Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WARNING! pavement ends ahead

Mr. HOPE & CHANGE is hoping for someone to change the subject(s) right about now, i expect.

this week colonel for life moammar gadhafi came to NYC to talk to the idiots at the UN and called barry his son and said he hopes barry could be the american president forever. nancy pelosi reportedly threatened to scratch out gadhafi's eyes if he ever looked at her man again.

jimmy" the great islamic appeaser" carter, said all who oppose barry and his policies are racist, then had osama bin ladin praise his book, peace not apartheid . i'm sure somewhere book sales will jump because of this, but not in the new york- new jersey area.

keeping on the carter theme, his former national security adviser, zbigniew brzezinski, who worked for the lincoln of our times, recently said that if ISRAEL tried to attack iranian nuclear facilities, the U.S. should confront them and implied shoot down israeli fighter/bombers. brezezinski, likened it to an incident during the six day war, in which ISRAEL mistakenly attacked the USS Liberty. what should be more troubling to american peaceniks is the fact that brezezinski referred to the airspace over IRAQ as belonging to the U.S. who's the imperialist now?

obie also cut the legs out from under allies POLAND and the CZECH REPUBLIC by stating we are not going ahead with permanent land based anti ballistic missiles which would guard central eurpoe and the U.S. from missiles launched from either the mid east or former (trying to be current) SOVIET UNION. later still he snubbed british p.m. gordon brown 5 times, for a private meeting, reportedly cause he's pissed about LIBYA getting a dying terrorist back from SCOTLAND. little secret, clinton let SCOTLAND have the aforementioned terrorist. bet you still meet with him. what about all the terrorist we are releasing from gitmo?

not to let anyone feel left out, barry also told NY governor david patterson not to run for reelection. patterson is 1 of 2 sitting black, sorry, african-american governors in the U.S. he wants buddy mario cuomo to run. nice, democrat prez tells democrat gov to sit his ass down.

also this week it was" leaked" that barry's handpicked guy running shit in AFGHANISTAN, GEN. STANLEY McCRYSTAL was going to ask for an additional 40,000 troops to fight in AFGHANISTAN. remember everyone, this is the war THE ONE referred to as the right war. bet the screams were loud enough to peel paint when that shit got out. they were so mad they even let hillary speak. why is it a story is "leaked" during a lib administration, but it is a "whistleblower" during a republican administration?

nothing like (re) building the respect of the world, and our (and your) allies B. keep hanging out with failed presidents and the losers who helped 'em fuck things up in the 70's, racist ministers, former green job czars, and terrorists (both foreign and domestic), you're doing a fine job.


  1. "so mad they even let Hillary speak" - love it!

    She is keeping a low profile, isn't she? Out of choice or force, I wonder...

  2. It has been an amazing week in the ObamaNation, hasn't it?

  3. Holy shit, Jim, that dude just has an EIB, not a CIB on his salad bar? How'd he make his stars without a CIB? Must have been REMFing it up during the first war, and making tea at the Five-Sided Skwirl Cage in Washington during this latest fracas.

    I was told this guy knew assymetrical warfare inside & out (ie: special ops and unconventional warfare) and I really believe that THAT is the way to find these little sand-flea motherfuckers, not with conventional troops & tacticts. 40,000 more soldiers just means we're gonna keep doing the same stupid shit we've been doing, and getting killed doing it.

    Utilize the SF/Rangers/SEALS/Recon/Delta folks. Our biggest successes as of late have been from geeks in Tampa flying drones 7000 miles away, guided by SpecOps on the our regular patrols get blown up as if we haven't learned a fucking thing since we started in Iraq.

  4. i think he wants to use them to hold the gains while using SOC to do the 4F thing.


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