Sunday, September 6, 2009

you say you want a revolution, well ya know......

i do a lot of reading. various things, anything really to keep from being bored. many of the publications i read are essentially trade magazines for the military/ law enforcement community. i've noticed recently they have had many more articles about civil preparedness. the topics range is everything from first aid to gardening and most points in between.

i've also noted during the summer of tea parties that average folks are using the term revolution as a possible remedy to the disease we collectively caught on january 20, 2009. super rino john mccain even brought it up during an interview with sean hannity within the last 10 days. to paraphrase, mccain said that he had not seen this type of "civil unrest " before and he hoped it didn't (doesn't) get any worse. in mccains defense, i don't think he was trying to label americans exercising their civil rights riotous, just acknowledging the fact that people are pissed, at the direction the lincoln of our times is taking the republic.

here, too on the blogosphere, i've noted folks talking about resisting, learning to shoot, buying a firearm etc. if you own or purchase a gun i agree, learning safe handling should be a priority. so should gardening, first aid, methods of taking and processing game, and many other skills older generations of americans used to survive. in the event of a natural disaster those things could sustain you until things return to normal.

the bottom line here is that talk is cheap. damn few people, the author included, know the suffering and privations of an armed revolution. and i'm in no hurry to find out either. that does not mean i would not fight, but i'm not standing with torch in hand waiting to storm the palace, either.

i'm reminded of an account i read somewhere this summer of the revolutionary war. seems an aged farmer was at bunker hill or somewhere at the opening of the conflict. as the red coats approached he fell to his knees and began to pray. did he pray for deliverance from the mighty british army? how about the lord to watch over his family as the hour of his demise drew near?
no , he prayed to god in thanks for allowing him to live long enough to fight for his freedom.

how many of us would do the same today? how many among us have the testicular fortitude to stick to our figurative and possibly literal guns, in the event of the radical government takeover many are blogging about. if push comes to shove, i know where i'll be.

but let's pause for a breath. the tea parties are working. the libs are scared. not finished but frightened. van" the asshole" jones has resigned, due mostly to our loud voice. obama has taken the summer off to "recalibrate" his argument for national health care. he is coming back renewed and refreshed to begin championing this shit to our kids tuesday, september 8. don't give him any room to operate. call the schools, tell 'em no way in hell is that guy gonna bypass me. he says it's just a pep talk designed to let the students know to stay in school and apply themselves. bullshit! that would require no lesson plan and should not need any follow up questions like, "what can i do to help the president?" if they insist on showing it, junior and you get an extra long weekend.

stand strong. continue to hold congresses feet to the fire on health care, global climate change, and whatever other type of bullshit they dream up. and while you're out and about start looking for good people we can send to washington who won't try to rewrite the constitution to fit their socialist agenda.


  1. I believe that in the big scheme of things, the truth shall eventually set us free, and our revolution must be one of peace and intellectual argument, not one of violence and bloodshed.

    Regarding the Tuesday planned "speech" to the kids - parents need to keep the kids out of school or ask permission to attend class that day if schools (like one I posted about) are insistent on broadcasting Obama's message. Parents hold the ultimate right of concern over their children, and must not let the school administrations bully them.

  2. Y''re right; talk is cheap, bullshit walks, etcetera. I'd wager that 95% of the people clamoring for revolt woudln't or couldn't be bothered to get off their fat lazy asses to lift a torch or pitchfork. Meet you at the palace gates, dude, after I watch Dancing With The Stars, okay.....

    The same lazy bastards couldn't bothered to vote, which is how we got into this mess. Then again, on the flip side of the coin, half the assflakes who wear Obama t-shirts in a size 5X either didn't vote themselves & just talked a good line of shit, or if they did vote for Uncle Obie they have no idea of WHY they voted for him other than they thought they were voting against Bush.

    We're too lazy and fucking complacent to revolt. Welcome to America.

  3. Assflakes? Never heard that one before! Too funny.
    But yeah, the fight has just begun, we can't celebrate yet. Okay, maybe a little Van Jones resignation happy dance, but that's it. We have to keep up the pressure!


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