Friday, November 26, 2010

breaking news- somebody finally busts obie in the chops

the lincoln of our times got 12 stitches in the mouth today after the white house said he was inadvertently elbowed while playing basketball with family and friends at ft. mcnair. the only family listed was a nephew, avery robinson, the rest of the players all appear to be washington insiders.

blame for the fat lip was placed on a guy by the name of rey decerega, a director of programs at the hispanic congressional caucus institute. i think that is a load of shit.

i think the princess blasted him after he related to her that the marines and air force had approached him, about affixing sling load and tie down instructions to her ever expanding ass. and he concurred. how would you like to be the the load master on air force one with that unsecured (bag)gage rolling around?

michelle proves plaid is not very slimming.

last one to lunch goes' reals.

even after the bike ride, michelle exceeds the recommended weight of the balcony.

does it look like the dog lost weight, or is it just me.

you see girls, if we drop moms ass in the colorado right there, we will have a dam named after our presidency.

what ever, after all the shit he has said about those of us who disagree, it's about time someone clocked him, no matter the source.

disclaimer; no part of this post is meant to condone violence toward our humble exalted leader.


  1. Outstanding. Although there are SO many likely candidates besides First Ass, Moochelle.

    Coulda been Rahm. He's prone to violence.
    Coulda been Carville. He hates Obama.
    Coulda been Jesse. He wants to cut his nuts off.
    Coulda been Barney Frank who whalloped him in the mouth with his wang.....

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  3. Obama should have had his mouth sewn shut.


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