Thursday, September 17, 2009

breaking news

above you see the supposed new CIA anti-terrorist logo

i'm watching o'reilly and he had michael scheurer, former head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit on. he was in charge when we had bin laden cornered under clinton, and slick willie would not pull the trigger. tonight he was talking about the current dumb ass and chief's fucked up policies.

the cat is now out of the the bag, as scheurer said on national television that OBAMA IS A LIAR. this is in reference to the waterboarding that was conducted. he stated unequivocally that it worked, "blowing up" a plan to get al quada operatives enrolled in mid-west U.S. universities, for future operations. it additionally allowed the brits to shut down planned al quada ops in their sphere of influence.

i think this is HUGE, cause it came from someone other than a bush administration insider. according to o'reilly and scheurer this info may still be considered as classified. sheurer has apparently had more than enough, as he went on to say that we are less safe now than we were 2 years ago due to B. Husseins policies. again HUGE!, based on the source.

he went on to blast a.g. eric holder and barry for looking to prosecute CIA interrogators and not having anything in place to fill the void left by waterboarding and the intelligence it created. this is all stuff that cheney has said before, but this is from a non-partisan intelligence official.
sorta vindicates joe wilson, as if he needed vindication. we all assume he called barry out as a liar over health care, but it most certainly covered more issues, the ones we are all concerned about.

stand by mr. scheurer for the racist label to be applied. we are also going to see what the dems think about his revealation compared to sandy berger's/burgalar's theft of classified documents.


  1. Damn you, Jim. You racist! How dare you report anything truthful? You're da white debbil!

  2. Unfortunately Scheurer will be pounded by the left - they already see him as a neocon shill.

    He was on Beck's show some time back and was taken completely out of context, Olbermann railed on and on for days about it, using a mediamatters clip that missed the real discussion leading up to the statement the left wanted to play on.

    They'll find a way to twist this for their own benefit also, I fear.

    Good post, though - somebody's gotta get the truth out there...


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