspect, who's name is not worth repeating, hid and shot the deputy in the back as he attempted to make contact to take the citizen's report. down, the suspect took the deputy's sidearm and attempted to execute him striking ETHERIDGE in the foot and torso. BRIAN ETHERIDGE was rushed to a nearby wichita hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but succumbed to his wounds. six hours after shooting deputy ETHERIDGE, the suspect was located, and during a running gunfight was killed by state and federal agents who were assisting in the manhunt. a motive for the shooting of the deputy remains unclear. deputy BRIAN ETHERIDGE was 26, had been on the job a little over a year and leaves behind a wife and small child. it was not how BRIAN ETHERIDGE died that made him a hero, it was how he lived.

honorable mention; TOM LANGER, st. clair shores, michigan, used a garden hose and twice fought off smoke and flames on 9/17, to pull his 83 year old neighbor to safety after a natural gas leak resulted in an explosion that destroyed her home, leaving her with critical burns which caused her death on 9/18.

ROGER KNIGHT, who helped to arrest phillip paul, a 2 time escaped killer, from a washington state mental hospital on 9/19-9/20. knight had arrested paul in 1991 after his first escape, from the same facility, and was assaulted by paul at that time, suffering a dislocated shoulder, and was knocked out during that attack. paul has been described by his doctors as very violent. it takes a lot of guts to go after a nut job who seriously injured you 18 years previous.

please remember your local law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics in your prayers. every time they step out the door to go to work could be their last, and they do it willingly, so that we may all live in peace and safety.


  1. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to honor these fallen hero's! (((salute))) RIP, God Bless and stay safe.

  2. Thanks for a great post.

    While I live nowhere near the areas you wrote about, it brings the reality home that while we have our national issues to worry about, every day close to home, there are heroes like the ones you honored doing great work for little reward.

  3. please remember these people where ever you live
    if one should meet their fate. like you and i, most have families that will need support long after their passing. if a memorial fund is set up, consider donating, generally it goes to educating their surviving children.


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