Sunday, September 20, 2009

i've been to 3 hog killin's, 2 county fairs........


some of you know how the rest of the title goes, and yeah i never seen no shit like this.

seems after an extended leave of absence, PHILLIP PAUL was rearrested after walking away from a FIELD TRIP to the spokane county interstate fair. PAUL, a mental patient in the care of the eastern state hospital in washington, walked off from the field trip carrying; a backpack full of clothes, electric guitar, $50 bucks and some chow. this is the SECOND TIME this guy has wandered off, slipping away in 1991 also.

what's the big deal j summ? oh nothing, this guy only killed RUTH MOTTLEY, who he suspected of being a witch, then buried her in her garden, after dosing her with petrol to keep dogs from finding her. when he went adventuring in 91, he knocked out a cop that was booking him, as well as dislocated his shoulder. that officer, ROGER KNIGHT, had a hand in arresting PAUL sunday.

the state department of social and health service in washington is in full cover their ass mode, as secretary SUSAN DREYFUS issued a statement saying "We are committed to finding out how and why this happened, why there was an unacceptable (two-hour) delay in notifying local law enforcement of his escape, and how potentially dangerous patients were brought to such a public venue with the reported staffing ratios."

susan, i'm no expert, but i'm guessing that letting guys head to the county fair to check out the butter sculptures, prize livestock and latest farm implements, that have previously killed someone, AND escaped from YOUR custody is WHY that happened. also if he carries off most of his worldly possessions to the FIELD TRIP, someone paying attention might try to connect the dots, cause sure don't seem to me like he was planning to return for dinner.

SUE, if i were running shit in washington, you would be on MONSTER.COM looking for a new gig. oh yeah, PHIL's $50 came from his cashed social security check! hey congress, maybe that's why the program is going broke. how many nut jobs get paid to sit in mental hospitals in this country, AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, and draw social security after killing someone?

due to your weird liberal policies washington state, you will never have to worry about me stepping foot in your shit hole, er, state.

reminds me of a great movie from the 80's.


  1. Very good, although very disturbing, post. There's the wonderful state-run healthcare system for ya!

  2. yeah, i'm sure i'm looking at this all wrong. he gets SSI cuz he's diabled, and we can't expect to reintegrate him to society by keeping him locked up.

  3. I heard he was tapped to be our new Mental Health Czar!!!


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