Tuesday, August 24, 2010

even the brady campaign believes in, peace through superior firepower

remember where you were on 31 march 1981? i do. i had been ice fishing with my still lifelong friend steve. we were walking home when good buddy dan came up the street and told us President Reagan had been shot. along with the President, 3 others were shot, including his press secretary jim brady.

things which i remember about the shooting include, that brady was reported killed and alexander haig claimed he was "in charge". haig was the secretary of state at the time, and had apparently forgot the vice president george h.w. bush would be "in charge" if the president could not carry on.

well, brady in fact survived, and went on to help found the brady campaign to prevent handgun violence, and had a law named in his honor, the brady handgun violence protection act, on 30 november 1993.

before i go further, let me say i feel sorry for the brady family. jim brady nearly died as a result of his injury and has been confined to a wheelchair since. that being said, i think that the legislation enacted in his honor is a steaming pile of shit. why do i say that? because it did the exact same thing as the gun control act of 1968, but added the requirement of a background check, by local and state authorities. this requirement was found to be unconstitutional and in violation of the 10th amendment by the supreme court, in 1997. three years after its implementation, by a congress and president sworn to uphold and defend the constitution.

ever notice how all the gun grabbing legislation is passed by democrat presidents? johnson in 68 and clinton in 93.

that brings us up to speed on festivities planned in NYC for today, 25 august 2010. seems the brady campaign to prevent gun violence is planning a "TSUNAMI OF PEACE, WALK, RUN, AND RALLY AGAINST VIOLENCE". this is in response to "a rise in gun violence, this summer in NYC." question? how the fuck is this even possible in a city that virtually bans handgun possession by average citizens, outside of home or work? funeral processions will be staged in the 5 boroughs of the the city and they will converge on city hall park for a peaceful rally. notable attendees are to include russell simons, michael strahan, the nyc/bronx million mom march chapter, as well as rappers MAINO and FAT JOE.

i find it ironic that MAINO and FAT JOE were included in this peaceful rally to end gun violence based on some of their works. how does MAINO's GETAWAY DRIVER fit in with the brady philosophy? check out some of the lyrics:

as soon as we see em, i'm pull over you goin hop out
don't say a word, walk up to em
put the clip in his mouth
then jump back int he whip
don't leave the gun that's movie shit
we goin use that same joint again........

you shoot em up i'm the getaway driver

very nice, makes me think about volunteering at the humane society or soup kitchen. check out FAT JOE's JOHN BLAZE;

...my stripes show like regiments, military intelligence
murder game, i leave no evidence-- credentials....

aiyyo my attitude is subject to change, i mess around and spit twelve at the driver side door of your range
six hit you, the other six in your dame
mafia style, leave you with your watch and your chains....

that don't exactly leave me feeling like i've been bowled over by a tidal wave of peace and shit. i'm jus sayin.

i've never been to NYC and i hope to never go. shit hole. and i say that coming from detroit!!!
someone kindly explain what these 2 bring to the table, other than name recognition. the brady's can't really expect they will get up and say,"i didn't mean that shoot everything in sight twice shit, i didn't mean it and only did it to sell CDs."

if they do their careers are over cause the "credentials" will be gone. maybe not, MAINO did do prison time (10 years) for kidnapping. JOE has plenty of street cred too, as he has previously been arrested for stealing a mans gold chain after hitting him with a ball bat, and has been witness to three (3) homicides.

way to go brady campaign, the new face of liberal non- violence is emerging. remember AMERICA, do as they say (disarm) not as they do.

i said put down the gat bitch!!

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