Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the queen of battle

well, i wanted to put something up sooner and got side tracked, now it appears that i am jumping on the band wagon.  so be it.

i do not want to see women serve in the combat arms branches of the armed forces.  sorry, call me old fashioned, but i just do not believe that women are capable of taking the day to day grind of sustained field operations that occur in the in direct action units which comprise combat arms.

in looking at an old APFT card i refreshed my memory  to the fact that women in the 17 to 21 year age range could do 24 fewer push ups than men of the same age, and receive a score of 100 in that category.
guys who completed the same amount would only receive 76 points.  in the timed 2 mile run, women would get 100 points for a time of 14 minutes and 54 seconds, second class citizens (men) would get a 70 for the same time in the same event.  assuming our male and female test subject did the same 90 sit ups, our male would get a 244 on his APFT, good for 21 promotional points, the female soldier a perfect 300 score, good for a whopping 50 promotion points.  what does that mean?  simple, she does half the work and reaps more than twice the benefits of her male peer.

that won't cut it in combat children.  the average weight of and M240 machine gun is 25 pounds,  average weight of a shell for a 120mm gun on an ABRAMS tank is 49 pounds and the weight of a 155mm shell for a PALADIN howitzer is 96 pounds.   how many girls you know can shuck that shit for hours on end?

now i think a legitimate reason to put women into these units would be if we could not fill the spots determined by the budget with men.  this is not and has never been the case.  have you heard of, or can you recall any stories of the army or marines being incapable of filling their infantry slots?  no, you can not.  and one the reason for this is while you may come into the army to be in the intelligence branch, all it takes to send you to the grunts is failing some test, or being a fuck up or the loss of your security clearance.  it called the needs of the army.  the primary reason this also is not a problem is because young guys WANT to do these things.  it's cool and macho.  how cool are you if they let girls do it?

over at IT DON'T MAKE SENSE, they posted a letter by a female marine officer.  while it may not be indicative all all women in combat experiences, it certainly offers insight.  good buddy SKI, over at GLOBAL DOMINATION, seems to think that the time has arrived to allow women into the field units.
SKI makes a STRONG case for this and while i disagree, i respect his view, as we served together.  he has forgot the things that kept female soldiers limping along on field problem all those years ago.  the new "men" got to carry the 60,  a 26 pound belt fed  MG, it was a right of passage.  go to the field and guess who was on the bleed, unable to "hump the pig" due to cramps.  lets say you are getting ready to deploy to a hot spot as a company commander of an infantry company  made up of 30% women, and half report they are pregnant?  guess who just lost 15% of their combat effectiveness without a shot even being fired?

we need to stop trying to be all things to all people, and remember as leaders we CAN NOT nor should we try to make everyone happy all the time. still respect an honor your service ladies, but unless you WILL be judged by the same tough standards of your male counterparts, you should stick to the combat support units.
and fear not, you will still get many of opportunities to prove your valor and dedication.

Monday, January 21, 2013

more liberal bullshit

below is an opinion piece written by super leftist turd morris dees, which i plucked from the detroit free press, it is entitled, ON MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.'S BIRTHDAY, STILL A DREAM DEFERRED.
i added my own commentary.

Serious but surmountable challenges threaten the well-being and future of children: persistent poverty, proliferation of gun violence and unnecessary arrests of children of color. On Jan. 21, as we gather to mark the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the second inauguration of the country's first African-American president, it seems right to reflect on the implications of Dr. King's vision and teaching for these issues of today.

so the stage has been set by the author, we are going to talk about being lazy and the governments lack of  ability to make the lazy rich, racial profiling, and the soup of the day, gun violence and the rotten bastards who own weapons of war.  let us proceed.

 In 1967, when the Poor People's Campaign was launched, Dr. King labeled it the second phase of the civil rights struggle. In 1968, 25 million people -- nearly 13% of the population -- were living in poverty. That year, the year he was assassinated, Dr. King called upon the government to prioritize helping the poor with an anti-poverty package that included housing and a guaranteed income for all Americans.  Despite much progress, the issues are in too many ways unchanged, as structural inequality and racial discord continue to erode the foundation of liberty.  The number of people living in poverty today has doubled to almost 50 million. Disappointingly, Michigan's poverty rate of 17% stands higher than the national rate of 15%, according to 2011 figures released last year.

so in 45 years time, and at the cost of 16.7 trillion dollars, adjusted for inflation as of 2008, what have we the taxpayer got for our money?  2 times the number of folks to share it with, that's what. the numbers prove that we can not give our way to prosperity.

Across the country, more than one in five children live in poverty. For children of color, it is even worse: One in four African-American children and almost one in three Hispanic children will grow up in deprivation.  Although I am encouraged that the inspiration generated by the civil rights movement and Poor People's Campaign remains alive today, I know that we cannot rest. 

dees mandates that we continue down the dead end road we are lost upon.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which I started in Montgomery in 1971, there are more than 1,000 hate groups active in America. 

what does the amount of hate groups have to do with this article?  read on.   

 States like Alabama and Arizona have enacted draconian anti-immigrant laws that would make Abraham Lincoln weep.

if you oppose illegal immigration, you are apparently a member of a hate group.  additionally, how are we helping our own "poor", by letting in every other country's poor?  

Today there are more African Americans locked up than the number of enslaved blacks in 1850, and our country leads the world in the incarceration of children, with nearly 2 million arrested each year.

according to the 2010 census,  whites make up 72.4 percent of the population, with blacks making up 12.6 percent of the population.  now according to fbi numbers from 2009, whites account for 69.1 percent of all arrest, while blacks account for 28.3 percent of all arrest, more than double their share of the population.  you are free to draw your own conclusions on this fact, but morris would have us believe that cops are possibly ignoring whites who commit crime targeting blacks.  and while i am no lawyer,  i know that incarcerated means locked up, and not arrested or detained, and returned to their parents in short order.
note how morrie jumps on the gun control band wagon immediately, but never gets back around to fleshing out that idea.  it's cuz he HAS to advance the liberal agenda at all times or get thrown out of the club.

morrie was speaking at an MLK rally today in ann arbor, and you can go here to read his full rant.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

obama's wendesday gun grab

the gipper and i both.

my predictions on what you may to hear tomorrow;

magazine bans=if you currently have mags capable of holding 10 rounds or more, you will have to give them up.  the argument will be the 2nd amendment covers your right to arms, not the box magazines that feed them.

ammunition rationing and identity check=you will only be allowed X amount of ammo and you will have to show ID to purchase it.  these transactions will be tracked, currently gun purchases are not.

very strict enforcement of gun free/drug free school zones=clinton tried this way back in the 90's and it got scuttled.  look for it to resurface and be applied to all who live within 1000 feet of a church or school, and have government insured home loans (vha, fha, va).

registry=what type of and how many firearms do you own?  this will include magazines and ammunition and will be sliding fee based.  the more dangerous looking your gun is,  the greater the cost of your permit.  this will be on a national level.

mandatory security measures=got to have a safe.  "excessive" amounts of ammo=gotta have a HAZMAT placard on the casa.  you will be required to have an alarm system.  look for your home owner insurance to be null and void if you fail to do as you are told.

right of federal government inspection=you failed to register guns, that you may or may not still own. we have the right to inspect, based on the public safety threat they pose to the community.

mandatory insurance=thanks for letting us know what you have, based on this information, we feel you are a significant threat to society, soooo you must maintain X amount of insurance, to mitigate any harm that arises from your peaceful, lawful activity.

hazard tax=libs have been floating this for years.  tax the shit out of ammo to the point you can not afford it any longer.

closing of range facilities due to the environmental hazards they create. 

these are just the things i can think of, and based on that and what we see tomorrow, i can not imagine why people distrust the current administration.  everything i mentioned has previously been tried by libtards, and will almost certainly rear it's ugly head in some form again, soon.

i also think obama will ask citizens to report "suspicious" activities to the feds.  "hello, is this big brother?  yes,  i called because my neighbor, he hunts and shoots.  yes, he taught his kids as well, they told us about it.  the kids appeared to enjoy it, which i find troubling.  i've been on the interactive map, and he failed to register, i am very frightened."


 far fetched?  every dictator in modern times has used informants, some family and school based, to trample dissent.  it CAN happen here too.  there will be a call for kids to tell on mommy and daddy. the only reason to surround yourself with kids at the presser tomorrow,  is to get the message out about how concerned you are, and how you need children's help to combat gun violence, which the kids will be told most often occurs at home.

join the NRA,  they are one of your last and best hopes for maintaining YOUR 2nd amendment rights.

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